America, Dream

The Snake Chain Dream – Dana Coverstone with John Redenbo and Cherie Goff

The Snake Chain Dream

December 15, 2020
Dana Coverstone with John Redenbo and Cherie Goff

Auto Generated Transcript

hey everybody pastor dana coverstone and
i am at
nashville arkansas at first islam of god
uh with my good friends and we’re here
to unpack a dream
and we spent a couple hours last night
you can see the marker board behind me
we impact the dream i’ve recently had
this is our first time to meet like this
and uh so uh we’re excited about it and
hope it’ll be the first of many times
but this is john redenbauer redembo and
sheree goff
and we are here to share a dream and
unpack it so here it is

i saw cherry blossoms in washington dc
and there was a brilliant sun
cutting through a foggy haze early in
the morning but then there was a bolt of
lightning that went across the sky from
straight up to the clouds
and a very loud and long lasting clap of
thunder that ended with a huge rainfall
for just a few moments
but the rain stopped just as suddenly
and the sun was out again as if a high
noon day
there were silver and gold flecks in the
clouds and they were glistening like
the cherry blossom leaves began to fall
off the trees slowly at first and then a
hand appeared
and began to rip rip them off the trees
and clumps
the wind was blowing them up into the
air and then a tornado
funnel appeared and picked up all the
leaves put them up in the air
and then it disappeared and the leaves
all fell to the ground and they covered
every square inch of the ground
the air then became very dark and gray
clouds appeared in the sky and the trees
were leafless and appeared very gnarled
and ugly and the health of the trees
seemed to be in question but as i got
closer to them i saw
the trunk and the limbs of the trees
were actually covered in large links of
and these chains were about the size of
boat chains
um and what they must have weighed 100
pounds or hundreds of pounds
the leaves on the ground seem to be
about a foot deep around the trees
and then i saw a group of men marching
in a straight line along the national
mall and they were wearing hiking boots
and work clothes or what you would
consider to be
construction type clothing they each
went and stood
close to a to a specific tree they
reached down through the leaves
which were all dead and brown by now and
they reached down towards the roots of
the trees and they grabbed the lowest
length of the chain
and they began to pull as they began to
pull on that chain
their foot their faces were contorted
their muscles balls it was a lot of work
very intensive
it was if the tree had grown into the
chains because as they pulled
the bark and the pulp they were
interlinked between the the
links of the chain are cracking and
popping and exploding off of the
off of the chains these men were
sweating they were strained and began
dragging the
chains behind them back the way they
came on the scene
they strained they kept pulling their
muscles were physically ripping it was
even causing injury to these men as they
pulled these chains
it was slowing them down but did not
stop them from pulling the chains at all
and i saw them that they walked onto a
large map of the united states of
america and each man went and laid the
chains down
on the boundaries of different states
and the states
which were represented by horses and
mules and oxen they were just standing
in the outline of all in the interior of
all the states
these animals began to push against the
chains like they wanted
to back away the marching men eventually
connected all their chains together and
laid them over the
geographical boundaries of each state
and those animals were trapped and caged
by the chains
and they were trying to kick against
them and push against them and jump over
but they could not do it
they were trapped there and then a shot
was fired
into the air and one of the marching men
yelled that will be heard by the whole
and suddenly the air was filled with red
white and blue
lightning and the crack of thunder was
very loud
and the trees began to bleed from the
and the blood of that tree of the blood
that was coming from those trees
it began to stain the ground under it
until it flowed to every state
boundary and through every state on the
and the chains then cooled back like
live snakes until the blood had covered
the entire outlay of the state so it
just kind of
moved from where the trees were in
washington and it just moved steadily
and slowly on
until it covered all the ground of the
map on the boundary lines
the heads on the chains kept guarding
the boundaries and hissing and spitting
anything that got close to them and
biting those that got too close
i then saw people who appeared to be
and once they were bitten these people
would go to the ground and start having
seizures and foaming at the mouth and
then they would die
but there were some that knelt in prayer
and after they had prayed on one knee
then they approached the snake chains
with a rush and no fear
and some of these people were bit by the
chain snakes but they did not go down
others were bit and did go down but they
did not die and they returned to praying
before they approached the boundary
they were in pain but they kept walking
to pass the boundaries praying as they
walked through
and they also seemed determined to find
other people praying and joining with
them to pray as a larger block
and when they met in larger groups they
would sing they would lift their hands
they would pray they would link arms and
they would be shoulder to shoulder
and the main thing i saw with them but
they had smiles on their faces there was
joy they were appreciative and excited
and even though the snake chains were
lifting up behind them and hissing and
there were more groups meeting after
crossing the lines to pray and they were
growing so every state was covered with
people who were praying
and praying together the clouds were
still turning with evil
but the people were praying and they
stood their ground and they prayed
even louder and that was the end of the
dream that i had

wow yeah yeah quite a dream
quite a shocking dream when you first
look at it
um obviously very symbolic right
and so you know john brought his
and we worked on this for probably
actually like three
hours last night until our brains were
about to
explode and
and it’s interesting the symbolism in it
um it starts off with
this idea of the cherry blossom and i
thought about cherry blossom festival
there’s brilliant sun um it’s cutting
through the the fog
and um and so this bright day
and then there’s a bolt of lightning
that comes from the ground
and goes up and splits this is what dana
said is we asked him more questions
about it
and so lightning coming from the ground
instead of coming from the top
would be a um a response or a rebellion
from the ground up and splitting in
and so then the next part of the dream
that says there’s a lot
a long and loud clap of thunder and so
this clap of
thunder is the voice of god the word of
god speaks about that over and over
and the rain fell for just a minute this
is a cleansing
but then the rain stopped and the sun
shines again
and it’s high noon and there were silver
and gold flecks
in the cloud and they were glistening
like diamonds
and so this is what the lord for me
showed me as a spiritual interpretation
was the key
for the church’s understanding with this
stream um because it starts with
a first mention of just the glory of god
a lot of times we see difficult things
coming to the nation we think
the devil’s in control everything’s just
gone terrible
and we lose hope but behind these dark
clouds that are coming
there’s this brilliant majesty and plan
of god
that he is in the heavens and he is
he is not unseated from his throne and
we need to see his marvelous works
and look past it
the troubles to see the hope and you see
at the end of the dream
the people uh kneeling and praying they
had joy right
yeah and so you see the strong
differentiating between
those who were uh submitted completely
to god and had joy those who were being
um and and not dying uh but but it
causing them to come to humility and
those who were bitten
and and died those were those who um did
uh look to christ uh for what they
so the beginning of the stream lays a
type of a foundation but then it takes
this hard
shift right and do you want me to talk
about the cherry blossom
well let’s go back and forth a little
bit okay um
i think it’s interesting as we looked up
the cherry blossom trees on the national
mall where do they come from
you discovered that they came in 1912 as
a gift from japan
to the united states and initially we
had purchased a thousand of them
and then by the time we had all of them
put in together the ones that were
donated and the ones we purchased
there were i think 3020 right right yeah
yeah well and i think as we did research
we found that
a thousand of them the once placed along
the potomac
disappeared whether people stole them or
that they withered and died or whatever
and we thought that was really
interesting because that left us with
20 20 cherry blossoms which would be a
for something happening this year i
think one of the other
um it’s it’s like at the beginning of
the interpretation
there were things that we uncovered that
then came back later
like this this this discovery of the
cherry blossoms which we talk about more
about in a minute
but one of the things that i heard was
march and then i heard march of dimes
and so we felt that that was kind of a
throwback to dana’s
coin dream and we’re like well who’s on
the dining and we looked it up and it
was franklin delano
roosevelt well that comes back in later
um and uh
and the the part about the tree is
bleeding you know i think one of the
first things that we said at the very
beginning is it reminds me of that quote
and i didn’t remember it was a quote
from thomas jefferson i actually
remembered it from
sean connery in the movie the rock where
he said
the tree of liberty must periodically be
refreshed by the blood of patriots and
and i’m like well considering everything
that’s happening in america right now
it’s just really interesting
that you saw trees bleeding at the root
so that was interesting because that set
again just kind of another seed into the
interpretation which we see happen a lot
where we began talking about just a
reference to thomas jefferson
which is we developed a story of the
cherry blossoms
if you want to go into that it all comes
back yeah
um let’s go on further down the dream to
where it gets to this particular part so
it makes sense
um well first of all there’s this season
that that we come into
the uh the the leaves are falling
and then there’s these hands and they’re
not it’s not the hand of god it’s not
coming from above it’s coming from below
it’s like men’s hand
and they begin stripping the leaves and
the flowers and everything off of the
um there’s a tornado that that picks it
up and throws it uh
back down and so we see this um
stripping this pruning
by the hands of man uh the the the
leaves falling to the ground
is this settling of these these things
that we’re
going to see um which is a pruning
right the bible says that we have to be
pruned at times
and so then there’s dark clouds you see
the tree trunks that are all gnarled
and uh and then you see these uh
chains and so with these chains
as we looked up um uh the cherry blossom
and the and the history of the street in
our nation we came across
these um in 19 i put that in 1938
now we we we got the church the the
chair the cherry trees in 1912 and
planted them around the
national mall in that area and in 1938
um there’s a decision to ma uh to make
jefferson monument and when that
decision was announced there were 50
who wore chains you have that picture
just a second i don’t know if you can
see this i’m not very tech savvy but
here we go
there’s there’s these women that have
these chains you can see them holding
these chains
and it’s 50 women that they decided they
were going to protest
um the removal of these trees which they
weren’t talking about
chopping them down necessarily they were
going to move them but
this was just so impactful the number 15
50 is the year of jubilee
it was women they had these changed they
were opposing
this national monument being built
because they wanted to save the trees
and it’s like the beginning of a
of kind of a a rebellion
and um women rising up to
oppose things that are happening in our
and it just seemed very significant what
what did you get on that
john well what i thought was super
was um the date first of all was 1938
that it happened
and of course that was during the
presidency of franklin delano roosevelt
relates back to the march of dimes and
he’s on the dime
what i also thought was really
interesting um and i haven’t researched
this fully yet
but is the inauguration day used to be
march 4th
and for the first term of uh
of fdr it was he was inaugurated on
march 4th
the second inauguration they changed the
inauguration from march 4th
to january 20th which is super
interesting because i feel like there’s
only two
dates on the calendar that are actual
commands there’s march 1st
and march 4th you know and we changed it
from march 4th
to january 20th and you know again i
want to do some more research on the
significance of those dates
the first thing that pops in my head
right away especially for this year
is i believe the very first case of
coven 19 was discovered in america on
january 20th of 2020
so i just think that’s that’s really
interesting symbolically with those
um you have march 4th right which i just
think about
marching forth right going going forward
as the army of the lord or whatever um
and you also have the numbers three
which is the number for the trinity
and four which is the number for earth
which is the four corners of the earth
but then it’s changed to january of 2020
and that’s also when the
virus started and so 20 is is this
number for
testing being fully tested and so one is
the number for
for beginning and so it’s this element
of a double emphasis of it’s a beginning
of a testing
um and and and we’re being tested
because of
this rebellion right we have a double
emphasis of the rebellion
uh when we have the lightning coming up
from the ground and splitting
and then we have these um the the
history of this cherry tree and these
women you know
with chains trying to um
keep something from happen and of course
chains represent
you know bondage there’s there’s not a
lot of good meanings for change
chains in a negative sense
like this because this is a negative
scene a negative dream
so chains would be um there is things
linked together
now if it was positive it would be the
word of god word you know
uh line upon line precept upon precept
since it’s not a a positive it’s a
negative which means deception
you know what is the the the lies that
the enemy has us
bound with yeah yeah i think it’s super
interesting the symbology there with the
um didn’t you say the chains were black
the chains were black yes
no rust okay just saw black and we see
the trees if you go back to what is it
daniel 4
daniel 5 the dream of nebuchadnezzar
trees represented the king or leadership
in particular and so since there’s
you know 2 000 or 3 000 trees i think
they represent
not just a senior executive like the
president but
congress and the supreme court and and
just governors
you know all kinds of leaders in the
united states but i think it’s really
interesting that
the the chains were embedded into the
so it’s almost like a systemic problem
that grew up
with the leaders of this country and you
know we immediately thought of because
you said they were like boat chains
and i heard they came over in chains on
so of course they’re talking about the
transatlantic slave trade
and the idea of um
racism systemic racism embedded into
leadership you know and and i love of
course the analogy of
the the 50 men who are pulling out the
and the trees are are being pruned
i think um to back up just a little bit
just to see a few kind of plays on words
we saw
dc and i heard marvel you know there’s
basically two major types of comic
series there’s dc and marvel
and i heard uh you know the verse all
his ways are marvelous
you know and that’s where you were
talking about the glory of god being
revealed in the trees and
the sun was shining down and it was
cutting through the foggy haze
while the foggy haze to me represents
foggy bottom
or the deep state because the deep state
is said to
reside particularly a lot in the state
the state department area is called
foggy bottom and so cutting through the
the foggy haze i saw as exposure
and again there’s another dream that
that dana had where he saw the word
discovery over the capital
so we’re talking about exposure and then
right after that we see
the trees being stripped of their leaves
yeah which i think has to do
initially we talked about that being
potentially media
but it’s just a further stripping away
of the glory of leadership where we
think that
you know these leaders are are great and
they got it all together and then
you know something comes out and we
begin to see kind of the nakedness and
the barrenness
but they weren’t uprooted and it wasn’t
like you know shari you brought this up
it wasn’t like in daniel 4 where the
tree was
cut off and then the trunk was shackled
they weren’t cut down
and and they weren’t uprooted so i think
there’s an opportunity
for leadership in this country and we
get into that more
um to to change their ways to repent to
be loose from these chains
um and and to go a different way yeah i
like the draining of the swamp
uh idea in in regards to um
there was that clap and then after the
the sun hit the fog there was that clap
and then there was rain
and so if you got something that’s
swampy and nasty if you add more water
to it you can actually flush it out and
clean it out
and so that’s what god is saying he
wants to do for our nation is to clean
it and clean it out
and if you’re watching this you know um
with with
a prophetic type of dream um
there’s layers to it multiple layers
and so you know i’m usually looking at
what’s the spiritual application
the takeaway for the church john’s
looking at what’s the application for
the nation and what does that look like
for our leadership and and and dana’s
sitting here in the middle
east i just had the video with both of
them yeah he’s saying okay
but um because of this guy yeah so
there’s uh it’s like we build upon each
other with these different ideas this
layer upon layer
and following it sometimes can be
interesting right yeah
all the elements of god okay
well you know we talked about the silver
lining and the gold
and the diamonds in the clouds and again
reminds me of the benjamin franklin
dream i mean one of the things we see
about dreams
is they’re not just a sticky note
they’re an ongoing conversation
so if you go back and you get all of the
like if you’re on dana’s facebook page
and you get
you could see the transcripts of all of
the dreams which i know a lot of us do
then you’re kind of familiar with how
god has spoken to this man in other ways
and so you look at the diamonds the
silver and the gold is like the silver
in the cleansing and the exposure of all
of this stuff but the diamonds
are the things that we saw in the ben
franklin dream which is
the pressure and and what’s the result
of that which i think is
and we you know it it is encouragement
to look to the future and say what’s
this all leading to
because it’s like going to the dentist
nobody wants to go there
even if you’re not getting a tooth
drilled right you have to hear somebody
else it’s not pleasant
but you’re doing it for the end result
which is i’m going to have clean nice
teeth and maybe they won’t rot out of my
and and so it’s good going into the
dentist office to have that in mind
ahead of time
otherwise it’s like why am i in this
torture chamber i don’t know why i’m
doing this to myself
and so we as as believers coming into a
season of pressing
um need to keep the future inside also
and not be caught off guard by any of
these things
okay um so then uh he sees like a a map
of the united states and it’s kind of
flat it’s kind of yellow it’s kind of
old style
and the thought that i had come to me
was just god is mapping some things out
for us
right he’s making it clear for us
and the lord brought me to um job
36 29 it says can anyone
understand the spreading of the clouds
the thundering of his pavilion
and then job 37 2 it says
keep listening to the thunder of his
voice and the rumbling that comes from
his mouth
in other words keep listening and paying
attention to his voice and pondering
these things
okay in verse 21 it says and now no one
looks on the light when it is bright in
the skies when the wind has passed
and cleared them in other words we need
pay attention to the things that are
beyond the storms
verse 22 says out of the north comes
golden splendor
god is clothed with awesome majesty and
that goes with what you were just saying
and then 24 says therefore men fear him
he does not regard who or what who any
who are wise in their own
conceit and so the conclusion of that
idea is
um if we behold his wonders and his
then we’ll have a fear of the lord to do
the right thing it’s a it’s a respectful
awesome fear i love the word awesome
that’s the word he gave me too it’s just
like the awesomeness of god we need to
see that
in the midst of this okay
then there was a shot fired in in the
air and men
uh marching and uh
and the men who are marching yield that
will be heard
uh by the whole world now the the shot
fired into the air
wasn’t by the men who were marching
was was it well one of them it was just
a random man
put a gun there and fired okay and then
and then one of the men marching yelled
that will be heard
by the whole world yes um do you want to
speak to that
yeah that’s a throwback to lexington and
concord the start of the revolutionary
you know it was called the shot hurt
around the world and there’s been a
couple of dreams
lately somebody had a dream that i
followed called the shock heard around
the world
and somebody else earlier in the year
had a dream specifically about
lexington and concord which is why i
know that because then we go and we look
these symbols up and
what does lexington concord mean and um
you know that’s when it all started and
so we look at basically a war of
you know and not necessarily a
revolution against
you know the government or throwing off
like we did with
you know 1776 with the revolutionary war
and the declaration of independence
um but particularly a purging
i think of of leadership um and
and as the dream progresses you know the
chains go all across the country it’s a
map of the united states so
what was started in dc which could have
to do with
uh what a lot of people have dubbed the
draining of the swamp which we see
needs to happen and we’re seeing all
kinds of scandal
that’s coming out everything you know
whether you call them allegations or not
related to even election interference
but related to leaders in high positions
have been on the take you know and just
all kinds of
impropriety and things that are being
exposed like one right after another
right now
and i believe that you know we talked
about this the bible says
that righteousness exalts a nation but
sin is a reproach to any people
and so what i believe that god wants to
do is he wants to
to prune again we didn’t see an
uprooting we didn’t see a cutting off of
the trees
but just like in john 15 you know i am
the vine my father
is the vine dresser every grant’s in me
that does not bear fruit he takes away
every branch of me that does bear fruit
he prunes it so that it won’t bear more
fruit so i think it’s it’s not a cutting
like we would think it’s more of a
pruning and a
stripping to see the nakedness of the
trees laid bare
and then when the 50 men and i think
it’s interesting that you saw
50 construction men coming in to pull
the chains off
and we saw in the story of the cherry
blossom rebellion which we didn’t
none of us had ever heard of this when
we started the stream we were looking up
how the cherry trees got to washington
dc and we see
the cherry blossom rebellion thing about
the cherry blossom rebellion is they
were clearing the land
to build the thomas jefferson memorial
and again that goes back to the phrase
where thomas jefferson was the one that
the tree of liberty must often be
refreshed by the blood of tyrants and
and i think that’s just a really
interesting time but these
50 women chained themselves to the
cherry blossom trees
and now he sees 50 men marching in a
line coming in
and pulling these chains out from the
trees and so so we think um what do we
think that that represents well that
that’s a that’s a reversal of the the
problem in the issue it’s a revealing of
the issue
uh that’s at hand um one of the things i
got with the shot
is if you take a positive meaning of the
shot because the beginning of the dream
shows this
you know see the glory of god so where’s
the glory in the shot
it’s this idea of a declaration towards
and then the and then the marching men
who are doing the destroying
who are doing the bondage exposing right
um these are the ones who who who yelled
uh that that will be heard around the
whole world
and so um i i thought about this idea
that sometimes
even the enemy himself will proclaim who
we are and what we’re supposed to do
because they’re fearful of it and um
and so i see that as a great declaration
um whereas in the in the physical
we see it as a terrifying declaration
that you know what does this mean
the shot heard around the world that
that doesn’t have good implications
but in a spirit if we’re fighting if the
kingdom of god suffereth violent and
violence and the violent take it by
force then this proclamation
is a proclamation that the kingdom of
god is at hand and you can possess it
and that’s a powerful thing uh but but
in order to possess it
you know you know we all know the prayer
you know if my people will humble
themselves and pray you know repent
then he’ll heal the land and so that’s
what we come into
with this next part with these chains
that are being
uh drug around the borders of the states
it’s a revealing of the bondage that
we’ve been in that we haven’t recognized
and so you can’t be free of sin until
you recognize that you’re a sinner
you can’t be free of things that have us
tied up and bound up until we can see
what that is
and so we at first view it’s a very
negative thing it’s like
we see the enemy what looks like putting
us into bondage
but actually it’s god revealing we were
already in bondage
but now you can see it so it’s it’s the
enemy showing his hand
and i love when the enemy shows his hand
you know i don’t know if you’ve ever had
this happen before where it’s like
you’re just tormented by this particular
thoughts like oh i must be a horrible
person you know
and you keep thinking i must be whole
you’re repenting and all this stuff and
it’s staying there
and then one day you realize no it’s the
devil accusing you
and it’s a lie and when you have that
real realization
it breaks and now you’re like the devil
can’t get you there anymore ever because
he’s shown his hand he went just a
little too far
and when that happens with me i just
laugh at the devil i’m just like you
you done showed your hand and now you’re
um so yeah so let’s talk about the
you to talk about the blood yeah well i
think i think it’s really interesting
you said second chronicles 7 14 because
when you saw the leaves stripped you
heard that verse from ezekiel talking
about the
the tree of life and it said the leaves
were used for the healing of the nations
and then at one point there were so many
leaves on the ground
before the whirlwind the tornado came by
that they were like a foot
deep and completely covered the ground
and i thought well if the leaves are
used for the healing of the nation and
the leaves are on the ground
that’s the answer to second chronicles 7
14 the literal
healing of the land yeah because if you
look down further on that verse it’s not
talking the people it’s talking the land
yeah you know and so this is the healing
of the land and then we see
we see the blood um that’s that’s coming
out of the ground and
and we get into that a little bit more
but i love the fact too we heard
when you said the shot heard around the
world we heard like a starter pistol
like something’s about to start and
again the throwback to lexington and
is we feel like there’s a revolution
that’s about to start and what we see
uh mainly though it could have context
in in other areas but what we mainly see
is a spiritual revolution it’s the idea
of righteousness returning to the land
yeah and that that’s so exciting i mean
first look at the dream i was like oh no
but then when you go in there and you
let the holy spirit speak to you
and you begin to interpret because this
is obviously this is symbolic
i mean i’ve never seen chains stand up
like snakes
and bite people so i think it’s yeah
it’s good to
unlock the symbolism in the dream okay
so let’s let’s not let me not skip over
okay you got the blood under the states
too you had a really good point on that
yeah uh i don’t want to skip over though
the um
let’s see where this is at
it says uh suddenly the air was filled
with red white and blue lightning
and the crack of loud thunder now this
wasn’t lightning coming up from the
ground like before
this was coming from the heavens and it
was kind of going all over the place and
and what i got for that was this
glorious display
in the united states you red white and
blue right and also
blue can be the color for god in
revelation so a revelation of who god is
and then white can be the holy spirit
purity so returning to holiness and
and then and then red being like
redemption jesus the blood of christ
and so we have this symbolism that’s
that’s right here
um what and it’s and again it’s this
glorious display
of god in the heavens to to tell us
you know what he wants us to see and i
thought about job
okay because um
you know job went through a terrible
stripping away
but at the end of job he says uh
he says whereas before i had heard about
god right ahead knowledge
he says now i have seen him
and it was that switch from a head
knowledge of god to a
real revelation of god that brought him
to the double portion
it brought him from kids that were
partying and he had a sacrifice for all
the time
to kids that were now renowned in the
and respected it brought him from a
level of being able to help people and
because he he would help the poor and
stuff like that with his wealth
so now he had twice as much he could he
could have twice the reach to help the
people and help the nations
and so this is what god wants to do for
the church yes it’s not going to be fun
but that stripping away that pruning is
going to produce something
a double a double portion you know which
is which is great
okay so the trees begin to bleed and
blood was staining the ground until it
under each state uh boundary
and um we had another friend with us
last night and she had this scripture i
want to read it
isaiah 26 20 through 21
it says come my people enter in your
chambers and shut your doors behind you
hide yourself for a little while until
the fury has passed
by of course i think about inner
chambers is our prayer chamber right
that’s what this all is is a prayer
initiative with pastor dana
i also thought about his dream where he
saw people shutting the curtains and
shutting into their house
so he says do this for a little while
and then verse 21 it says for behold the
lord is coming
out from his place to punish the
inhabitants of the
earth for their iniquity and the earth
will disclose
the bloodshed on it and will no more
cover its slang so this is a
an exposure of the bloodshed in our land
that it’s no longer going to be covered
it’s going to be exposed
and the purpose of that is redemption
it’s cleansing of the land
in order to be right our land has to be
but before it can be cleansed the sin
has to be revealed
you can’t be cleansed of a stain you
don’t have and so
acknowledgement of our blood guiltiness
of all the slain of the earth who were
unrighteously slain
from natives who we slain when we came
to this nation
to slaves who we brought and and many we
to uh the unborn um we are blood guilty
but the double side of this the other
side of it is that
it’s the blood of jesus that cleanses
that also
so it’s like moses in the wilderness um
and and this kind of well let me wait on
that until we get to the chains
because that’s yeah well i think it’s
really interesting because you saw the
blood flowing underneath the chains to
the states
and so we put blood under states and
you know you heard the blood has been
and i believe that that’s a return again
to the righteousness of the nation
to the founding fathers to you know
we’re a nation that was formed
on the ideas of freedom liberty and
justice they’re all biblical and that
came from the bible
and a return to that and an exposure of
some deep-rooted things
and i think it’s really interesting too
the progression of the change what
started as
deeply embedded change that you couldn’t
even see because they were
so embedded in these trees they get
pulled out and they come
out of the leadership in dc and then
they’re drug out to the states and their
borders around the states
and then from there they turn into
snakes so what would have been a bondage
type of stronghold
at the center of the seat of government
in our nation
has has also revealed other strongholds
similar that are around the states but
then they turn into snakes and snakes
you know it’s almost like a a dumbing
down of
the enemy because what starts as a big
boat chain
stronghold hundreds of pounds that’s
hard to move
and it gets down to now you’re just
battling snakes which
you know you just cut the head off the
snake so i i think that’s
really interesting i think it shows the
progression of warfare in our land
um but i think it also shows frankly
that our
that the side of righteousness and and
justice is uh
is winning yeah and then and then pastor
dana saw these snakes and they would
they would uh these chains they would
come up like snake heads
and uh and they would bite the people
who were coming uh
that direction um but it was interesting
there was three classes of people
there was um there was the people who
bitten and who fell to the ground
frothing at the mouth
dying there were the people who were
bitten but they recovered from it and
they didn’t die
and then there were the people who took
the knee
they prayed before they even approached
it and they weren’t bitten at all
and there and these people were looking
to cross these lines
so they could be with other people of
and so that’s so significant showing the
key to how to overcome the enemy
which is preparedness and and prayer
to have our eyes wide open and not just
walk into things it also shows the
different types of people you have your
you have your lukewarm christian who
hopefully will be awakened
through this you got to go one way or
the other and then you have those who
are diligent
who are not harmed by that yeah did you
have any thoughts
there’s been a real emphasis on prayer
both in the dreams and my heart and the
hearts of many others
and where we are as a nation right now
prayer is the focus
prayer changes things we know that
prayer can also hold things back
but i believe god’s trying to wake the
church up he’s trying to wake the church
up to be aware of the challenges the
difficulties that the trials
the fiery trials that are coming coming
upon us
and there will be attacks our
righteousness will be attacked
our righteousness will offend those
around us and
it’s not a time to be lukewarm anymore
in your faith
church attendance although it’s down
because of kobe needs to be at its
joint you know adventure right now we
need to be at a place where we’re
meeting together
and loving the lord and and linking arms
it’s going to take we’re going to have
to fight this together
the days of lone ranger christians and
pastors it’s over we need to we need to
work together
church is working together pastors
working together the body of christ
coming together
and making a difference and so i’m
thankful for these two
uh anything else you guys have on the
dream what do you want to share i had
one other thought with the snakes biting
i thought about moses in the wilderness
when the people were murmuring and
complaining that the snakes came out and
bit them
and that they had to god told them to
put a snake on the cross
and that those who looked upon the snake
uh they would be healed of these bites
and they wouldn’t die
and so this is representative of christ
right it says that as christ as
as moses lifted up the serpent in the
wilderness so must the son of man be
lifted up
and so when we look at christ on the
cross which we should see is our sin
and when we see our sin then now we can
be redeemed from that sin
which is this you know emphasis that’s
in this dream over and over again
so well in the beauty of what he saw is
he saw the blood
at the base of the tree so the idea that
jesus was hung on a tree
and that his blood flowed yes and then
it flows over the land for the healing
of the land it’s literally the blood
that covers
you know the land what started with
leaves in healing is now the blood
covering and being exposed and i i just
believe that this
dream is a confirmation of the healing
of the land yes
actionable intel what do we think the
action will then tell us
oh he’s always got to ask me this first
instead of going first it’s the quiz at
the end of the dream y’all
from john thank you john um
actual intel for the church is keep your
eyes on
the glory of god he is doing a marvelous
work in this
time and it’s an opportunity for those
who are
really seeking the lord to minister to
to join with other believers and to see
god cleanse and renew the land we need
to be prepared to hold on
because it’s not necessarily going to be
all sunshine and beautiful all the time
we have to look past those clouds and
keep our faith
and and we need to continue to repent
um and and to seek the lord and to pray
that’s really good that’s really good i
think from a national and political
um didn’t some guy a while back have a
dream about
brace yourself
that message keeps coming back keeps
coming back keeps coming back the reason
that god is showing us this
is he’s showing us that exposure is
about to happen and if there’s going to
be a mass exposure which is what the
stream says of leaders
that could be mass arrests that could be
a lot of things coming out at once that
may be very disturbing to people i think
there’s probably going to be a lot of
stuff that’s said in the news in the
media i think there’s going to be stuff
isn’t covered by the media and that is
found out later because of
of lawsuits and of justice happening in
a wave of righteousness
that sweeps the land and i think there’s
the opportunity for people who aren’t
for that to freak out because what we’re
talking about
some of the allegations that have been
made and the rumblings that
we’re hearing from different sources are
that the wave of justice and
righteousness could be unprecedented
probably in american history because
we’re seeing levels of corruption
that have just been allowed to fester
and again systemic
roots and chains bondages that have been
raised into the leadership on a massive
scale all across the country
and these things are being exposed and
so when the 50 construction men go in
and pull them out they say when they
pull them out it was to their detriment
like they were hurting their muscles
pulling out these chains
and so i think there’s an opportunity
for for people to be fearful and for
people to feel
you know and there’s all kinds of people
that are going to try to spin this story
they’re going to talk about i mean i’m
reading books because of a dream that
dana had on abraham lincoln
i think at one point he had a 27
approval rate
you know in 19 1860 his first election
he was elected and there were either
nine or ten
southern states that he had not one
single vote
for him and so there’s there’s
forces that like to come in and like to
kind of bad mouth both sides and cause
the division and we’ve seen a lot of
in the polarizing environment that we
live in that is the mainstream media
but it’s not just the mainstream media
it’s also social media
and we see the censorship that’s
occurring we see what’s happening in
social media
we see the selective reporting in the
mainstream media
and i tell my friends and i think you
know dana
as well i mean it’s okay to kind of read
the headlines and be informed
but other than that shut the shut the
media off
because it can affect your peace and
what we need to do
is we need to be centered there’s
probably not a lot that we do
in particular we’re not the 50 men
and we’re a lot of us probably aren’t
the political leaders of this nation
though if you are
i would say repent and if there’s any
level of scandal or corruption in your
own life you need to get rid of it
um but for the rest of us know that the
second chronicles 7
14 the heal our land prayers are
absolutely working
this dream is a confirmation of that
continue the work to
to pray and to agree with other people
continue to be the remnant
that is on their knees and as the blood
has been understated before
allow that you know preach the gospel
share with people and
during a very unsettling time which
we’re in right now
where we see a lot of things happening
that that people can be in fear and
even panicked about we we lean on the
lord and we look to the lord as shari
you know jesus hung up on the cross just
like the snake was placed on the pole
and and so i think it’s a good dream i
think it’s a good message
i think it could mean that there there
may be some challenging things some hard
things ahead
but i believe it’s the healing of the
land and the the cleansing of the nation
and righteousness and liberty and
being restored the chains the bondages
the strongholds being broken
and even the lies which are the snakes
and the deception
that led into the bondages and into the
those are being destroyed as well well
let me just encourage too that
in this stream that they’re not um
they’re still there
and so we gotta keep praying because
it’s they’re still around the states
they’re they’re still strong they’re
still biting people so
keep praying that was good john yeah
believers stay rooted and stay grounded
and employ every opportunity and
resource you can to make those roots go
deeper and deeper and the people that
are dreaming out i’m hearing from people
who are dreaming
who’ve never had dreams before and i
know there’s there’s a call out there on
from god on people’s hearts to become
dream interpreters
and so this is this is biblical acts
chapter two peter quoted joe
and joe said in the last days i’ll pour
my spirit out on all flesh sons and
daughters will prophesy your young men
will have visions and your old men will
dreams so keep dreaming keep retripping
those dreams let god speak to you right
now in the supernatural realm
to reach the natural world because we
need it more than you know so thanks for
listening to us
and this has been fun to do and i hope
we can do it again soon so god bless

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