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June 29, 2020 7:32 AM
Dana Coverstone

A vision I had Sunday morning about Spirit-filled people and the need to pray this way more aggressively

Original article/video can be found here

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  1. David Lockett

    You are so right, that is powerful and and wake up call for me as well!!

  2. unbelievable that would even need to be spoken of in an AOG church but unfortunately this “denomination” is far from the vision of its founders and like most other denominations, do not even know God has left their churches years ago when the the love of mammon and the fear of man replaced the love and fear of a Holy God. Perhaps that is why no longer can you find in the KJV the “Holy of Holies”. What are benefits of praying in tongues? satan cannot understand, praying according to the will of God, building yourself up in your most holy faith, the proof that King Yeshua is sitting at the right hand of Father, we do not always know how to pray but the spirit maketh intercession ,,thus my point 2 above. We are told to stir up the gift within us that was given by the laying on of hands.

  3. Eyes Open

    ACT 2:38-39. Repent of sins. Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for remission of sins. And the promise is that you will receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues. It comes with fire. Keep the fire burning daily!!!! It’s your oil. Keep it in your vessel and get extra to get you through these dark times to reach your bridegroom. He comes soon!

  4. Only a servant

    This is the video:

  5. Jblank

    Yes,praise God amen!pray in tongues without ceasing.everywhere u go under your breath,in your mind even at the store and out loud when and where u can non stop.u can do it,I did and I heard Jesus call my name outloud and wake me,scared me.thats the only way to pray with out stopping,because u dont have 2 think of the words,but the Holy Spirit prays thru u.when u get 2 that place where u r constantly praying in. Tongues,it becomes 2nd nature and u dont want 2 turn it off.,cant turn it off.there r 2 many good things u get from praying in tongues 2 not pray in tonues per The Bible and “the power of praying in tongues”by glen arekion.God bless u and keep u bold 4 Christ.This is warfare and u need the power of the Holy Spirit.

  6. Casey J. Blaylock

    “As I sat in the middle, it came to my attention that one with the likeness of those who have had physical strength flee from them was making a great noise. I called over my servant, and inquired as to the nature of this noise.

    He trembled in fear as he told me about this unexpected burden that had cropped forward like a weed among goodly crop.

    ‘Then why hasn’t he been plucked up?’ I demanded, incensed.

    ‘Because he’s been given the power to confuse and to make the men of the earth sore afraid.’

    And I watched a little longer as the weed went around choking out life and spewing vomit from its mouth. From this little weed came lies and falsehoods and he caused a remnant to follow him. And I heard a voice cry out ‘Behold!’

    And I looked again and the weed was being cast into the fire and the noise ceased in a moment. And those he had deceived were cast off with him, crying out that they had been deceived.”

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