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Ready or not nation, here it comes so brace yourself – Dana Coverstone

Ready or not nation, here it comes so brace yourself

August 22, 2020
Dana Coverstone

One short dream last night where the figure in white appeared and said, “Ready or not nation, here it comes so brace yourself.”


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  1. pope=under indictment RAPING/KILLING CHILDREN! FALSE PROPHET! devil lives in the vatican!!!

  2. Sally

    Papa is very, very angry . . . . and rightly so. Repent right NOW if you have not already done so. Ask Papa to fill you with the Holy Spirit. . . . .

  3. Alida

    Father, please let people run into Your embrace in this time and not wrongly blame You for what they’ve caused themselves!! May their eyes open and their hearts understand, that the harvest may be great!! Amen.

  4. Bonnie

    Thank you for sharing another powerful warning message. I really feel that this is coming right from the Lord. I am taking it very seriously.

  5. Marc

    Please pray for pastor Dana Coverstone.
    His family and friends in their small church….under great attack, from powerful preachers of 5013c ministries….
    Who will protect their money cow’s…at all costs…by denial of warnings.
    Because then people would prepare, and not give as much to them…car’s, planes, huge home’s for two people…cash!!!

  6. I am sure the question many of us have is what “it” is that is soon to come. An asteroid impact? War breaking out? The 2nd, more deadly pestilence and total lock downs? More intense rioting and chaos in the streets? Massive earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes? All of the above? I expect Byron Searle will shortly get another word about there being just 1 week left to prepare. As the Lord said in one of his recent messages “Prepare for what you say? “The days of awe”.

    Psalm 91, verse 5 and 6: “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. Let us hide under the shadow of his mighty wings and not fear anything but the Lord himself.

  7. Ronald Chong

    Why is it that it’s all the USA’s fault?? So many countries have committed many atrocious acts, especially China. Will judgement not befall them as well?? Why, people there eat human embryos!! They think it’s going to increase their vitality!!

    Also, many of those who allegedly hear from the Lord over the years (Barbara Francis, Tim Henderson, Jennifer of the defunct YouTube channel ‘Become Like Jesus’, etc.) have supposedly been told that “as they come down, you will go up.” You think that has something to do with the asteroids that, many are saying right now, are about to come to the Earth as we near this debris field?

  8. Ed L.

    @Ronald Chong

    The scriptures foretell us that the House of Israel (not today’s country of Israel) will all go into captivity. (Well those people that survive and remain after the “calamity” will go into captivity). This includes many Western nations today, not just the USA. God has blessed the respective tribes as so stated in Genesis for many years. However, we who have the Word (Bible) do not follow it. We assume that we can do whatever we want. (We kill babies, we shop on the Sabbath, we lie easily, etc…) As a Christian nation we will be blessed but also required of. The blessings and curses are listed in Deuteronomy 28. (As well as Leviticus). God is no happy with the USA and we are about to be chastised. That is for certain.

    The tribes are symbolic more so than exact countries today. However, I know some will argue on this point. The fact remains that everything God did and showed us in the Old Testament were examples, similitudes, fore shadows, and/or types of things to come. All the prophets in the Word (Bible) warned the people over and over again. Some listened while others did not. We today are not listening. (Well some are but we are lukewarm).

    With regard to nations of sinful practices. (ex. China). Study the book of Jonah. You MUST understand why God mocked Jonah (4:4 & 9). Jonah preached to a heathen nation and they ALL repented! God is fair and just. They didn’t know His rules, conditions nor His Law but when prompted and made aware of their sins (by Jonah’s preaching), the Ninevites (people of Nineveh; the capital city of Assyria) repented. All of them did! God seeing their full repentance then removed the curse placed upon them. (Jonah 3:10)

    You see, many Chinese people are slaves to their country. The do not know the TRUTH. How can God just judge them the same way He would judge His children? That would be unfair. We know better but still do wrong! Woe to the USA, UK, Australia, and the likes. Do you remember how in the book of Matthew we read that the Word’s of God must be first preached unto all the world before the end comes? (Matthew 24:14) That is so His Word will be a witness against those that hear and do not obey.

    If this brings you any comfort, know that Nineveh was spared because of Jonah for 40 years. (Probation in biblical numeric’s). However, they too went back to their old ways (after hearing the truth from Jonah 40 years earlier) and the prophet Nahum speaks of their destruction which occurs shortly there after. In the end the beast system that gets set up will fail and the true Lord of Lords will return. Some of us will be around to see this but many will not. No one is without an excuse at the very end of the age.

    Pray, pray and pray….and be a doer of the Word not just a hearer!
    (James 1:22 & 25)

    Brother Ed benYHVH

  9. Elsie

    I’m not going to say ‘not fair ‘. I’m not going to quote anything to prove my point. I just want to say, Pastor Dana, I will be standing with you on September 1st.

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