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Dana Coverstone

I decided to make a page with all the Dana Coverstone Dreams and messages onto one page instead of keeping them all on top this one will replace those that had been on top. As new ones come out I’ll add them to this one. They will be listed newest to oldest.

You can also click here to see them as well it might be easier for some to find and follow up.


Dana Coverstone

Posted January 26, 2021
Dream: The “They don’t hate me, they hate you” dream

Posted December 29, 2020
Dream: The Church and The State Dream

Posted December 15, 2020
Dream: The Snake Chain Dream

Posted November 17, 2020
Dream: The Franklin Dream

Posted November 17, 2020:
Dream: The Lincoln Dream

Posted October 20, 2020:
Dream: The Data Dream / The Biden Family

Posted October 10, 2020:
Dream: From Spirit To Flesh


Posted October 1, 2020:
Dream: Battle Feild

Posted September 25, 2020:
Dream: Lady in Hospital

Posted September 8, 2020:
Dream: Lady Liberty

Posted September 4, 2020:
Dream: Events for December 2020 & January 2021

Posted August 25, 2020:
Events for November 2020

Posted August 22, 2020:
Dream: Word from figure in white

Posted August 8, 2020:
Dream: Events for October 2020

Posted August 12, 2020:
Prayer Guide for September

Posted July 27, 2020:
Dream: July faded away to August – December highlighted in bold

Posted July 13, 2020:
Dream to Pray in September 2020

Posted July 2, 2020:
Video from Prophecy Club Dana talks about the Original Brace yourself dream

Posted June 30, 2020:
Vision: Persecution of Christians that Speak in tounges

Posted June 28, 2020:
Dream: Christian’s in court for believing

Posted June 27, 2020:
Dream that started it all:
March , June, September,  November. Coin Shortage, Hyper Inflation,  Armed Protests, Washington DC on fire, Blue Helmets, Russian, Chinese


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