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Coming Persecution Dream

June 26, 2020 5:12 PM
Dana Coverstone

One more dream about persecution and an encouragement to pastors to not compromise in their preaching of the Word.

Right before he wakes up he hears


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hi there my name is dana coverstone
and uh i pastor living word ministries
assembly guide church in berksville
kentucky we’re 12 miles north of
tennessee line
i’ve been a pastor for almost 30 years
been at this church almost 10 to 10
years since october
been in three different places in
ministry in that 30 years averaging
about 10 years
nine half ten years each place
but uh the reason for this
this video right now so i had another
dream last night i posted one that i
had three that i had earlier this week
and i have
been absolutely overwhelmed almost 11
000 people have watched that i had no
go that far i was just trying to say
something to our people here locally and
those that knew me
um but i do believe god has spoken to me
and showed me through some dreams some
things that are coming
the one i had last night i got up
somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 30 3
35 and just got my iphone out and made
notes as fast as i could
i do believe that this is something
that’s weird on the precipice of
and perhaps has even started and deals
with persecution of the church
that’s coming and there was a surprising
twist for me and i want to share this i
don’t want to keep doing dreams all the
i’d rather not have the dreams i’ve had
because there’s a lot of responsibility
with them
and one of the consequences of dreams
just like daniel daniel got sick he was
tired i was exhausted
these things have played with my mind
all this last all this week
all day long i can think about is what i
what i saw and heard last night
i worked part-time at the local hospital
so i had to be at work at 5 30
this morning just got off about two
so i wanted to get this on video format
so i can share it tomorrow and
our youtube channel as well um look i’ve
never passed through the church larger
than 150 people
i’ve never made a whole lot of money
ever as a pastor
uh and and i mostly pastored in rural
communities terre haute was a larger
so the largest city ever pastored in our
county has about 7 200 people
i grew up in a town of about you know
1500 in jasonville indiana
um i don’t have a whole lot of
you know big city connections or things
like that and that’s not what this is
about either i just
god has given me dreams that i believe
are warnings and and this one
specifically is for the church
i don’t have a time frame on this one
but let me just tell you what i what i
want to experience and then you can once
with a video i showed the other day you
can judge anything you want about this
because i’m not trying to make
money i’m not trying to get connections
i’m not trying to get more followers or
people to be on facebook friends
um i know i’ve heard from the lord i
know what his voice sounds like i don’t
want to have dreams that are from him
and i know this was from him so in the
dream i was standing over a field or
looking down
on a valley and there was a large field
and there was a bunch of wolves in this
field and i’m looking at notes on my
on my uh off of my phone on my computer
so i can make sure i get all the valid
points that i need to make
all these wolves were in this field
never sleep
and there were hundreds hundreds perhaps
even thousands of wolves
all dark gray not black but just dark
gray and menacing menacing wolves
and they were all sleeping and they were
nuzzling each other and just kind of
laying around and no movement at all and
somebody on on a a very dark figure
began running into the middle of all
those wolves and with a look like a whip
began to
whip all those wolves and the wolves
began to wake up and they were shrieking
and making horrible noises
because they were waking up to being
hurt and as i watched the the person
with with the whip just kept whipping
them and
he kept basically stirring them into
into a frenzy
he wasn’t beating them on purpose he was
beating them into a frenzy he was making
them mad he was in fearing them he was
trying to get them stirred up
and he kept whipping and every single
animal every single wolf that was in
that area had been hit by the hit by the
man but they weren’t hurting him
they showed some respect to him they
showed some fear of him
obviously he was like a master and so as
he kept whipping these wolves the wolves
finally kind of cowered down and he
point he stops
and he pointed just he pointed his
finger and he turned around
almost like if i would put my finger he
just spun in a circle and he said
go to the cities and those wolves took
off in
every single direction possible howling
howling howling top of their lungs
taking off and the sky is dark i don’t
remember if i saw a moon i just thought
it was a dark night a dark sky
a dark figure dark wolves and now
they’re being set loose and these things
being they’re being sent to the cities
after being whipped and beaten
by whoever it was that was you know
stirring them up
so next scene changes and i’m standing
in front of a
almost like a monitor a video screen of
hundreds of tv sets or just hundreds of
computer screens
and i’m watching men and women of god
pastors of
black white asian
indian all over all around the world and
i saw myself and we’re all preaching the
and each one of us is sweating and we
are there’s almost like steam coming off
of our heads it shows
the the uh just the impact of what we’re
trying to make and we’re preaching hard
and we’re teaching hard and we’re
teaching biblical principles and dealing
with some of the major issues and things
like that
and culture but we’re calling people to
righteousness and holiness and to give
ungodly things that are part of their
lives and as i’m doing this and as i’m
preaching others
when i’m watching all these other men
and women preach
i see people in the chairs in the pews
in the seats and some are looking at
their watches and some are yawning and
some have their heads
on the back of the chair the pew and
they’re asleep others are just you can
uncomfortable they don’t want to be
there i see people walking out the back
doors but compared to that i also see
at the front of the church i see a
and i’m going to call it a core i will
not use the word remnant
because when i think of the word remnant
i think of that applying specifically to
the jewish people
but there was a small core group in
every church i saw
where the gospel was being preached a
small core group of people
who were emphatically listening
emphatically supporting their pastors
who were preaching who were supporting
the doctrine the teaching
the ideas that were coming out from
these men and women of god
and they were kneeling in prayer and
they were praying and they were
and but they were they were they weren’t
necessarily unaware of what was going on
around them
but they knew there were people that
that weren’t paying attention and i
could see they were also praying for
those in the chairs behind them who
weren’t listening and
all the ones that were listening were
behind those and behind those
who were at the there were some of the
altar there were some in the front of
the front couple chairs and rose and
but for the most part there was a gap
between those really listening
and paying attention and those that
and suddenly in the midst of all this
preaching and the swin and this and the
people being sweaty from the
the intensity of the message they were
preaching suddenly
the howling of wolves lands outside
and you suddenly hear scratching at the
door like a like a just like like a dog
trying to get in or
trying to get out and at that moment the
people who were
up front close to the to the to the
pastor and close the altar
began to turn around and they they were
aware that someone was at the door and
they began to intensely pray
just intensively pray and aggressively
against the enemy against the spirit
that was at the door
and suddenly the door didn’t burst open
but the wolves just began to come in
they began to walk around uh they walked
up and sniffed some of the people who
were just listening
and the people who weren’t listening at
all really had no
idea that they were there at all now
when the
when the wolves came in one key aspect i
think i don’t know if i said or not all
of these wolves had red eyes
when they woke up and were being stirred
into flight into into a fury they had
ravenous red eyes almost like a red led
light it shone out it was like
when you take a picture of an animal or
someone and the regular eye shows up
it was that kind of thing and before
there was you know when they were being
stirred up and went by that that that
leader character master figure those
eyes began to glow and get brighter and
brighter so when they were set loose and
going to the city is what he said
their eyes were just flaming so now
these animals come into the churches
but their eyes aren’t red they’re just
black and compliant they’re looking
around they’re watching and they go and
they sit
every single person in the church that i
was preaching and look
i did not recognize some of the people
in my church i recognized some of them
i also recognized the ones who were at
the very front
the core group who were praying and
seeking god’s face and listening and
being supportive of what was being said
and once again i saw hundreds of faces
so i know i’m not the only preacher
who’s preaching the kind of things that
i preach and deal with issues i deal
i’m not i’m not the only one who is is
saying hey these things are sin these
things can’t be a part of our lives
i’m not the only one there were hundreds
of faces that i saw
but the wolves came up and sat down
in the chairs in the pews right beside
the people who were not listening
and even those people didn’t really
understand that there was a wolf beside
there was no fear no worry no concern
nothing like that
at all and and it was almost as if they
didn’t even realize they were there
but then the more and the louder that i
preached and the more intensely
i preached and the more i dealt with
issues and things that were sent
obviously in our world and in the bible
these people began to stir
and all of a sudden the wolves eyes
became red and redder and redder
and as as the people got irritated the
wolves began to growl and when they
begin to growl the people who weren’t
listening were saying shut up
stop saying that i don’t want to hear
that they were they were very very
aggressive words like
stop saying those things and
in my message in my head i kept
preaching i kept preaching i kept
and on the screens that i’m seeing in my
head all these people just kept
preaching and preaching and preaching
finally the people who aren’t listening
that are now listening and saying shut
up and stop
the wolves are they’re they’re they’re
like wrestling besides they’re nudging
they’re getting them getting them worked
up too so the enemy works these wolves
up the wolves come in
they stir up the people and now the
wolves start coming up towards me
and on the screens i’m seeing those
wolves are coming up near other pastors
other preachers
other other men and women of god who are
trying to say don’t do this and stop
doing this and this is the way you know
um jesus said the way was narrow and the
gate was very small to get in so
we were preaching that kind of a message
and as we’re preaching that those wolves
are coming up and they start nipping at
my leg and they’re starting to try to
bite some of the people that i’m
watching on screen
and and they’re growling and they’re
getting right up in our face one jumps
up on the pulpit
it’s right in my face and it’s growling
i can see the saliva
dripping off of his teeth and i’m trying
to push him off the screen and he bites
my arm
and and he’s grabbing my legs and i’m
watching i’m watching some of my
people that i know people that i know
that are preachers and our pastors and
share the same heart for ministry and
preaching that i do i see them
that some of these these wolves are
taking them down to the ground and
they’re growling and we just keep
and they keep biting and they just keep
biting and they just keep
attacking us and and the louder we get
the louder the wolves have and the
people at the altar they’re praying
and and they’re praying for safety and
they’re praying for protection
now i’m just going to tell you the
wolves weren’t necessarily attacking the
people that were praying
they were stirring up the people who
weren’t listening and they were
attacking the preachers
the pastors those of us that were trying
to preach the message that god had given
us and the intensity
in that moment was was just it was
profound for me
and even in the message as i’m preaching
i’m trying to i’m trying to kick a wolf
here and then this and
and and and so there was no way we just
kept pretty we
we were being overwhelmed and attacked
and people are getting up and they’re
leaving i’m talking to people who
weren’t listening
they’re getting they’re leaving and
they’re slamming the doors and they’re
making a big scene we’re not coming back
you won’t shut up we’re done hearing
stop it stop it stop it stop it and they
and suddenly the scene changed
and i saw courtrooms
and i saw judges with gavels pounding
just pounding pounding at the bench
i saw pastors in chains i had shackles
on myself
i see people in the jury seats and in
the witness stand and they’re crying
and the judges are saying you can no
longer preach
this message you can no longer declare
that this type of lifestyle
is sin you cannot say anything bad about
this kind of
lifestyle you cannot say anything bad
about this situation you cannot address
these things from the pulpit ever again
you cannot say
this you cannot say that you cannot say
that jesus is the only way that’s one
specific thing i remember
you cannot say that abortion is a sin
that i remember as well you cannot deal
with alternative lifestyles
and call them uh awful terrible things
you can’t say that these things violate
you can no longer preach from scripture
was one obvious thing that was stated
and said
and and and most of us that were in
there were saying we can’t do that we
can’t do that
and the gavel comes down in anger and
they’re mad they’re mad they’re
and then i saw churches surrounded by
mobs of people
people that were yelling to shut it down
even burn it down i saw
people who were being so hateful
towards the church i saw people
harassing believers who were going into
church services
i saw people waiting outside after
church to harass
people who were coming from church to go
i saw just hateful attitudes
but the thing that stood out in my mind
most of the people in those crowds were
the people who’d been sitting in those
and those pews and we’re not listening
to begin with
and in that moment it struck me even in
the dream
that some of the biggest persecutions
the church is going to face coming very
very soon and probably i believe we’ve
already started
so the biggest persecution will come
from those who sat in our churches
never accepted the word of god as the
word of god
raised in all their lives and now i want
to walk away because they do not like
the preaching of the word of god that
says this is sin
sin this is wrong you cannot walk in
and still be a believer it was
it was the group of people it was it was
the sons and daughters and grandchildren
of people
who’ve been raised they’ve been raised
in church all their lives
but they’ve said we’ve had it there’s
nothing in this for me this gospel has
no power
has no authority it says i can’t have
this i can’t do that i can’t go where i
want to go i can’t be who i want to be i
can’t do what i want to do
and those were the people who were
screaming they were throwing
rocks they had baseball bats and guns
in their hands they were throwing
at those of us who were coming out of
the church
and the anger was led once again by
those who had fallen away and i do
believe that people can fall away from
the lord i believe in backsliding
those were the people who were pushing
back against everything that had been
those that have gone away to college
those a way that have become very very
liberal and all they think and all they
those who have given in to some of the
ideas of the protests
movements that we’re seeing today and
the ideologies that we’re seeing today
the ideologies that say that one race is
better than others
the thing i saw about the pastors who
were preaching they were of every race
and color
i saw black and i saw white i saw native
american i saw indian i saw african i
russia i saw everybody i saw chinese i
saw people who were preaching the gospel
we’re not i’m not the only one
but i’m telling you what i saw because
the biggest persecution that came
came from the people who had walked away
from the church
and then i saw pulpits being chopped up
with axes the big old
style wooden pulpit i saw them being
chopped to pieces i saw plexiglass
being hammered hammered
i saw christians in chains i saw them
publicly ridiculed and i saw them
assaulted because their ideas were
old-fashioned and needed to go
and then i heard a cry that i’ve heard
for six months but there was something
added to it
i heard brace yourself
and endure to the end
and just like that i woke up
i woke up my heart was racing
because i saw people that i knew
i saw missionary friends of mine on the
foreign field
i saw pastor friends i saw district
leaders and officials from states that i
who are being attacked by those wolves
while they preach the gospel and held to
that standard of the word of god
and they would not back down
and i saw the intensity in their eyes
and and the
and the fight of their faith because of
what they were dealing with and facing
at that very moment i saw it was laid
and i share this because i want those
like i said there’s been almost 11 000
views of that video i showed of the
three dreams i had i never
i never asked for that i never wanted
that i just want to get a message out
because i felt god gave me something
show me something
for the church and those that might be
lost i need to hear it but i’m telling
you this right now listen to the church
this is the pastors this is the
these this is to those people who who
are who who believe the word of god is
the word of god without any
you know
there’s too much compromise in the
gospel right now
and i believe the lord is showing me
that some of the biggest persecution
we’re going to face is going to come
from within the church itself
not from the loss not from muslims not
from protesters
is going to come from people who sat in
our churches and refused
to listen to the truth of the word of
and they exchanged the truth of god for
a lie in romans 1 comes out to play
right here right
john king and others are calling for all
the statues of white jesus
jesus was jewish he wasn’t white
but his blood covers everyone’s sin
his message gives every race every color
every creed
hope he said to my pastor friends i say
get with it don’t stop preaching
the hard gospel don’t stop preaching the
word of god and the full gospel behind
and there is going to be a price that we
pay for it
it’s going to bring some need for
endurance in our lives
but if we can’t endure now then what
we’ve been preaching has been a lie
all the time god’s calling us to the
forefront men and women of god
preachers get on your knees
get in your secret place get in your
prayer closet hear from god and preach
what he says
say what he says declare the message he
gives you
and do not stand down no matter what it
no matter what it does to you or your
brace yourself and endure
to the end


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