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brace brace brace yourselves and dont look back – Dana Coverstone

brace brace brace yourselves and don’t look back

August 13, 2020
Dana Coverstone

444 Note: Sorry No Auto Transcript at this time below is what I typed up best I could. It don’t have everything in video. Just the main points of the dream

I saw the month of October on the calendar.
Its being hit by a strong wind. I saw a finger highlight the 2nd and 3rd week of October. When the finger got to 31st it tapped it and held it.

Rock falls from the sky and hits a small pond the ripples started off small but became vicious waves.

He saw many state, federal government officials as well as the radicals like in Portland with wicks coming out of their heads.

The second week of October is when all those wicks coming out of their heads were light on fire like a firecracker.

The federal officals heads were shaped like an M-80. The Governors heads had the shapes of the black cat fire crackers. Everyone else had the smaller lady finger style firecracker

The start yelling and went from calm to red faced put of your mind primal scream.

Everyones heads blew up at the same time they were still alive but thier head exploded.
Sending sparks flying and started fires around them.

The protest that are going on now was continuing but kicked up a notch the bystanders that were not being violet start getting attacked for not being as violet as they should be. He saw protester beaten and left for dead in the road cause they was not doing as they were supposed to. They start attacking the elderly even breaking into nursing homes to attack older people

Then I saw a large $100 bill hanging on a flagpole and it was burning on one corner. It was being lowered like at the end of the day. And saw people with hands over there hearts and crying cause their god of money was being lowered it had lost its value. It burns till there is about a third of it left. Some were celebrating that the dollar had died the value of the America dollar. I heard someone playing Taps in the background

I saw small churches praying wrestling with the spirit of the age. These people were protected by bubbles of safely Angels guarding around tese are the faith core that had not been compromised in there vaukes and there faith. They were being encourged to stay strong to keep preaching believing. I saw relentless attacks against them like I saw in the September dream. They were very few in numbers but that didn’t bother them. Behind each of these people praying I saw a small gate and was reminded of Matthew 7:13-14 the narrow gate small road

I saw puffed pastors and puffed up prophets in expensive suits and they were preching agianst the idea persecution they promised health and wealth and only good things. When they spoke their words were slurred like they were drunk. They clothes started coming off pretty soon they were standing there completely naked. I saw this rug pulled out from under them while they are trying to cover themselves while they are flying threw the air I saw all this money flying out from them all the money they had gotten from their prophecy and ministries they had done selfishly. All of them bite through their tounges as they landed. Pieces of tounge went flying they were reaching out trying to grab them always beyond their reach. I was reminded of the story of the emperors new clothes they were exposed.

The sence went back to those that were praying the warfare was still tense

Then I saw clowns in suits they were pouring oil and grease in front of the election venues. Saw signs “Election Weeks Away”. The clowns were dancing. People tried to vote but slipped on the oil and slid past the doors the clowns were perfoming skits and juggling to destract and keep anyone from voting.

Then I saw this big billboard and it said “Passover 2021: Big things are coming for the world”

The white figured appeared and said
“Do not stop bracing for the storm, will not pass till I stop the storm. So brace brace brace yourselves and dont look back.”

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