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The Franklin Dream – Dana Coverstone

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The Franklin Dream

November 17, 2020
Dana Coverstone

Auto Generated Transcript

the dream that i had on november
16th 2020
features benjamin franklin i saw
benjamin franklin outside at night
flying a kite among very stormy skies
lightning in the background
strong winds and a very very light rain
but the kite was an american flag
and that american flag seemed to be
covered in a type of oil
or at least it had like a greasy sheen
on it
at the end of the kite was a globe small
attached to a chain almost like a key
chain you would have okay so hanging off
of the flag off the kite
uh wasn’t a key like benjamin franklin
used when he first did
you know his search electricity and
things like that and how light what was
in lightning
it was just a a globe attached to a
at the end of the kite franklin was was
holding the kite very steady in the rain
he was watching the lightning around him
with very wide open eyes because he was
paying attention where the lightning was
anticipating a strike on something
suddenly his hand appears out of the
heavens and it grabs the flag and it
the hand squeezes around the flat in a
very rough manner it’s just
like like this grabbing and squeezing
almost violently and the globe was
hanging like
underneath his hand you couldn’t see the
flag in the hand
of god who was squeezing the flag but
there was a chain running out and down
and the globe was hanging out and so
as the hand was squeezing the globe was
that globe was hanging in his hand and
flowing out of that squeezed hand was
that mix of like oil and water
it was a sheen uh it was it was uh
just like like a sheen you would see on
an ocean if there’s been an oil spill
on a body of water and as it squeezed
out of the hand the big hand it just
kind of rolled
over the globe and fell back to the
earth and
the rain and the lightning behind it was
illuminating it was like something
it was like uh oil was was coming from
instead of rain because of the sheen
that was on the flag
the hand kept squeezing rolling back and
forth like this
squeezing and rolling back and forth
with the flag inside
with sifting going on inside that hand
you could hear things like
shifting and sorting and moving in the
and then the rain stopped and the hand
opened up to reveal
several large and i do mean large
there were large chunks of what appeared
to be coal that’s what it looked like to
me large chunks of coal
but there was also a lot of trash
in that palm almost like it almost was
covering the diamonds and then god
reached down and just went
with his hand with his breath and
a lot of that trash just went flying
away from his hand and the only thing
left in his hand was the diamond and the
and then he lowered his hand to the
earth and he rolled out the items in his
and the diamonds were about the size of
vehicles and the coal pieces were about
the size of large boulders
the coal was not as big as the diamonds
and they were each laying on this
beautiful green luscious
healthy looking grass and the diamonds
they were shining in their in their
brilliance it was still night it was
still not it wasn’t daytime now it was
it was still night the rain has stopped
still dark
but the coal had no shimmer had no glory
about it
it just stood out though in great
contrast to the diamonds but you could
see that they’d been squeezed but had
made the cut into diamonds so there was
there was you could see the intention
these this
coal had been had been had been pushed
as well
had been squeezed and franklin was
standing there admiring the scene
and he solemnly said just very clearly i
guess we are no longer
a republic and the father spoke and said
no it’s mine now
no it’s mine now as is the whole earth
and franklin asked he said where where
did the globe go that was attached to
the flag
and the father spoke and he said it’s
still being pressured for now
but bill will but will be released in
good time
and then he said franklin keep your
glasses on your eyes
sharp and stay committed to the captain

this dream gave me some hope we know
that eventually there’s going to be some
some antichrist work going on
spirit of antichrist is already here
according to first john
so items continue to appear in my dreams
the american flag
historical figures the kind of nation
that we were at times
but once again when when franklin said i
guess we’re no longer republic
the fathers stated the father’s voice
said clearly no it’s mine now as is the
whole earth
and franklin asked where the globe was
that had been attached to the flag and
the father said it’s still being
pressured for now
and those words are used pressured for
but it will be released in good time
keep your glasses on
your eyes sharp and stay committed to
the captain so
i’m just sharing the dreams
i know there’s a lot of people who have
some some some ideas and thoughts about
what’s happening with the dreams that
i’ve had
things in washington the data dream is
referenced to me quite a bit almost on a
daily basis
and i appreciate that people are looking
at that and thinking about that
and trying to figure out things i am
getting every day
hundreds and hundreds of emails if
there’s a news i didn’t relate to the
dreams i will get several
of those uh the other night uh fireworks
were kind of thrown at some
some trump supporters in washington dc
and so
i had people sending me that by the
and the comment was you know i’ve seen
if i had seen fire
in washington dc and
so you know could that be maybe i don’t
know but i know the headline was pretty
and one thing i do know i am seeing is
um we’re not seeing you know we’re not
seeing necessarily
lines at the hospitals but we are seeing
a huge outbreak
according to the media we’re seeing a
huge uptick in
in covid cases and things like that i’m
not trying to justify things i’ve seen
folks take the dreams i’ve had and pray
about them um
i’m not trying to i’m not trying to do
anything with these i just i feel like
i’m supposed to share these dreams
and uh trust the lord will help you to
understand what they mean
i’m working with other people to do
i think my job is just to have the
dreams and share them and
uh and i understand i’m responsible for
them yeah but i also
encourage people you need to pray about
what you do with the dreams
i had someone that called me actually
called me and was furious i
i i sold property i bought property here
and there now this things aren’t
happening and you
i never told people to do anything i
gave three recommendations and that was
get some storable food buy guns and ammo
which every election year you know those
things are going to be hard to get
and you can’t buy ammo or guns right now
so you can say what you want about that
one also encourage people to get
you know silver or gold um
because i don’t think anybody who’s even
watching right now has absolute
confidence in american dollar
and uh when you’ve got trudeau and
schwab encouraging people being thankful
all these kobed lockdowns and this and
that has made it possible for a great
reset and those are the words they’re
i shared in my prayer time this morning
that there uh there was an mp
in great britain from uk who basically
said you know as vaccines come we should
make we should basically make sure that
if you don’t get a vaccine you can’t
work now that’s tyranny
and that’s also the spirit of antichrist
at work in our country right now
so uh just pray about pray about the
do with them what you want you can say
whatever you want to say and believe me
i’ve been called all sorts of names i’ve
i’ve got all sorts of threats and
everything else but i’m going to
continue to share what god shows me
i’m not going to apologize for love in
this country not apologize for calling
myself a patriot i’ve been enough places
that i’d
and and and been to enough places around
the world
and have understood and studied
communism and socialism enough to know
that i don’t want that here i don’t
think anybody in their right mind
wants that there and you can take that
statement any way you want to
anyone in their right mind would not
want communism or socialism of any sense
in this country if you don’t believe me
talk to people in venezuela who are out
talk to the people who are holocaust
survivors talk to people who
lived in russia and poland and albania
and some of those nations and
and spent you know centuries under
communist and socialistic rule
so once again you can do with you can do
with the dreams
what you want to do with them but i just
felt supposed to get them out there so
thanks for listening


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