The Church and The State Dream – Dana Coverstone


The Church and The State Dream

December 29, 2020
Dana Coverstone

Dreams received December 19-23, 2020


Auto Generated Transcript

hey good afternoon pastor dana
coverstone livermore ministries
brooksville kentucky i’m going to be
sharing a dream i had
between december 19th and 23rd this
stretched out over several days
several nights and uh he’s gonna share
it leave that
i know a lot of folks made a lot of
comments even there’s already somebody
here who said you know
prophecies are false or from my people
that dreams are symbolic
confirm what you say i said
uh dreams are for you to pray about
about look at and then decide what to do
with them
i believe this one’s very very easy to
figure out what it’s about what it’s
but i also just want to make a point i’m
going to continue to share dreams
i’m going to continue to share what
god’s showing me and people can say what
they want
do what they want with them i’m not i’m
not really bothered by that
i’m simply going to say them share them
i know that i’ve got to be obedient with
lord showing me
so i’m going to do that and regardless
comments or people or negative whatever
i’m going to continue to share them
so here it is it’s a dream that i had
december 19th through the 23rd of this
i saw the united states capitol building
and it was fully lit up
and the tower parts had large arms like
human arms attached to it
the arms were muscular and they had
short sleeves and
very rough looking hands when i say a
rough looking working hand i mean
hands that had worked the ground hands
that had his hands on
had been on a plow or working with
machinery or in other words
hard working hands the building was also
the capital but it was also flying the
flag that betsy
ross designed with 13 13 stars in a
in the top left hand corner so i knew
this had to do with the starting of
american history
across from the congressional building
was a traditional style
looking church it also had arms attached
to the steeple
the arms were very muscular and very
similar the arms of the capitol building
both had rough hands and arms that knew
worked you could see them you can see
the veins popping out the muscles the
these were hands that were not afraid to
get themselves dirty or work hard
and they were very they had short sleeve
work shirts on
the hands were not necessarily dirty but
obviously were dry and cracked
and obviously been working in the fields
or on equipment something like that so
you get the idea these hands have been
working hard
behind the church there were standing
religious leaders that were wearing
i i saw like several catholic cardinals
i saw early 1900s and late 1800 style
preachers with the
with the long black code and and bibles
in their hands
behind the capitol building there were
some older style congressmen
uh if you met colonel sanders that
dressed kind of like colonel sanders
older style southern northern you know
professional dress but they seemed older
still the clothing did but they also
also seemed very professional
and each group was cordial towards each
other at the beginning of the stream
the hands shook the church the state
hands shook the church hands
and they seemed to get along they stood
in their location they were respecting
each other’s
sides supporting each other as well and
then the sky began to move and shift and
change it would look like uh
like a scene from the hd wells the time
machine where this
the sky the the day is going faster and
faster and faster and finally as it’s
times times change time shift becomes a
little bit more modern in that regards
as the scene slowed down i noticed the
capital building arms were now
long sleeves and they had very expensive
cufflinks gold cufflinks with diamonds
all over
obviously very very expensive cufflinks
and the hands were no longer rough they
were very soft and very
had manicured manicured nails looked
like they had not
touched an ax or a shovel or been in the
dirt for any amount of time at all
the roughness was entirely gone too the
the capitol building was well maintained
very well lit both buildings were very
well lit
but it looked as if they’d been taken
care of and polished
the church appeared to have the same
kinds of muscled arms with rough hands
and they seemed dry and cracked
but and those hands were in constant
motion but no sleeve
no no cufflinks just they appeared to be
very similar what they were
from the sea and i seen earlier the
capitals suddenly
put their hands together firmly like
this popped their knuckles
and pointed the church in a very
accusing way
and the church hands they just kept
moving and working
there was even blood on their hands and
i think in a sense like from sacrifice
the sacrifice the hard work they had
done was causing their hands to crack
and bleed
and they were working on something the
capital hands then went up like this
like to stop the church from moving
forward and the church
stopped in his tracks and the and the
church hands were moving like hey we got
to get by here we need to buy you we
need to get past you we’ve got work to
do there’s a gospel to preach
they weren’t saying those things but the
hands were indicating if they needed to
get by the capitol
so the church tried to move by and the
capital moved over and stood right in
its way and put his hands up like this
well then
the church started to go around again
and the capital pushed him down
to the ground so they go in the dirt and
church wipes itself off gets up tries to
walk by again and he got pushed down one
more time
so but the church wasn’t backing down
the church was cut they’re trying to
look around see what’s going on trying
to figure out they want to get by
and so they’re they’re walking back up
they were not backing down or you know
they weren’t stopping from the ground
but each time they got up they just kept
coming back towards the state
or the the capitol now the people behind
the church
they were very timid very very worried
because the capital the people standing
behind the capitol building they were
grimaced and arms folded and just
looking like you can’t move you don’t
need to do anything
what’s going on you know you just can’t
move you’re gonna stay right there
then i saw the church do this popped his
and they set its face towards the area
behind the capitol and just tried to
walk by the states
and this time that the the church said
strongly we need to get by and we’re
going to do it right but we must be
allowed to pass
and the state simply said not on our
that was the response of the state so
now both sides
have their faith have their their
pastors set to do what they’re doing you
know or both sides are going to
do what they’re going to do
the state then grabbed the church by the
pushed it back and down but the church
got back up and pushed back against the
state so it’s starting to get violent
the church bent itself down leaned into
a state and put his back foot down that
literally braced itself
on the ground and pushed forward and
they were both straining against each
as they were pushing and contending and
wrestling almost like a like a wrestling
one of the capital arms slipped a a seed
just a very very dark almost black type
into the back pocket of the church
at the same time some of those standing
behind the church
saw the hustle and bustle and they moved
over to stand behind
the building the capitol building the
capital then said
the church needed to stand down but the
church said we won’t
so there was a standoff and as the
standoff is going on looking each other
and kind of pushing each other
this large thorny vine was growing out
of the back pocket of the church
it was coming up behind around the back
wrapping around the body of the church
wrapping around the building of the
going up into the arms of the church and
trying to wrap around the neck and even
trying to go down the throat
of the church and when the capitol
building saw this it just kind of
stepped back
and went like this like it could go on
now the flowers on this vine were red
just a very very
bright almost blood red
and they were biting the church and they
were wrapping around the legs of the
church and it kept growing and once
again as i said it went into the mouth
of the church went down his throat and
was trying to surround his heart
so by this time the capitol building is
not even concerned about the church
they’re not even looking
uh they’re just doing their own thing
over there but the church the church
building itself i realize that this
moment has a a left arm that is red
blood red almost like the color of the
of the vines
the right hand of the church is a white
hand now not like white skin like of a
white caucasian person but just like
white paper you know eight and a half
you know just
a piece of paper that type that kind of
so the distinction it’s not has nothing
to do with the color of people has to do
with just the purity i guess
the white
the leaves on this vine that appear like
the flags also have
these unusual symbols on them and that
left hand the white hand is trying to
pull the vine
the right hand the left hand is trying
the red hand is trying to slap away the
white hand to keep the white hand from
pulling off the vine it’s trying to the
red hand is trying to protect
the vines going around the church so
this results in a fight and the two
hands are trying to protect one’s trying
to protect the church while trying to
strip it from the church
as the struggle continues the capital
just looks at the church
trying to assess the strength but it’s
over there handing out money and signing
bills it’s shaking hands and it’s
shaking hands with business leaders
and professional looking people from all
the different nations
different nationalities and that sort of
at this moment the church begins to
shake violently like it was having a
grand mal seizure
and the chest kind of opened up and
revealed this heart that had been
almost to death by this vine the heart
was beating barely
the white hand took a knife
just kind of appeared in his hand took a
knife and pierced
the root the the verb wrapped around
heart the vine the vine root it was
gonna call the vine root
and that vine automatically began to
wither it just almost like the life went
out of it and it fell away from the
heart and the heart went back to its
normal size and was pumping like it
should have
should be pumping the red hand made a
fist and punched the steeple
doing this tried to grab the white hand
but the shrink was fading
it was letting go and finally just
dropped to the side
the left side of the church and the
church took a few steps but his strength
was fading
and it dropped down to the ground on his
and that white hand just kind of dropped
to the side
then both hands came up
red hand’s kind of gone now they’re both
the white kind of hands
it unbuttons the shirt and it falls to
its knees
and the church asks forgiveness for
allowing that red root to grow
in his heart and then that christ figure
that i’ve seen in so many divisions and
appear and he just embraced the church
he pulled he pulled the
the building towards himself so the
christ figure was facing ahead at the
capitol building and the church he was
holding on to like this was looking
behind jesus
and he suddenly pointed at the states
the capitol building
and he said you never wanted the church
to succeed
but the gates of hell will not stop her
and those who have seen the root will
the vine and cut off the poisonous part
and then he let go of the church and he
kind of pulled her out to his side
and he said he pointed to the church and
he said be about my father’s business
stay pure and fear not the state
for they know not what they do
and the church then slowly walked past
the capitol and all the people who were
standing with it
including some religious figures
got just a few yards past the past the
capitol building the states
and then it just took off running i mean
took off running
both hands that were now white
were up like this as the church was
running not a fighting position
they were open and they were like
sharing things information spreading the
but laying at the feet of the capital
was the root of that seed and then
planted the church’s back pocket and it
looked to me like a if you can imagine a
sweet potato
that is just blood red deep red
it looks like it’s maybe rotted that’s
what it looked like
and then the christ figure appeared once
again and said clearly
these words stay braced
stay focused and stay on task
for i am coming soon
i think what the lord was trying to tell
us is very simple
we need to continue to fight to get the
gospel out
we cannot stop praying we cannot stop
seeking his face we can’t say well we’re
january now the
2020 is over we’re good to go no we have
got to hunker down in our prayer life
hunker down in our prayer time hunker
down in our time in the word
uh this is not the time to just relax we
i i really believe we’re in the dream
where i saw us holding our breath
and we can’t just stop praying folks we
got we need to be praying more
now than we ever prayed before we need
to be more tuned to the spirit and using
more discernment than we’ve ever
used before now is the time for us to
truly listen to what the holy spirit is
saying to us
and be the church be the body of christ
don’t be intimidated by censorship don’t
be intimidated by those that say stop
talking about those things we simply
keep praying for people and praying and
praying and praying like we’ve never
prayed before
that christ figure has appeared to me
several times in those dreams
and every time i hear the word brace
yourself i’m reminded
of what we got to do and he said stay
braced stay braced
many people believe that once january
first the calendar turns over everything
changes and shifts
i don’t think so once we get a president
in it’s going to change and ship
i don’t think so i think most of you
that are awake
and alert spiritually know that there’s
something going on things are happening
around us
something is happening around us there’s
been compromise in the church there’s
been struggles in the church there’s
there’s division in the church
there’s a church that is awake and
there’s a church that has no idea what
in the world is happening
and i know which part of the church i
want to be in and there’s always going
to be wheat and tears
there’s always going to be wheats and
tears wheat and tears but we’ve got to
continue to do the work we’ve been
called to do
because paul said work well as yet day
so folks
keep praying keep seeking his face
i’m hearing from more and more of you
that are yourselves having dreams
having visions i’m hearing from more and
more of you that are having
prophetic words things you feel like you
need to say um
and that’s what what joel said would
happen when peter quoted him in acts
chapter 2 in the last days i’ll pour my
spirit down all flesh
your sons and your daughters will
prophesy your young men will have
and your old men will have dreams
so keep walking in the spirit keep
walking those things and keep trusting
the lord to use
you like never before
pray about the dream ask the lord to
show you things about the dream
if it shows you nothing that’s fine i
just know when i have the dreams and
what i sense i’m supposed to share
that’s what i’m doing
and thanks for taking time listening

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