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READY OR NOT – Dana Coverstone



September 30, 2020
Dana Coverstone
Dana Coverstone YouTube Channel

Dream Date Sept 26, 2020


Auto Generated Transcript

hey everybody this is pastor dana
coverstone and uh you’re watching this
starting out on a new youtube channel
and uh if you would tell me three months
ago i’d have my own youtube channel
and have millions of views on dreams and
i would i would have said that you were
as crazy as i
would have thought that was at the time
my life has changed a whole lot in the
three months a lot of fake accounts a
lot of fraud a lot of crazy things going
on which is why we’re here today
which is why the videos are from now on
going to be branded and also copywritten
because people are taking them and using
them in some unscrupulous ways
and making money off of them that was
never my intention my intention was
as a pastor i had a dream and it stirred
deep in my spirit to wake the church up
to realize that he’s coming back
this is not to cause debate or
challenges to anybody’s theological
this is not to cause arguments about the
rapture or the second coming
this is to wake the body of christ up
because all through church history
there have been times when the body of
christ the church was not where it
needed to be
and and the dream i’m going to share
today in this first video on here
it has to do a whole lot with that so
let me just share it
saturday september 26th i had a dream
where i saw a huge
field that was about it was flat it was
and on either side right and left it
stayed flat for about a mile
but at the end of that mile it elevated
up to small hill on each side so
basically you had a flat area
and a hill here and a hill here in the
of that ground was a silver line it
actually was a glimmering
silver line about five feet wide and it
it it divided the entire
flat area that i was watching for uh the
sky had no clouds the sun was out did
not see the cloud did not see the sun it
was obvious from where the
the uh the sun was it was at a high noon
hot high above us
and it was a lot of heat you can see uh
you can see like when you’re looking
down a road
and it’s hot you see the glimmering
things like that that’s what the ground
looked like
it was very very hot and on either side
that line
that was glimmering like silver it was a
silver color it was glimmering like
i saw a large number of people
resembling what appeared to be armies
and on the left side
to my left was a very very dark and
demonic army with red horses
weapons heavily armored obviously very
ready and prepared for war that they
were about to be involved with
they had horses and those horses grunted
and they pranced they pawed at the
ground they were anticipating some type
of battle
and the handlers of those horses how
they were stroking their necks to calm
them down they were sitting on the
horses they were not holding them they
were sitting on the horses
ready to go to war ready to do something
with intention
they were very confident as they
prepared to fight and the other side
though was a
much smaller army both in stature
and in number they appeared to be
mesmerized by the army
on the left almost like they were
in their sense of what they were saying
they could not believe what they were
seeing they were awed by it they were
not necessarily afraid but they were so
odd about what they saw they could not
move and they just stared
almost in a dead stare now some of these
some of these people had some armor but
it was shoddy it was broken
there were swords that were split there
were there was
shields that were broken so they were
this ragtag group of people who were
very very unprepared especially if they
were fighting the group that was on
the left side they seemed very very
and most of all they were very very ill
prepared at what they were about to face
and suddenly from down the hill behind
the smaller army
there were 10 horses and riders
white horses the riders had had large
swords and very very good armor
flowing capes even the horses were
armored up
and they they ride down behind this
smaller army
and they they come up right behind the
the smaller army and they begin to go
around and they begin to yell out
strategies here’s what we’re going to do
we need you guys to go on this side we
need to flank them on the on the left
we need you to be ready and prepared we
need to be watching one group was told
to kind of stand just on the other side
of the line and make sure that nobody
got past
them as far as the horsemen so
the leader stated clearly that it was
time to engage
and that every single one of them was
needed for a fight and this leader
wasn’t just begging he was saying here
is the way it
is here’s what’s going on here here is
life we have got to fight this battle
you’ve got to go with us get ready we’re
going to lead the way
you follow right behind and so the
horsemen went up and down in front they
were laying out that strategy
they said every single one was
represented for the fight
and finally the horses got right next to
the line
very close the line they turned around
they said let’s go
the leader yelled charged and they went
flying across this line
but only the horsemen and its riders
crossed the line
the armies began to clash swords and
fight it was very very close
combat the men were on their horses and
they just kept fighting
i saw and saw and heard the clanging of
armor and swords
the battle the clinking and the clanging
you saw swords dropping not from the
men’s hands but you saw the fight
this was a very very a lot of action a
lot of excitement was going on but i
could also see there was concern on the
leader’s eyes because
they kept looking back to see where
everybody else was
from the army they kept looking back and
they kept asking them to come and fight
come come on guys come on come on join
us come on we can push him back we need
you come on come on come on those
those sort of comments
and nobody showed up nobody else
came near that line no they they got
close to it and they just kept watching
they were mesmerized they were all by
but nobody
crossed the line and finally
some of those in that smaller army began
running back they were walking backwards
so they could keep a watch of what was
coming they were walking backwards
and they went up that hill almost at the
top of the hill and they sat down
and they began watching from the top of
the hill the battle that was taking
the ten riders and the horses they were
still victorious they were fighting they
were clashing
you could tell they were tired they were
they were being worn down but they just
engaged they would not disengage from
the battle they would not come back
across that line
but the people sitting on the hill just
sat down and watched
they only watched the battle they paid
no attention to what was going on around
them none of the surroundings at all
suddenly on the hill behind the ones who
had retreated
saw a group of about 20 of the darker
forces that were coming up behind them
sneaking up on them very very carefully
no horses they were just
sitting low to the ground sneaking up
crappily and the people watching the
had no idea they were even coming
these evil people had they were brand
new swords and battle axes
large clubs and they were closing in as
they got within a few feet of them they
attacked and literally beheaded five of
five of these people who were sitting
back there were beheaded before they
even knew what was happening and then
they began to stir begin to realize
they’re being chased
and they start running down towards the
even though the enemy is behind them and
in front of them
these people started to yell towards the
others tried to warn them hey the
enemies came behind enemies come behind
once again
they had no armor they had no swords
they had no way to defend themselves the
field is open it’s empty there’s nothing
else there except
this brought wide open sky and now maybe
they cross the line of the battle
or they get killed where they are but
they’re running towards that line
they’re running towards others
the people that were next to the line
were only watching the battle ahead a
few turned around heard what was going
and became aware that something they
began to squint their eyes and look and
they realized something was wrong but
still would not cross the line they
would not even cross the line with where
the the wars were to get close to that
so these folks were easily killed
they were basically killed where they
stood they would not engage
because they had no weapons they simply
cowered down
and died right there on the field
some had tried to run around the army
but pretty soon moore flanked on each
side and they found themselves
all the battle was going on on the other
side of the line
part of the dark army that flanked them
basically took out the retreating army
and the army that had not crossed the
ten riders were still fighting and they
were successful
they were winning and yes there was
blood and yes there was damage but these
guys kept
fighting like they were determined they
knew they had engaged and they were not
going to back away we’re not going to
and the enemy was pushed back
even as the enemy was pushed back what i
was saying was from the top of the hill
on the side of the line where the
smaller army had been
it was littered literally littered with
dead corpses that people who had been
people had been beheaded people had been
ran through viciously killed all because
they would not engage and didn’t have
the equipment didn’t have the armor
didn’t have the swords they were in a
place they should never have been to
begin with and they weren’t ready
some of those folks never crossed the
line they never stepped across it
leaders on the horses kept fighting as
if they had prepared and anticipated
this battle
while the rest of those stood on the
side were dead
out of commission some are even on the
ground near death
and what stood out to me was that only a
few were pushing the enemy back
for the good side but also just a few of
the evil ones took out the many
because they weren’t ready i mean the
interpretation i think for this dream
is is pretty obvious it only requires a
little bit of common sense to make you
see that you better stay prepared
that silver line that silver line was
was a line that you’ve got across
and that too few have not too many have
not crossed because they’ve not been
ready they’ve not been praying
they’ve not been seeking god’s face and
there have been warnings not just for me
and dreams but there have been warnings
from prophets and pastors and teachers
for decades and centuries even from the
prophets to get ready for the things
that were coming
that that silver line was a very refined
and purified line that requires a life
committed and to surrender to jesus
to cross and we need the spiritual
maturity and the experience in warfare
and if we have those things we can win
and god’s trying to warn the church and
wake the church up to say these things
are coming but there is coming and will
be a day
when if you’re not ready there’s nothing
you will be able to do
ever again to prepare for the things
that are faced that we’re facing
there’s a line and there’s a time that
will determine whether we’re ready or
not and once that time begins
it’s going to be too late too late to
too late to make a difference so we’ve
been wanting to get ready and if we’re
we pay the price and yeah there’ll be a
price we pay for being ready
there will be opposition there will be
persecution there will be challenges and
on our faith and on who we are as
but those that are ready will simply be
and that’s what’s going to matter the
most so those of you that are here in
this dream
i’m going to challenge you to do your
best to make sure you are ready and you
ready this is not the time to lag back
in your faith this is not the time to
take a spiritual vacation this is not
the time to
to ditch the church this is not a time
to stop reading and praying this is not
a time to let go of the spiritual
because these things are going to be
required for us to have the victories
and face the things that we’re going to
face in the future and they’re coming
not just because others are having
dreams or are having dreams for whoever
is having dreams
but because the word of god tells us the
many trials and tribulations will enter
the kingdom of heaven
so church if you’re not awake you don’t
have much time
stay awake stay ready and engage in the
because that’s what god requires of us
to do thanks for listening


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