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The Lincoln Dream – Dana Coverstone

Abraham Lincoln: Creative Commons Cc0

The Lincoln Dream

November 17, 2020
Dana Coverstone

Date of Dream: November 9, 2020


“I saw Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial, and he was standing up in his seat with his right hand held up, and was being addressed by Uncle Sam. There were spotlights aimed at his head and he was bathed in like, this overwhelming light. And on the granite seat where he had been sitting was a stack of lawbooks. On the bottom was a simple, brown leather rawhide Bible that was larger and thicker than any of the other law books on top. His top hat, the top hat that Lincoln was known for using was standing on top, sitting on top of the law books. And it kind of made the stack look like a pyramid.

Uncle Sam asked him if he would tell the truth, the whole truth so help him God, and Lincoln said, “That’s all you will get from me on this day.” Uncle Sam walked backwards without turning around, and he stepped up onto a platform and removed his patriotic hat and he whispered the words, “I am sorry” towards Lincoln.

Then he shifted his eyes to his right and left, and then to the right again as if he were getting acknowledgement from the people behind him. A voice shouted very loudly, “Get it over with, already!”

And then a hand appeared and pulled the curtain around along a piece of rope that appeared to be 50 feet long, so just, just pulling a rope like this; and this made it appear as if the judge were standing in front of a large black backdrop. And on each side, hanging, like almost a banner waving down, was a tattered American flag on a pole.

Lincoln remained standing, as if he had never considered even sitting on the seat. There were marks on his face like he had been assaulted. He had a sling over his left arm and a bandage around his left hand, with blood showing through the palm. And he kept aa very stern face, but was obviously in slight pain from whatever had happened.

Uncle Sam cleared his throat 3 times and then he said, “Hear ye! Hear ye! The accused before you is here to admit his crimes, publicly, and will do so voluntarily. “How do you plead, Mr. Lincoln?” (Not President, but Mister) The president never blinked his eyes. He swallowed hard and he said, “I won’t”.

Uncle Sam winked at the president, and asked again while grimacing in a way to get Lincoln’s attention. “I won’t” was repeated and Uncle Sam looked back and above behind him and then looked weirdly, “Mr. Lincoln, you MUST make a plea”. Then Lincoln responded by saying, “Well then, give me a trial by jury after I do”. Lincoln simply looked straight ahead and said nothing.

Two men then walked up behind Uncle Sam. Each went to a side and they whispered in both of his ears, and Uncle Sam grimaced and he dropped his head as the two men went back behind the curtain.

Uncle Sam then stood before Lincoln and the crowd of people who had appeared before the chair at the memorial. And this crowd was aggressive, mean-spirited, and they held signs, and specifically they held torches in their hands.

Lincoln stood taller and closed his eyes slowly after looking both to his right and to his left and each of the men who stood behind Uncle Sam. And these people consisted of federal elected and appointed officials, governors, and judges in their robes.

Uncle Sam walked up to Lincoln and whispered in his ear, and revealed tears running down his cheek. He chocked back a sob and he said, “Mr. Lincoln, you have been found guilty by those in power, and are sentenced to death by hanging for it.”

Mr. Lincoln said, “As the former President of this Union, I deserve to know what I am accused of to begin with. I am an attorney and I know what the law says.” Uncle Sam stated clearly and precisely, and with great struggle, “We do not recognize the law of man or of God and simply find you worthy of death. Your time is over and a new dawn awaits those who will dwell on this earth.”

And at this time, the men standing behind Uncle Sam come forward, and then put a noose around Lincoln’s neck and they tighten it. Then they push Uncle Same forward while they threw the rope, the end of the rope, over a marble brace at the memorial. And they handed the end of the rope to Uncle Sam and saluted him.

Uncle Sam held that rope in his hands for a very long time, and he wept. Then he faced Lincoln and he said, “I’m sorry, Mr. President.” And at this statement, the men behind him pounded him about the head and neck until bruising began to appear on Uncle Sam’s head. And they yelled at him and said this: “You address him as MR. Lincoln; nothing more!!”

Uncle Sam looked back at the men and said, “You can hang me next for what I’ve allowed you to do with my conscience”. He then started pulling on the rope. President Lincoln stood quietly and began to feel the tautness of the rope, but he reached backwards and began fighting to grab something on his seat. And as Uncle Sam strained to pull and hold the rope, Lincoln was trying to grab his Bible.

He was pushing the law books off of it, but his fingers were slipping off of the binding. He did get a hold of it, but the jerking of the rope made him drop it to the floor just as his feet left the floor. Lincoln’s eyes, they showed compassion toward the elected and the appointed men in front of him, as Uncle Sam, holding the rope tight, would not look at anything but the floor.

What’s interesting to note in the dream, Lincoln never fought back after the Bible slipped from his hands. And now he was just swinging, slowly. One of the judges, not the federal officials, one of the judges spoke up and said, “You can drop him now”.

Uncle Sam very slowly and very respectfully dropped Lincoln to the floor. He looked back at the men and he said, “I hope you get what you deserve for this.” Then he held his chest and he dropped to the floor. He was dead within seconds, with his eyes wide open. And the crowd began to scatter, including the elected and appointed men who had been behind him, encouraging this whole endeavor.

At that very moment, the Man appeared that I have seen in the dreams for so often. He knelt down beside President Lincoln and said,

They didn’t have any idea what they were doing, and now the nation needs to brace itself for what they deserve.”

He then walked over to Uncle Sam, closed his eyes, and tenderly tapped the heart area 3 times and said,

“Rest in peace, Uncle Sam. Sorry you had to see the ship go down.”

Then the Man looked right at me in the dream and He said,

“Nation, brace yourself for fire and ice, and don’t forget to anchor your soul.”

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