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Your Time on Earth is Coming to a Close – LynL

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Your Time on Earth is Coming to a Close

April 25, 2024 12:35 PM


There is not much more that you need to do in the state you are currently in (flesh). Each of my children, whether in spirit or flesh will be experiencing some major changes before their Earthly life is terminated (over).
My faithful children will transition to their translated bodies and take on their assignments as my army (some of my chosen). This army will help to bring in my harvest of souls. Those doing this function, were slated at the beginning of time, to accomplish this task. Just like my son David, was always meant to slay Goliath. Each of my children are integral with purpose and direction.

I love each child as they are extensions of me. I direct their course as they put their own flare to what is done for my name’s sake. No matter what their function, we work as a team and change the course of history in the making.

For my other children, who still have much to learn, will experience a world they are not ready for. Changing topography will envelope the Earth. The spirit world will become more apparent. Eyes that have been blinded and ears that have been deaf will become fully operational. Choices will have to be made for my adversary or I Am. These choices will lead them to one of two destinations. Choices to continue in the new society that will be formed, will enslave that child for the rest of eternity. A choice to be marked, so they can be part of society, to buy and sell, will cost them their eternal soul.

Choices to stop sinning will be a choice for freedom of your soul, for the ability to make it into Heaven. Those who take the easy path will endure an eternity of hardship, pain, mental anguish, and darkness. Both paths are put in front of my children, so to choose one or the other.

The time of deciding is now here. There is no more time to procrastinate. No more time to shove decisions down the road. No more time to watch the sands of time slip away. Your choices, in this life, have always controlled your destiny. Repentance is your change of direction towards my Kingdom. Make the choice for light, for this darkening world will continue to get darker. Only those with light will ultimately survive and become spirit in my Kingdom.

Your Father in Heaven

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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