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Those that refuse to get ready will be left wanting in the end – Dana Coverstone

Those that refuse to get ready will be left wanting in the end.

August 25, 2020
Dana Coverstone

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3 Important New Dreams From Pastor Dana (I have added my own commentary and possible interpretations in parentheses -Rose Sharon):

Monday night, August the 17th, I dreamt I saw a calendar month in November. It was bent, it was torn; it was dirty (The tearing represents division/ the fact that it was bent and dirty represents that we will experience many hard things by the time November rolls around). I saw trees in the backgrounds that were leafless, but there were a few trees that still had scarce amount of leaves on them, and they had turned (Leafless trees may mean big trouble in the economy). The leaves that were still in those trees had turned like it was about to rain (I believe this is a rain of coming trouble/ judgment). The sky was a dull gray with extreme cloud cover (Metaphorical ‘storm’ coming).

I hardly ever see sunny skies in these dreams, that’s one thing I know for sure. I saw that finger (God’s finger) appear and it circled November 3rd continuously, and it continued in a clockwise direction and then suddenly it changed it counterclockwise, and then these images began to appear (The finger circling clockwise means that some of what is about to be shown will happen after November 3rd, while the counterclockwise motion represents that some of the things about to be shown will happen before Novemeber 3rd. Please note that November 3rd is also Election Day.)

I saw cities on fire, which was nothing new (I believe these will be actual fires). I saw headlines that read, “Trump Victory Challenged Everywhere” (This indicates that Trump will win re-election, but that it will be hotly contested and violently challenged). It was on digital marquees like in New York, Times Square; places like that (I was happily surprised by this, because it indicates that the electricity/ grid will still be on in early November). There were protesters in the streets who were weary and asleep, and they appeared dirty and dingy, like they not slept or showered in weeks (This indicates that the protests we are currently seeing will not stop, but seem to wain somewhat/ temporarily).

And this bell rang (Its time, a demonic alarm/ signal to wake them up, probably Election Day or shortly thereafter), and suddenly these people like come to life. They woke up and they started salivating like a dog like a Pavlov’s dog situation (The protests will step up sharply in spiritual rabidity/ violence). Big buckets of saliva, and it seemed to stain their shirts and I saw people screaming and getting violent over the election results to the point people were firing weapons just randomly into the air in the sky. People were angry and people were mad. I saw a person with a sign that said, “The Obvious Winner is Not So Obvious”, like a placard like, you know, ‘The World’s About to End’ or ‘God is Coming!’ (The obvious winner not being so obvious speaks to the contesting of Trump’s election, but also may mean that after these things a new ‘winner’ may emerge) You know, get rid of, you know, whatever. The little signs and said “The Obvious Winner is Not So Obvious” and he held his head in shame.

But the crowd was in a frenzy of hatred. They were even hitting each other with their signs and their banners and their wrath (This speaks to the uncontrollable demonic anger that will be released at this time. They must fight with anyone, even each other) and I saw more cities with pillars of smoke over them like the wild firestorms in California right now (Again, I believe this is actual fire coming to the cities through multiple means). I saw crumbled and burned out buildings in Washington, DC; not monuments, but businesses and commercial real estate (Likely from over-the-top protesting/ domestic terrorism). Headlines declared that rebuilding would take time, and trust would take even longer; and government could not do it in a timely fashion. And that’s when I saw a treasury official who’s in the Treasury Department right now wink, like as almost as if he was looking at a camera on TV- big smile, open mouth, wink with the right eye, and held it closed and just kind of you know, almost like a sarcastic type thing (This seems to indicate a pre-planned assault on the US dollar/ economy during a time of turmoil to help bring about the Beast System/ reset).

And then I saw a Conestoga wagon, think Little House on the Prairie (covered wagons were used during Civil War and in Old West) and Kamala Harris was driving that wagon (Biden should have been driving since he is running for president, but the VP candidate is at the reigns, symbolizing she is the one is control. Biden most likely represents the old Democratic Party. Kamala represents the new extreme left that has taken over the Democratic party and is in control). It was led by two mules and Joe Biden was not sitting with Kamala Harris (Joe and the older Democratic party is just the horse/ donkey that this new generation is riding in on to take power and control- almost like a Trojan horse situation).

Joe Biden was riding on one of the mules on the left, on the ‘far left’ so to speak, and on the side was a mechanical box that would trigger dynamite, like you would see in the Wiley coyote movies or cartoons where they push down and it blows. It was in an upright position though, that like the mark, the trigger. And then the wind started blowing the wagon covering back and reveals several cases of like what I would consider to be Civil War type cases of dynamite, that era of the late 1800’s, 1860’s, 1870’s. And most of it was in cases, stamps. Dynamite stamped, dynamite. There were some loose ones in a like an open wicker basket, which didn’t fit the timeline but it was there (Wicker was used as far back as Ancient Egypt, and passed on to Persia and Rome. When I read this part, I immediately thought of the verse in Zechariah chapter 5:

“Then the angel who was speaking to me came forward and said to me, “Look up and see what is appearing.” I asked, “What is it?” He replied, “It is a basket.” And he added, “This is the iniquity of the people throughout the land.” Then the cover of lead was raised, and there in the basket sat a woman! He said, “This is wickedness,” and he pushed her back into the basket and pushed its lead cover down on it. Then I looked up—and there before me were two women, with the wind in their wings! They had wings like those of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between heaven and earth. “Where are they taking the basket?” I asked the angel who was speaking to me. He replied, “To the country of Shinar to build a house for it. When the house is ready, the basket will be set there in its place.”
-Zechariah 5:5-11
Shinar was in the region of Southern Mesopatamia, where Nimrod’s kingdom commenced. I believe this basket represents an ancient evil and power that will be released and cause great division/ civil war type division. I believe this ‘cival war’ will not be race against race, although racial division will precede and stoke it. The true nature of this coming civil war, and it is already somewhat in swing, is a division between those who are truly for God and those who are aligned with the devil/ Beast System. Sadly many professing Christians have already been swallowed by this Beast/ Antichrist System. The division will grow and sides will be taken until its almost like a civil war).

Harris began to whip the mules with the whip, and she was hitting Joe Biden as well but Biden had no idea he was being whipped. He was not aware of what was happening (This could represent those of the old Democratic party who are being used to further the plans and goals of this new generation). And the mules started moving and picking up speed. They were headed towards a car, a target (The presidency, to destroy Trump on the one hand, but also a larger goal of destroying the Republicans ore even the Republic).

And this is where I saw Hillary Clinton (Hillary represents herself, but also the sun conglomeration of the Antichrist/ Beast System/ Elite/ Globalist Satanic Cabal). She was standing behind President Trump. President Trump was on his knees (weakened, vunerable) and she was wearing like a Wilma Flintstone dress (The name Wilma is German and it means ‘willful’, ‘desire’, ‘resolute protector’). There were patches where it had not been finished yet. It wasn’t seamed up, it wasn’t sealed up, the collar wasn’t on, and there were like little strings just hanging all over the place. It wasn’t finished (I believe this represents Hillary’s and the Cabal’s unfinished evil work. Her/their desire to be in power to work unrighteousness was not realized, but she is still determined to see it done). It wasn’t actually ready to be worn, I guess for prime time or whatever she was doing. It was very ugly and she had this gaudy ring on her index finger; it looked like it had blood on it (Rings are a sign of power and authority, particularly from a king or ruler. I believe Hillary is a high level Satanist/ witch, who has been endowed with his power. The index finger is known of as the ‘trigger finger’. Her bloody ring indicates she, and the Satanic Cabal, has shed much blood through murder to accomplish their ends).

She had a skeleton key (another sign of satanic authority/ death/ murder) hanging from her neck and it was dangling. And she had Donald Trump; he was on his knees and she had a Gladius, a Roman Gladius knife to the left side; it was the left side of his throat (She was after his jugular, to kill him/ destroy the Republic) holding his head back like that. And the skeleton key was dangling in front of his face (Death was imminent for Trump physically/ and the Republic symbolically). And the skeleton key look like it had blood and black mold all over it (Used to kill many in the past and in the recent past). And where it leaned down, where it was banging against the front of her shirt it looked like it left like a Nazi symbol. The Storm Troopers, the Nazi’s had almost like the lightning symbol, the lightning strike, the double pane of lightning. That’s what it looked like on the front of her shirt (The Nazi ‘SS Reuen’ symbolized victory. The ‘SS’ basically meant, “Victory! Victory! The Nazi’s were satanically inspired to rule the world and kill all of God’s people, Jew and Christian. Hillary is somehow linked to this ideology. Please remember that words in the parentheses are my own opinions, not Dana Coverstone’s, and what I believe the Lord may be saying through these dreams- Rose Sharon) I’m not saying she’s a Nazi. I’m just saying that symbol was was on her shirt. It was like just tainted, stained black and red, ugly and gaudy (It is interesting to note here that the Nazi colors were red, black, and white.)

And the wagon starts picking up speed (Kamala and Biden) and they’re headed towards this, you know, where Hillary Clinton’s holding Donald Trump (Represents this whole demonically inspired civil type war about to crash into/ destroy both Trump and the Republic/ America as we know it). And Hillary’s face was giddy (demonic joy), but next to her leg there was like an animal trap, a large like a bear trap. And suddenly Trump grabs the key and he pulls it down like this, well he grabbed with his left hand, she came down, he brought his right hand up and hit her in the face, in the chin. When he did that, she dropped the knife and she stepped back, and the president began to run off quickly. Then she steps into the trap and she’s and trying to get out and she’s trying to pick up the knife. And she can’t lean over, she can’t get out of the trap she can’t get the knife (Hillary/ the Cabal will fail in her aim to destroy and overthrow Trump during this time).

As the president runs, he’s running towards the beast, which is the car he’s usually in (The presidential limo is called “The Beast” and could represent safety in his position as president. There may be more to this, but I’m praying about that). I hear 3 gunshots and they are handguns; this is not a shotgun or a
rifle, this is a handgun shot. I hear 3 shots fired out of nowhere, I see 3 different, it happens like there’s one shot then another then another. But as Trump is running to the beast, a secret service agent jumps in front and gets one of the bullets and then rolls to the ground. Trump keeps running. The second shot is fired; another secret service agent jumps in front of Trump and takes the shot and hits the ground. And then the third secret secret service agent jumps in front of the third bullet that comes at him, and then he gets into the beast (The secret service agents most likely represent Christians who are interceding for Trump; their prayers are literally saving him from certain death). And that moment what I saw was the secret service agents were around the beast (Representing Trump/ the presidency) but instead of normal modern traditional AR-15s or guns they had muskets (Also used during the Civil War). But the other thing I noticed in the dream was that none of them were wearing glasses (The signature Secret Service sunglasses). Most secret service agents that I’ve always seen have always had sunglasses and I noticed in the dream they’re all standing around the car looking out with the muskets like this. Nobody has it like this (pointing outward) they’ve got the muskets up and they’re watching (Representing watchmen, God’s servants, His prophets, and intercessors) and they’re looking around, they’re surrounding the car; looking out from the
car. The car is moving slowly and they’re moving with the car. So those are the things I’m seeing now.

Hillary tried to pull her leg away, but she couldn’t, and finally the wagon struck her. It was just a huge explosion, and in the explosion it threw the carcasses of the mules up on top of the building rubble. And the smoke was coming off, and like
they’d been grilled or something. Biden was laying face down in the middle of the street and wheel tracks over the back of him and there was a vulture sitting on his head (Could represent personal demise/ death or also the death of the old Democratic Party). And I’m not trying to make fun. I’m not trying to disrespect anyone in political leadership at this moment. Those that know me know how I feel about certain people and leadership but I still pray for these people.

Harris was crying in disbelief (The extreme left’s own actions implode upon themselves, they bring trouble on their own heads) and she and her tears looked like they were the size of quarters it was almost like she was crying quarters (I believe this represents the disappointment from a failed plan, a very long and hard-worked plan to destroy. This could also mean that Kamala and those hoping to come to power will not only lose that hope, but also are financially devastated, at least in part, in the process as their actions produce destruction that affects themselves, too, which they did not count on). The tears were as big as quarters and it appeared like they were, it looked like quarters coming out of her eyes (Loss of hope of power, money, etc).

There was a huge hole in the ground; buildings were collapsed and then I saw the church (The true church is protected in many ways). There was a separation line, and there was no middle ground. No middle ground left as the sides literally, but I guess in the dream at this time of the dream sides had to have been taken (No more lukewarm Christians or apostates at this point. Whatever will have transpired, will cause all to firmly pick a side. God’s side or Satan’s- no middle ground). There was fire on the altars of the churches around the nation (This is very good! The fire represents the power and work of the Holy Spirit). And the fire moved on the heads of people who had been praying (Again, awesome news! The Holy Spirit coming in power on His people who have been praying this whole time, almost like a 2nd Pentecost, a 2nd outpouring, the Latter Day outpouring).

And above the heads of many people in the church I saw that an actual question mark symbol above their head and they appeared confused by what they were seeing in the world (This symbolizes true believers who have willfully not paid attention to the warnings of the Lord either in the Bible [that says such things must come], or through dreams/ visions/ and prophecy from God’s true servants [many have ignored or scored these because they did not want to believe them]).
I heard a voice say,
“Those who refuse to get ready will be wanting in the end.
So brace yourself and tell others that I have warned them to brace themselves, for they are about to see even more
shocking things.”
I’m thinking of Habakkuk there, a passage that I have preached from in the last several weeks (I believe Dana must be talking about Habakkuk 1:5, when the Lord answers Habakkuk’s complaint and question about why God allows the wicked to continue for so long in their evil without repaying them. The Lord answers His prophet by saying, “Look at the nations and watch—and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told”)

Friday night on August 21st, I simply saw the white figure appear (Represents the Lord) raised the finger to the sky and He said,
“Ready or not, nation, here it comes. Brace yourself!”
Just a rather quick and simple, you know, play on hide and seek, I guess (I believe that this represents the Lord warning of Wormwood/ Nirubu/ the Destroyer coming, which caused much devastation back in Noah’s day and will do likewise in our day. It has even begun somewhat. This will be the cause of the intense climate activity that the Bible has prophesied for thousands of years. The worst of it will be after the Rapture, but we will see the beginnings of these calamities before then.)

And last night, Monday, August 24th, I saw
a calendar. It was turning the month of November (I don’t know if Dana meant if it was turning TO the month of November or turning past the month of November.) had shadows flickering all over it. I saw this light in the sky, a big light, very large, bright light- and then darkness (I’m not sure what this means, though I have a couple of guesses. I feel it is most likely devastation and after effects caused by one or more large asteroids hitting the Gulf/ Atlantic, but I’m not sure. I’ll keep praying and see if the Lord will reveal.) And then I began to make out like a morning. It was morning and the night was going away and the fog and the haze were drifting away. I saw it over many Americans and they were in like an emergency shelter. I’m not for sure but it seemed to me it was more along the Gulf Coast area. These people were huddled together and they were shivering.

There were individuals laying on cots and there were suitcases all over the place and a lot of desperate looks on the faces of most everyone. There were encouragers in the crowd, though; they all were wearing crosses (These are Christians who will rise and minister to others during these calamitous times) and they stood out emotionally from everyone else because they seemed to have hope. They had smiles on their faces, but everybody else was just downtrodden, in despair, angry, frustrated, and confused. And they were checking on people. They were trying to show patience and kindness, but at times they were met with anger and told to go away. But the encouragers just kept doing what they were doing in spite of the manifested upset of several in the shelters. And I saw businesses that were shattered in the bigger cities. I saw a gas station; it looks like people just walked away from them (This is concerning. It seems that gas and/or electricity may be out at this point in the country or in part of the country).

And I saw headlines and one read, “Shock and Awe in the U.S.” and one read, “U.N. Steps in to Help Host Nation” (Shock and Awe is a military tactic that utilizes extreme and overwhelming force to basically put a population in shock, physiologically, so that they are left vulnerable and unable to fight. Shock and awe in the US as a headline tells of a series of extreme happenings/ shakings that will leave the general populace stunned and overwhelmed. The United coming in to ‘help’ is concerning, as dozens and dozens of God’s servants have seen Christians and others rounded up and put into FEMA type camps by men in powder blue hats, which is UN blue. The UN seems to have a major role in the coming Beast/ Antichrist System, which is already forming, and will continue, especially after these disasters).

And the nation was quiet (This is what is known of as ‘the calm before the storm’ or ‘the quiet before the storm’. Sometimes in the middle of a terrible storm, when the eye is passing over, an eerie calm or quiet is experienced. People who are unaware of this weather phenomena may make the mistake of thinking the storm is over and can go outside of their home prematurely, only to experience the shock of the storm again. I believe there will be a lull or quiet for some time in between these judgments/ coming waves, and the Lord is warning us to keep bracing ourselves- stay in a position of safety/ trust/ vigilance in the Lord). There wasn’t war, or riots, or people fighting or screaming, or yelling. The nation was quiet, almost like it had not awakened and not awoken from a bad dream yet. That’s what I was kind of sensing.

The nation was fitful. It was suspicious. It was leery. I saw people just quietly looking around and taking everything in with their eyes. Hesitant…it’s like they were expecting something to happen. And the sun was shining behind the clouds, but it was not out yet. Then the white figure appeared again and He said, “Remain braced as this calm comes before a gathering storm that recovery will have a hard time finding.” “Remain braced as this calm comes before a gathering storm that recovery will have a hard time finding (I am a little hesitant to comment on what I believe this part means, and please know that in Jesus Christ there is safety no matter what. We serve the same God who protected those in Goshen while judgment came to Egypt. He protected Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace. He shut the mouths of the lion’s for His servant Daniel. Now while I am not saying that nothing bad can ever happen to a believer, I am saying that our God is well-able to protect and preserve His own. I believe the ‘gathering storm’ represents WW3. I was personally shown, as others have been, that WW3 and the Rapture of the Bride/ the remnant happen almost simultaneously. I believe the take home from all of these dreams is that we must prepare our hearts, our spiritual houses in the Lord and brace ourselves for what God has been ever so kind as to reveal to us beforehand. All of this is found in the Bible, the written Word of God. Prophecy must be fulfilled, and it will be. Yet, we are not to fear. Those that are in the Lord were made for such a time as this! As great darkness befalls the world, the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit will also be seen. Our God will arise in His power and might! Yes, the enemy will take control and be given 7 years to reign, but I believe the greatest upset in History will come to the kingdom of darkness just before that happens. These calamities and judgments will sweep millions upon million, and my personal prayer is even billions, into the Kingdom of God! Do not fear! Those family members you have been crying for to be saved will have the soil of their hearts tilled up in these shakings. Do not fear these shakings. They are God’s mercy to bring many prodigals home, many unsaved to salvation, teach some apostates to learn the truth, and for the Bride to shine the glory of God to a lost world getting one last great chance!!!)


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