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THE DATA DREAM / The Biden Family – Dana Coverstone


THE DATA DREAM / The Biden Family

October 20, 2020
Dana Coverstone

Pastor Dana shares this new prophetic dream regarding congress, the 2020 election and the Biden family. This is the Data Dream

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hey good morning folks it is tuesday
october 20th um last night i had the compilation completeness of a dream that i’ve had the last several days it started about
the 17th or 18th of october um this one got my attention especially since we’re so close to election uh the second part is a little bit more contentious i’ve sent it to two of my
friends to look at um once again i’m not going to try to interpret what these dreams are i’m just telling you what i had i felt the urgency to get them out this morning so here’s what it is

i saw what looked like an atlas with an interstate lines all over the nation like if you’re looking down at an atlas and you see the
the interstate lines going all over from state to state and they were flashing with bits of
information going all over it looked like it looked like a data map it appeared to be like a
network of sorts that was obviously overworked
and some of the data points were not flashing some were the places cities smaller places you had flashing you had things that were moving
you had data points that were moving almost like traffic but i could see there were small workers in white lab coats and they were trying
to work on the areas where the data was
not flashing uh i could see i saw hammers i saw

i saw guys with laptops i saw people who were
trying to work out the uh the minute details of why this point wasn’t flashing why this point was flashing too hard or too fast and i could see the areas heating up i heard concerns the circuits were going to go hot that’s what they said those circuits are going to go hot and if they go hot they will fry and so that was the language i was hearing and i said they’re going to get go hot and get fried if they could not
slow the system down and suddenly from the west coast of the midwest and it started washington state oregon california there were these big flashes and then i saw smoke from the data points that seemed to represent those bigger cities and they stopped on the western side of
mississippi so it started all the way on
the west coast went to went to the west coast or to the the western edge of the mississippi river i was not seeing explosions i was not seeing bombs

i was seeing like systems shutting down because they were so hot and as the system as the data points the flashing got closer to the bigger place the bigger cities um it got faster and faster and faster and almost in the background in in my in my dream i could hear that like a warning sign that happens in a laboratory or something like that uh and the lab the lab coat guys they were working feverishly to fix these but they couldn’t get the system back online so instead they were trying to re i could hear them saying reroute that system go around
this city go i i heard them say several go around reno go around reno go around reno get get through vegas go here go there and they were trying to reroute the system to bring whatever the system was back to life but as they were doing it and rerouting it

the bigger cities were still sending up smoke clouds it was like uh like you would see in the old western movies where the clout you know like someone had like a like a like a native american indian with a with a with a blanket or
something going over it it was almost like the data points were sending up information about what had happened there i did not see native american indians i did not see anything like that or people doing the smoke but it looked as if there was something interrupting the smoke as it was coming up almost like it was sending out a signal of information

and then there was a countdown clock there was no countdown clock at first but now on the other side of the of the mississippi river there was a countdown clock and it was scanning down ten nine eight seven six five four three two one when it reached one the eastern side of the midwest started having the same flash points and the cities there began to smoke and the circuits were fried and i could hear those guys yelling the system’s going up it’s going up it’s going up and then they scream it’s going down it’s going down it’s going down circuits are going to fry the circuits are going to fry and then there would be these flash points and you would see the smoke
but when the flashes reached philadelphia and this was specifically the city that

i saw where all this was happening was philadelphia the network line that was red it was like it looked like a fire hose that was pulsating with with like led lights inside of it but when it got to philadelphia the network line was red flashing went into where the liberty bell was sitting it went underneath the liberty bell and when the pressure began to build up and it was like watching water in a fire hose it just filled it up filled up filled it up came underneath the liberty bell and when it got underneath the liberty bell it blew up and the liberty bell went flying straight up in the air it split in half the bell split in the
middle of the air it blew through the the liberty bell up into the air like this and then the liberty bell split in half and it fell in such a way that the round area would landed on the ground and it was it was rota it was like going back and forth just just uh wobbling back and forth um it didn’t land on the flat edge of
the belt had been cracked in half once again it found and the crack was where it had split through the whole thing so the crack became what split the whole thing in half it stopped rocking after what seemed like in the dream several minutes of just rocking back and forth like this and then the liberty bell began to melt it was almost as if a huge heat source
or from the data point that that that uh that fire hose was so hot that it was melting now so
the liberty bell began to melt and like heat was being applied

and then i saw that the lines of data were all
headed towards washington dc from there it looked like the city had these octopus arms and they and they were trying to fight to disconnect the data lines and i what i assume was they were trying to keep the explosive power of the system shutting down from hitting
washington dc and so these octopus arms came out and they were trying to disconnect the systems and then but there was one that just kept flashing was kept building up pulses it
seemed bigger and more extreme carrying more data more information than the other the other lines i’d seen in the like the interstate area before though there were people wearing suits
and ties this was business attire i saw justice i it was not necessarily supreme court justice i didn’t see faces but i saw judges i saw people in suit and tie business attire professional business and they were trying to
basically pull this line out of washington dc to keep it from blowing up or whatever they were trying to pull this line away from the city without a veil with to no avail this
thing kept going it finally blew up
because all the connections went to the
capitol building that’s exactly where it
was going to the capitol building
it finally blew up and the building
literally cracked in half so i’ve seen
the liberty bell crack in half and now i
saw the capitol building crack in half
and it issues this huge smoke cloud as
the smoke goes into the air
it creates a word and that word was
discovery discovery was the word that was then in the air so you got the you got the halls of congress cracked in half
you’ve got the smoke just building up in a spelling this word out in the sky which is the word discovery it’s not it’s not like smoke is dissipating or clouds it stays there in the sky and there arebpeople that they’re running now
and they’re not running from the explosion they’re running from the wordbthey see in the sky which was discovery

then the scene changed and i saw rotunda of the capitol and there was a closed casket in the middle of the rotunda and the sign on
the casket stated that inside was the democratic candidate for the office of president and there was a calendar hanging above that casket and had the date specifically clearly i saw it the first one the first times i’ve seen an actual date not on a calendar but on the paper it said december 17th that date was clearly spelled out and i’m not going to say someone’s going to
die on the 17th i’m not going toni don’t know what to say about i’m justntelling you what i saw that’s all i’m doing but it said the calendar hanging above the casket the sign
said had december 17th circled now one of the sons of the democratic presidential candidate
was there but not the other and his wife was there and she was looking down the ground
nobody was crying nobody was crying there were also many congressmen and senators from both parties in the room and they all had their heads down looking at the floor and they were
shaking them just violently just making fists and shaking their heads violently also all their shoes were not on their feet the shoes were piled like when you walk in the rotunda area all the shoes were piled there so all these congressmen all these senators were basically barefooted there was a couple of the females that had socks or stockings on their feet like almost like a pantyhose type stocking on their feet everybody else was totally totally barefoot

and then a prominent senator stood up and demanded to see the body and that’s when the sergeant arms rushed up and he said with several marines by the way and he said there will be no viewing of the body today or ever again there will be no viewing of the body today or ever again and the senator sat down and collected himself then he walked over
that pile of shoes and he dug through
all these shoes until he found his pair he put him on and he sat there for a minute looked around you tell he was getting angry and he
rushed out of the room and he was he was
running like at a sprinter’s pace to get out of there smoke was still rising outside and he’s
running towards the white house withbboth fists clenched like this and he’s just his mouth is moving and i did not hear the words but i could see that he was he was cursing not like swearing like cussing he was cursing the white house he was cursing the leadership he was
cursing um he was cursing the leadership i i i don’t want to put words out there because i did not hear what he was saying but he was obviously cursing um he was upset with something that was going on he was he was intent on making making a change and he stopped for a moment near the washington monument and looked back and when you look back there was about 20 to 25 other people who were following him men and women

i didn’t i can’t tell you parties i can’t tell you who they were i did not see these faces the runner yes i knew who it was i’m not going to say but nonetheless 20 25 people are falling after him but they’re holding their shoes in their hand while they walked he told them to hurry but they just continued their very steady almost cautious pace to get to him and then he sneers at them and he sneers at the white house
and he begins sprinting towards the white house as fast as he can and at this time i saw the man i’d seen in the previous dreams he was standing in the place where the president gives the state of the union address he was standing in the halls of congress right there where everybody sees the president give the state of the union address every single year and he tapped the microphone it was real it wasn’t a sure sm58 it was a real thin uh very professional microphone that was there
he tapped the microphone three times one two three and then he stated in a very loud voice
a house divided against itself
shall not stand and he emphasized the
word shall he said it like this
a house divided against itself shall
not stand
and the emphasis was on the
word shall and then he pushed the microphone
down just put his hand and pushed the microphone all the way down to the podium and he walked to the door at the rear of the room and on that wall there was a panel of probably
25 or 30 light switches just your flip switch
and one by one he flipped them down one by one until every light in congress and that building in that room went out and that was the end of the dream so

i had this dream over the over the
course of the last three or four nights
um i’ve not slept since about three
o’clock i had it at about 2 15
at some i think around 2 15 to 2 30.
woke up with an incredible urgency to
get this out there once again i’m not
going to say
all the things i think it means i think
we’re about to see a whole lot revealed
in congress i think the next two weeks
we’re going to see a whole lot more
about some of our leaders on both sides
but uh whatever i saw with the data
points there there are explosive things
that are happening
without um that was not cities blowing
up that was information that was data
points that was systems that were
and uh so i’m sharing this uh asking you
to pray about it uh pray for wisdom
every time i put a dream out there i
usually get and this is no joke i
usually get three you know
three to four hundred people will try to
interpret and tell me what the dream is
and and that’s okay i can’t look at all
of them and i don’t look at all of them
but all i’m telling you is i think you
know we’re two weeks today from the
and there’s a whole lot going on
definitely in this dream and
the dreams i’ve had lately have been a
lot more political a lot more situation
i’m also not saying that that
that joe biden is going to die on
december 17th i’m just telling you i saw
a closed casket i saw a sign that said
this is the
the democratic president for president
or the democratic candidate for
i saw his wife and one of the sons not
uh i and and that’s all i’m saying um
we are seeing some of the things i’ve
seen the dreams that are happening and
you know i’m not trying to just clarify
that and say hey
uh i’m doing these i keep telling these
dreams so that that there’s some
some value added to what i’ve said or
done i’m just trying to be obedient and
share what i’ve seen
you can do with them what you want but i
am trying to warn the nation i’m trying
to warn the church that i believe there
are some pretty
explosive things that are coming and
that we better be where we need to be
number one the lord
and secondly be prepared with our
families to
to protect to to watch to lead to god
and to speak up
right now i think this is going to be
the most important election
and the most contentious election in not
just modern history but in the history
of this
nation and i believe i i think i’m
qualified to say that based on the news
the reports of things that are happening
the number of attorneys on both sides
so take this do with it what you want
uh but this is the dream that i’ve had
last night this is the dream that will
be on my mind for the next several
hours the next several days going to the
and uh so please pray because the
spokesman that was standing where the
president gives
their union said a house divided against
shall not stand and if we’ve ever been
divided as a nation it is today i don’t
think we have to go back to the civil
war to find the kind of divisions that
we have like we have today
um and and the division is a very very
spiritual one
um it’s the difference between right and
wrong good and evil that’s what we see
out there it’s not black and white
it’s not that’s not that’s not the
that’s not the
the biggest issue that we have in this
country there’s a spiritual issue that
is deeply
underneath the foundations of this
country and things are about to become
and violent and issue oriented but i
think also what what
i’ll just say this i think god’s about
to punch the november calendar the more
i pray about the more i see i think
god’s about to say
enough is enough in this nation
and we’ll see how the rest of my dreams
play out but i’m just telling you what i
saw today
and ask you to pray about it ask you to
make sure you’re right with the lord
ask you to share your faith with as many
people as you can get out and vote get
out and make a difference
but also prepare for the things that
could happen in the next several weeks
we’re two weeks today from the election
and things are not slowing down by any
means so
take this and do with what you will
thanks for listening

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