Dream, Three Days of Darkness

Three Days of Darkness Dream – Mari-Elise

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Three Days of Darkness Dream

April 24, 2024 1:52 AM

4/14/24 Dream

I just recently learned about the Three Days of Darkness and asked God for confirmation because I had never heard about it. I had a dream the following morning and I wasn’t sure if it was worth sharing since so many people have shared more detailed accounts on the matter but I will do so anyways.

In the dream I was in a hotel room with friends and had the impression that unusual things had been happening in the sky for a while, (things that we had become accustomed to) and the northern lights were visible outside of the hotel room window. Suddenly, my friends and I heard a loud ‘boom’ and we rushed out of the hotel room to investigate. Someone in the group casually remarked that it was probably just something CERN was doing again and as we made our way down the hotel hallway I told my friends, semi-jokingly, that they better repent. When we reach the large window that we wanted to look out of I see this cloud of darkness. I wonder in my head whether it is the result of a nuke as its shape closely resembles that of a nuclear mushroom cloud, but it doesn’t have the characteristic orange/yellow color or the brightness that usually results from nuclear blasts. It only contains blackish/grey hues. Before I can fully process what I’m seeing I suddenly hear hordes of demons descending and yell at my friends to get back into the hotel room because I knew that we needed to be shut in. I then immediately start praising the Lord and the dream ends.

I feel a strong urgency on the matter of this event. This is the first time that I have ever received quick confirmation from the Lord. I pray that we may have the boldness to inform others about this. I personally struggle worrying whether or not people will believe me, especially those in my generation but I know that it is worth a try. I thank the Lord for his warnings, He is exceedingly merciful. God Bless Y’all.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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