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September: Arise Prepare to Pray – Dana Coverstone


September: Arise Prepare to Pray

July 13, 2020
Dana Coverstone

“Arise, My Bride” Dream Transcript (dream begins at 22:18) in the video below:

“I had a dream Friday night. I’ve had several dreams I put on Facebook, and there are men in this room that I told that dream to that I had back in December; when I had the second one a couple of weeks ago. I told you guys Tuesday night about, as well, a continuation of the dream. Friday night, July 10th, I had a dream that followed the pattern of dreams I had in 2020. I want you to listen to this; I want you to hear and feel my heart with it. I’m not trying to sensationalize this. I purposefully decided to do it and say it this morning, both to my church, and not do anything on Facebook with it.

I found posting dreams on Facebook has, a, uh…interesting consequences. I know its from the Lord. Friday night, July 10th, I had a dream that followed the pattern I had in 2020. I saw a calendar turned to the month of September. And I saw a hand reach out and pull the month of September off the calendar. Then that month of September was just floating out in the air, and I saw it land and sit right in front of the altar in our Secret Place (Note: This church must have a special room called “The Secret Place”). I saw the horns that are on the altar in there. I saw the picture of the return of Jesus, and the healing, and the four (???). I saw them on the wall and saw the Cross (?), so I knew I was in the Secret Place with the month of September on the floor.

I was then instructed to stand on the month and pray for the Church to have a strong backbone, for corruption to be exposed, and for a great harvest in the coming months. So I walked, and actually walked and stood on the calendar which was underneath my feet. Standing on the month of September, 2020. After I prayed for several minutes, I was instructed to get help as I was not enough. So I began to speak to the air, begging believers to come and pray with me for the month of September. Pray for the Church to have a strong backbone, pray for corruption to be exposed, and pray for a great harvest.

And suddenly the calendar below my feet was getting bigger, exponentially. If you’ve ever been to Europe, in some of the plazas and the courtyards of some cities, they have life-size chess pieces. It was like the calendar was getting that big and I was on a life-size September calendar, if that makes sense. And I saw that I was not alone. I was standing on Tuesday morning, September the 1st. And after I woke up, the first thing I did was to look at my phone and find out what day the 1st of September was on…Tuesday. But I’m not the only one on the calendar. I’m standing on September the 1st and people are on the 2nd, the 3rd, 4th, etc. Everyone of those days is filled with people that are standing on the month of September, and they’re praying for the Church. There were some praying in tongues. There were some praying out loud. There were some praying very quietly. There were some kneeling. There were some laying prostrate. Every model of prayer you can imagine, when these people were praying along with me.

And then the cry went out again, that more people were needed to pray. So everyone, including myself, began to say, “We need help! Come and pray with us. Come and pray with us!” And everyone on the map, on the calendar that was praying, asking people to come and pray through the entire month of September, everyday, for the first through last day. Asking people to come and pray with us. Pray with us for the Church, for corruption to be exposed, and for a great harvest.

And more people began to show up on the calendar. And then I saw a hand, as if I was lifted up and I looked down. And I saw a hand or a finger, and it began to write the words “A Solemn…” in front of ‘September’ and the word “Assembly” after ‘September’. So all spelled out it said, “A Solemn September Assembly”. And a very, VERY clear call to pray that month.

The numbers of the people kept growing and growing and growing. And now I realize the contours of the calendar are actually beginning to fit into the contours of the United States of America. So as I’m standing on September the 1st, I’m up in the Washington and Oregon State area. So just imagine the calendar is in the, actually in the shape of the United States of America. So I knew, specifically, that this was for the American church and our country.

The people kept growing and they kept filling the gaps. They kept, you know, there was a lot of white space on this calendar, but I’m seeing more and more people filling the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, etc. I’ve got people, side by side with me. There’s hundreds of people on September the 1st, and we’re praying. Hundreds of people on September 2nd, and they’re praying.

But the more we prayed, and the more aggressive we prayed, I saw storm clouds appearing. All over the country. And I saw fires that were outside of the contours and I saw fires within the country. I saw both the fires of revival and I saw the fires of opposition because of how hard we were praying. And yet the clarion call kept going out:

“Pray, Church, pray!!”

And I saw incredible warfare in the heavens. It was impacting those on the ground. There was weariness in the saints that were fighting in prayer. Believers were holding each other up. Standing together without any division- there was black and white, men and women. Everybody was fighting together in prayer, on their knees, or standing, or just yelling it out. And there was no distinction and no division among the Body of Christ in this dream.

The heavens were alive with battle. The sounds of- I saw angels and I saw demons; I saw warfare. But I saw believers in battle that was severe, and intense, and brutal. There were wounds and there was exhaustion. People who would stand for a while, and go to their knees and pray, and stand back up. But I saw the bruises on hands and arms and shoulders. I saw weariness in the battle. And the heavens were alive with the same type of battle going on. And in the dream, it seemed like it lasted FOREVER.

Finally, the battle was over. And my eyes were drawn, my eyes were drawn to the very last days of September. And I want you to understand, this is NOT a date-setting dream. As I looked at that calendar, I saw people who were broken, who had been beaten down and they were wounded, but they were standing victoriously!

And I saw the heavens open. And I saw the Lord standing with His angels. And He said (?),

“Arise, My Bride!”

“Arise, My Bride, and PREPARE to pray!”

“Arise, My Bride! Arise, My Bride, and prepare for BATTLE!”

And then, lastly,

“Arise, My Bride, and prepare to see MY FACE! For I am coming soon, and My reward is with Me!”

And then there was like the sound of a thousand shofars, blowing all at once. And in the dream, I could feel the wind as it hit my face. And I woke up so peaceful. I woke up with just the peace of Christ in the heart of my spirit.”


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