Brace Yourself And Occupy Until I Come – Dana Coverstone

Brace Yourself And Occupy Until I Come

September 23, 2020
Dana Coverstone

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hey everybody pastor dana coverstone brooksville
kentucky living with ministries of some of god church and i want to share a dream that i had i
have had one of three i’ve had three um ones which i cannot share at the time one which i need to wait to
get a little bit more insight on but this one was a vision that i had september september 14th and way just a little bit to share it i did share it sunday night at the uh september solemn assembly in plano texas
at the 40-hour prayer infesting event but i wanted to just share this i i had this was a this was not a dream

this was a vision i was watching i still believe with my wife and my son and his girlfriend and zoomed out it was almost like the camera zoomed back to me and i saw something i saw an elderly and an emaciated woman in a hospital bed she appeared rather weak she was malnourished almost skin and bones and
there was a hospital worker that appeared that appeared to be a another guy that i a guy that i saw in a previous dream it was kind of connected i’m still not sure how and almost like an orderly somebody who was working at the hospital to help with things and he was standing near her bed he put down the side rails and lifted her out of the bed and he clutched her tightly to his chest and a very loving embrace it was almost like a son holding his mother who was about to pass away she was like once again she was elderly she was emaciated her skin was almost like the broken kind like you felt if you touched it would like it would break uh she was just very very weak very very sick and he kind of helped pick her up and held her to his chest her head and uh she’s holding like that kind of has his
hand out here like this and just kind of holding her.his hand with her had his hand on her face his eyes missed it over and he gazed very lovingly at the woman who tried to open her eyes but she did not even have the strength to do so barely able to whisper almost not breathing at all but the man held her closer to his chest and moved his lips like he was praying and then i realized he was blowing over her face he was holding her here there was tears coming down his face they just began to blow over her face and he was holding on her left hand with his right hand at that time he squeezed that open hand gently left her left hand and her skin was chalk white it was pale all over it was almost dead there was a deathly power to it i’ll say it that way her hand began to darken just as soon as that man squeezed her hand suddenly her face began to light up there was some color coming back to her face her hair began to turn like a light brown and her body started to fill out it was almost like weight was being put back on she was she was growing in in his armshealthy weight.she was her eyes were like trying to open and trying to focus and trying to see and she asked him to set her down but he said your strength is not returned but it will soon and she has to be set down almost like on her feet like she wanted to walk and the man said i know better you need time to rest she started to ask one more timeand he told her not to ask again  and then he laid her gently back into the bed and he covered her up and he walked to the door and he looked back and he said for her not to try to walk too soon or she would end up limping he said you need to be able to run so stick to the instructions or you will be ineffective later on
and then he said stay braced and occupy until i come

one of the biggest distinctions with this dream this vision was i’ve always seen a white ethereal type figure which i i know was jesus the holy spirit
combination of both one or the other but this time this was his hospital orderly this this man who i’ve seen now in a previous dream i’ll be sharing here
in the near future but he said stay braced and occupy until i come well now i know exactly who that figure was it was jesus because he’s the only
one that’s going to be returning in that sense
but i saw something that was almost near to death
could it be the church it could be but i think i was watching the bride of christ with hope breathed all over her i think i saw a battle weary battle worn
bride that was being told to get ready all i know is i saw her come back to life i saw her come back to hope and i saw life spilled out all over her because of the breath of the one that was holding her but he told her to get as good as she could as well as she could because she needed to be able to run so stick to the instructions folks saying the word let god do what he wants to do in your life realize he’s coming back soon i believe that i believe that i’ve been saying lately that i think everybody’s going to find out that their end times theology probably has it’s not going to pan out the way we all think it is everybody’s going to be wrong about something i’m not arguing pre-trib mid-trip post-trib whatever i’m just telling you need to be ready whenever he comes
i’ve not changed my theology i’ve not changed my opinions i’ve had all sorts of people asking me about that i believe jesus is coming back and i want to be ready when he comes he’s telling the bride to get ready to run get ready to run get ready to run get ready to run so take this pray about it as you will
as you want.that’s what i saw in this vision and i’m
sharing it today i hope it will be a blessing and more
than that i hope it will give you some insight into what god is doing in the church and saying to the body of christ


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