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The “They Don’t Hate Me, The Hate You” Dream – Dana Coverstone


The “They Don’t Hate Me, The Hate You” Dream

January 26, 2021
Dana Coverstone


Auto Generated Transcript

hey everybody uh we’re recording this
and then we’ll be posting it on to
jump uh at noon today and uh
it’s the dream i’ve had in the last
several of this last weekend
and uh i’ve seen glimpse in pieces of it
some of it’s very easy to understand
what’s going on and i’ll make a few
comments i don’t usually want to make
comments about the dreams
but here’s what i saw first of all i saw
a hospital nursery filled with hundreds
and hundreds of cribs
with baby babies and many were crying
some were sleeping
and i saw maybe 12 to 15 nurses who were
running everywhere trying to take care
of all these babies
and it was obvious they were stressed
they were they were sweating they were
nervous they were running
from here to there one baby get one baby
put down another start crying and this
room was huge like an auditorium
they kept saying they were not enough
for them and they needed help and they
were absolutely calling out for help
with anybody here can can anybody help
please come help us please come help us
they were still unable to help take care
of all those babies
some of the nurses were holding two and
three babies at a time
trying to feed them uh trying to trying
to calm them trying to get them calmed
but back into the crips that man that i
see so often
was dressed as a doctor in a white coat
just looked plain to the room and he
said the harvest is full
but not enough for helping i understand
that’s the reference you know the
harvest was put off but the workers
so um i’ll just kind of say i really
felt the lord’s showing us that there’s
some there’s some major
major revival about to happen but we’ve
got to be ready to help assist we’ve got
to be ready to help disciple we’ve got
to be ready to help pour our lives into
who become christians and there’s not
enough committed to that so
stay open stay faithful stay ready the
next thing i saw was washington dc and
there were two f-16s flying in a circle
around the boundaries of the city of the
capital and they would circle and then
they would fly towards each other but
not in the same line not head on
and then when they got to their side
they would do that circled again and
they were both circling in different
directions they weren’t going
they weren’t too it was not two f-16
circling together like this
it was one going this way they were they
were they were meeting
going around each of those
each of those f-16s i used to live in
terre haute right next to a
military air force base or an air force
area and we saw f-16s take off all the
time so i know what they look like
but they had sensor-like equipment on
the bottom of them as well as missiles
under each wing and the pilots were
watching very close to the air airspace
you could see the
the the pilots talking one another and
looking and watching
in the perimeter then i saw the capitol
excuse me and inside the cat in the time
the chamber
there was what looked like furnaces but
no wood no fires
it was like a suction device under the
in where you would put the wood and uh i
saw congressmen
and senators and they were shoveling
stacks of hundred dollar bills
into those fireplace areas sorry my
security system just let me know that we
stranger danger in the room no um anyway
uh but these congressmen were selling
stacks of 100 bills in that fireplace
and they were being sucked up through
those pipes
and then we’re flying with the wind and
every single direction
out and about but nothing was landing on
the ground
nothing was landing on the ground and
there were people on the ground
in coats and gloves and they were
looking up and jumping up to grab the
money but
it was too far above them and they
couldn’t get in their hands even people
on top of the buildings had nets and
bags but they could not reach the money
as it flew past them
then the next thing i saw was up in the
balcony of the capitol and there were
30 30 congressmen and senators
i know who i saw i’m not going to say
names for this one
and they were barricaded into the middle
section there
and it was obvious that some of them had
been beaten some of them had been
uh abused physically uh they were
surrounded by a police unit
non-military with rifles with body armor
helmets and they had faces that were
and they were they were being very
aggressive towards the elected officials
that were kind of rounded up
in this middle section of the capitol
one senator stood up and he demanded to
know why they were being held like
prisoners and treated like prisoners
and was hit right in the face with a
butt of a rifle
and was told to stop asking questions
the scene quickly changed to the floor
where the former president stood in the
area where the state of union address
was given
he was in handcuffs and one ear was
bleeding a very bright red a
not normal blood red or the color of
blood that you would see flowing
it was a very bright red blood and the
other ear was bruised to the point it
was just black
and blue like he’d been like like if you
were in an accident or car accident or
something and you’ve
been hitting by two by four it seemed
his ear was just black and blue
bruised deeply deeply bruised
his eyes were very bloodshot and he
appeared to barely be standing on his
own matter of fact the sergeant-at-arms
was directly behind him holding him up
and was whispering
into his right ear he would occasionally
squeeze his right arm as well and the
former president would wince almost like
he just
he would like like he was hurting he was
in pain
and he would almost go to his knees
every time that the sergeant arms would
squeeze his right arm
and suddenly he just the former
president pushed himself
up towards uh just closer to where he uh
from where he was he stood up and went
forward quickly
and he suddenly spoke out loud and he
said it’s not me they hate
it’s you it’s not me they hate it’s you
he was then rushed out the door and a
congressman came to the podium
and this person hit the gavel roughly
enough that it broke both the gavel and
it dented the desk the table
that they were sitting at and this
person said now let’s get the rest of
because it’s our house now a congressman
looked up to the balcony
and said put they just looked up and
pointed and said put them with the rest
then the man that i see so
often was now standing up in the middle
of those 30 leaders who were in the
balcony capital
the capital balcony balcony
and he said loudly i never said to stop
and he helped those beaten leaders to
their feet and he walked out
with them through the door the back door
of that balcony area
he looked back as he went through the
door and he said these words
stay braced for his name
sake stay brace for
his name sake
and i believe a lot of what i saw about
was was related to persecution coming
i’m not going to say names of the people
that i saw
um just because i’m not
um i’ve been offered money to share
names of senators or whoever was doing
certain things and that’s not what this
is about
i just want to understand what i saw
enough was the nursery
there’s going to be things happening in
the church world
that we’ve got to be ready to help
disciple and get people ready to know
who the lord is
if you’ve not prepared if you’ve not
braced yourself you know that that’s
that’s up to you
i told people to aggressively pray
specifically pray and strategically pray
about what they should do for their
families and their situations
we do know that censorship is very much
of a big deal right now
even we’re seeing where some states
wanting to are wanting to ban certain
types of social media
and so the censorship is a type of
and it’s already here and it’s going to
be probably coming even even stronger
so the other things we saw happen in in
the capital
that’s where the legislature branch the
legislative branches of our government
uh pass bills you want to make sure
you’re watching a whole lot on the
domestic terrorism bill
uh watching what the ndaa is saying
about that
uh paying attention to um
the just the whole the whole idea of
social media
being censored at the rate and the way
that it’s being done
and i do believe very very strongly what
i saw last night was coming persecution
and i believe
that in in one sense um
what our former president said they
don’t hate me they hate you
and what i heard in them was you know
it’s not me they hated you
um and we’re supposed to brace ourselves
for his name’s sake
so i’m not telling you to do anything
with this dream i’m telling you to pray
about it ask the lord to show you what
what it what it means for us i believe
the church has got to be very very
cautious and very very careful even in
the things that we say and the way that
we say them at the same time we cannot
stop preaching and teaching the gospel
we cannot stop speaking the truth and we
are living in a time where the truth
could very well become a criminal act
and and i believe that’s the most part
of what we’re seeing but yet at the same
time while we see persecution coming
we see a great opportunity for the
church to disciple
to to to teach and train believers to to
understand what the bible says and get
the meaning of it out there
and to not be afraid to live our lives
for jesus so i want to encourage you
once again
pray about these dreams every single
dream i’ve had put out pray about it
it’s not just cut and dry it means this
it means that
for every dream i have i usually get
four to 500
different interpretations and some are
right on and some are
way out there and some aren’t even worth
reading reading the papers that come in
and this is not about
democrat or republican this is not about
who’s in power now and who’s not
but the one thing that was said
now let’s get the rest of them because
it’s our house now
and we have seen some changes in just
the last few weeks
and we cannot ignore those changes we
cannot ignore
those comments we cannot ignore those
statements we have to we have to live it
and so believer get in the word get on
your knees stop playing games repent get
your life right with jesus
is there some hard things coming against
the church in the body of christ
so pray about it do what you want to do
with it
i’m just sharing these because i sense
the lord has given it to me and will
continue to
and i want to warn people we’ve been
told to brace ourselves i’ve been saying
brace yourself for seven months and i
continue to hear those words
i could i continue to see that man in my
and he says brace yourself i want to
read what he said once again
stay braced for his name’s sake

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