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BRACE yourself BRACE yourself BRACE yourself – Dana Coverstone

Economic Collapse


BRACE yourself BRACE yourself BRACE yourself

July 26, 2020
Dana Coverstone

Sorry no Transcript or youtube Version at this time

Summary of what I can remember from video.

  • Calendar months of July faded away  August – December highlighted in bold
  • Demon Sleeper cells preparing for war activated, attack on minds of pastors and Christian leaders in form of sexual temptation and accusations , lust and pornography
  • ministry marriages under attack focus on your prayer life. There is coming attacked on minds and sexual purity.
  • I saw outline of the nation and smoke rising from what appeared to be outdoor funeral pyres.
  • I saw headlines of sin increase and nation wide suicide rates spike, that included those in Ministry. People demanding government fix the suicide mainly caused by financial losses: forced evictions, job loss, depression spikes ramped drug overdoses rampid increase in abuse emotions, sexual,  and physical because of the covid shutdowns.
  • Post office open 2 to 3 times a week not Monday – Saturday. I saw fields full of postal trucks the smaller ones that deliver to your mailbox.
  • I saw unemployment rate hit over 50% in the headlines with no help from the Government that spurred alot of violence toward the government people in Washington  DC.  The crowds were hansen
  • I seen the same white figure and he said “Brace yourself brace yourself Brace yourself”  with the emphasis on “BRACE”

These things are coming and we have to be ready for them be in pray, be in the Word. Watch wages going through your eye gate. Keep your eyes and your hearts pure.

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