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Prayer Guide for September – Dana Coverstone

Prayer Guide for September

August 12, 2020
Dana Coverstone

The prayer Guide below is modeled after his dream

The prayer guide I am giving my church to use for praying through the month of September. The focus is on three things with a prayer focus that can be expanded in your daily time in prayer. The numbers correspond with each day of the month 1-30.

1. For a stronger backbone in the church
2. For corruption in the church to be exposed
3. For a great harvest in the days to come

Stronger backbone:
1. For pastors in the pulpit
2. For leaders in the church
3. For Believers in the community
4. For adults in their homes
5. For Teens with their peers
6. For children with their friends
7. For our voices to be raised
8. For deep-seated convictions
9. For lack of fear in living out our faith publicly
10. For absolute courage in our witnessing

Corruption To Be Exposed:
11. In the pulpit
12. In the board room
13. In the pews
14. In the practical lives of adults
15. In the lives of our teens and young adults
16. In our thelogy
17. In the private lives of Christians
18. In our Christian organizations
19. In our thinking and attitudes
20. In our public behavior

A Great Harvest:
21. An anointing in the pulpits that reaches the lost
22. For our churches to work in unity to reach our communities
23. For discipleship to be at the heart of our soul-winning
24. For the people we work with to find Christ through our example
25. For a greater desire to pray to see the harvest
26. For the spiritual disciplines to be seen in our example
27. For the message to reach every community in the United States of America
28. For every church to agree to reach the lost
29. For the heart of every believer to be for the lost to find Jesus
30.Praise God for what He has done through September

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