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Lady Liberty Dream – Dana Coverstone Modified

Lady Liberty Dream

September 8, 2020
Dana Coverstone

Auto Generated Transcript

hey pastor danny coverstone it is uh tuesday september 8th last night on uh monday the 7th of september had a dream that has probably troubled me more than the dreams that i’ve had um i’m an american i love this country i’ve traveled to 43 countries and we have a heritage we have a country that stood as a beacon of hope and light even financial support for other nations this one got me

last night saw a statue of liberty proudly standing in that harbor outside of new york lighting the nations in freedom i saw the sky suddenly darkened strong waves began to crash against the shore with a very very fierce intensity almost hurricane tsunami-like force tropical storm type force and there were boats when they had men in them they were out in the storm trying to breach the island on which she stood they were fighting the waves as well but they were actually kind of working with the waves and they were trying to get the lady but the storm was so severe they could not even though the storm in them seemed to be looking into you know working together so to speak i saw the torch in her hand it was flashing being struck by lightning pieces of rock and debris were being thrown with brute force and she was even though she had her torture she was an immovable statue i saw her watching and looking around about her to kind of see where the where the attacks were coming from so she knew they were there but she would not move feet were stuck on that pedestal the rocks and the stuff the debris was being thrown at her had caused some gashes had caused some cuts on her neck round about her heart i could see there was blood coming out like she noticed had been shot but something had had tried like the debris in the rocket either pierced her or had left the jagged edge and cut something i saw the three of the spines on the thing the crown on her head i don’t think necessarily it’s a crown but it had some spines that were pointing out three of them three of those spines on her crown had been broken off and was leaving a very very jagged edge and the right torch hand kept dropping to secure the the the the tablet with the declaration of independence july 4th of that year had been pinned on she she would drop her hand and kind of do this to keep to keep the book in her play in his place she was struggling to keep her footing almost slipping off the pedestal but she wouldn’t she wouldn’t move shenwould not move and also there was a huge volley of trash and debris just junk hit her directly in the face and she stepped back off the pedestal when she fell because the force of this hit her right in the face she still held one of the torches she still held on to the declarations uh you know uh dateline on her on that on the on the book but that light that that torch just kept flickering like a light about to go out the declaration that was in her left hand a left arm it was cracked and there were large chips and pieces falling off of it i kept seeing liberty trying to reach out with her hand while she holds it and grabbing the pieces
but they wouldn’t stick she was crying liberty was crying she was weeping she was she was fighting to keep her dignity she was trying to you know to get the pieces of what she had held on to but you was it was obvious she knew that she was in a battle that was fighting her and defeating her and she was desperate trying to hold on you can see the fierceness in her face she was trying to what fight and when was it coming through

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and then the boats appeared with the men and they threw ropes around her arms and her legs and kept trying to bring her to the ground and they pulled and pulled and tanned him and finally she fell to her knees it was almost like gulliver’s travels when the giant gets just knocked over they were throwing herself around but she was still got the light she tells us the horse in her and her fists her right hand and she’s trying to hold that book and what’s left of it in her left left hand they were hammering away with like pry tools at the declaration trying to get the days off so july 4th and they’re trying to pry those those numbers and those letters off and they were using cutting tools to remove the torch they kept trying to just rip it jerk it out of her hand and she just kept holding on and holding on and holding on and because she fought them so hard they finally just began to cut off her hand they tied her other hand behind her back and the men began rolling her in ropes and she was yelling for help she was crying out it wasn’t a desperate cry it was it was it was a cry for those who were listening to come to her defense all those nations that that she had helped for so many years and nobody would come they took a a large banner of fabric it was black and smoky gray kind of all together black and smoky gray banner of fabric
and they cover her face with it they just kept rapping and rapping almost like a mummy would think they just kept wrapping and wrapping and wrapping until you couldn’tnyou barely see her eyes and the jagged spines of of some of the crime of the the crown then took an anchor chainnand they wrapped it around her and asked her neck and they asked her if she hadnany last words her eyes weren’t fearful they were feisty they were fitfulnthere was this angry resolve in her face that she said nothing the chain was tied to a boat and the boat began to drag her off of liberty island out into the harbor when they got over the sea boat began to pull very quickly her arms were down to her side her legs were tied and she was just kind of rolling spinning as the boat pulled the boat kept going faster and faster it was almost like a ski boat was pulling her she kept twisting back and forth but shenwas being pulled by the by the boat and eventually lost all the strength that she had the banner had come off of her mouth but she wasn’t saying anything the boat slowednand then the boat kind of looked back to see how where she was and they reversed the boat it reversed the boat went backwards and ran over her i see that body bouncing and bleeding in the harbor she took a breath and she went under she came back up a minute later and then she did the same thing again when she came up the next time the boat accelerated forward hit her square on the face
as she went down boat began to circle the area
after it hit her she never came back up she never came back up at least alive she floated back up the back her back was to the top towards hand was gone the other arm was tied behind her back there’s this thunderous clap brilliant lightning strike and the storm just raged all around the harbor when i saw the men on that boat there’s a loose group of men
someone was throwing them pieces of silver not in a bag just loose pieces of silver were being thrown with them in and then began to pick them up kind of fido almost fighting over them feverishly picked them up gripped them with their fists put them in their pockets down the seat drove away almost like okay our job here is done

this one got me the others the dreams always get me but this one got me because this is america’s land i love i know what sexual liberty stands for but uh i love our country travel enough to knownthat we’ve got it we got a lot of good here i know what most americans think about this country but i also know that a lot of people they hate it and don’t even really know why they hate it and that’s sometimes the protests and and the defund the police groups and any movement that wants to shred the constitution you know i may get a little political hearing i don’t care what i saw what i saw has impacted me last night i lost a lot of sleep last night i woke up about 2 15 i’ve been able to get to sleep ever since the dream going through my mind very very much believers we need to pray for our country we know eventually it can’t last forever i know that you know that we all know that my hope might my prayer was that this nation would last long after me so my kids and my grandkids but understand how much this country has done for people its people and for the nations and for those that come i’ll ask you to pray for america ask you to pray for elected officials silver at the end of the dream tells me something somebody is paying to see her go down i do believe there’s a deep state i do believe there’s a lot of chaos in our world a lot of chaos in our country i believe there are people in high elected office who want to see this this country burn i don’t i want fire but i want cause fire revival to hit i know what the dream means i think you all know what the dream means our country our freedoms are under attack and we we have a responsibility to occupy until he comes to seek his face to pray and to trust so pray for america not because i had a dream because this used to be his country he used to be the one nation under god and now there’s a large group of people fighting the very god whose nation it used to be under or who who the god that used to be under you know what i’m saying this one got me still getting me now
pray for america pray for revival if nothing else i want to see her go down fighting and i’ll go down fighting with it and for it join me


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