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brace yourself on the word and my promises and do not rely on your own strength – Dana Coverstone

brace yourself
on the word and my promises and do not
rely on your own strength

September 4, 2020
Dana Coverstone


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Prophetic Dream – Events for December 2020 & January 2021

Given to Pastor Dana Coverstone from August 28 to September 4th, 2020

Between Friday, August 28th and Thursday September 4th, I had a series of glimpses that got longer each night. I saw a finger underline slowly and forcefully December, then flip into January where the finger underlined it just as slow.
Then I saw long food lines and people waiting for what seemed like hours, and they were standing in line and not in cars. I saw ships in ports on both coasts sitting idle and nothing at sea moving. There were headlines saying that the Baltic Dry Index [Global shipping of raw materials] was dead and that nothing was moving in trade around the world. I also noted that there were no Christmas lights or displays anywhere. There was a great sadness over the land and people seemed dazed and confused.
However, there were Christians who stood out because of their faith and their hope in Christ. They appeared like burning charcoal and were carrying torches wherever they went. Many rejected their
approach, but they kept the faith and they did not back down from telling the lost they needed Jesus
desperately at that moment.

There appeared to be shopping malls that had been converted into shelters or living quarters, with most of the businesses therein shuttered. I continued to see shuttered properties [closed for business] and people in homes wearing coats while looking out closed curtains. Headlines said Nationwide Outages Plague Southwest and Americans Don’t Know Who To Blame For Darkness. Darkness in areas of the nation stretched into Canada and I saw America as lights flickering, like the bulb was about to go but still had a little light left. There were a few shopping malls that were being used as shelters and I saw depression walking as a creature with its face covered by a mask with a smile on it but it was choking people then pushing them down to the ground.

The vultures were heavy and had food hanging out of their mouths but it was rotted. I also saw the city of St. Louis and men under the Arch with suitcases who were getting into black SUVs and headed east and west from the Mississippi River. The suitcases appeared to be like the nuclear suitcases from the Reagan administration complete with the handcuffs to secure the case to the individual. They were dressed as businessmen and had copies of the Wall Street Journal under their arms and heavily tinted sunglasses. Each had a watch alarm that went off at precisely the same second and that is when they picked up the suitcases and got into the vehicles to be driven to their destinations.

The next headlines I read were about market crashes and yields being lost, with one declaring sympathy about the meaning of the Swastika [another ‘holocaust’ coming] . I saw tired crowds and tired people and many who had lost the resolve to fight due to the emotional overcast of the nation.

I heard Christians saying that they remembered what Jesus had said about the winter and flight but they kept encouraging one another in their faith. I saw lights all over the country where the church was keeping their communities secure with a warm glow.

Then I saw the White Figure rise-up out of those fires. He said, “Brace yourself, brace, brace, brace yourself on the Word and My promises and do not rely upon your own strength.”

[Mark 13: 18 Pray that it may not happen in winter. 19 For in those days there will be such tribulation as has not been from the beginning of the creation that God created until now, and never will be.]


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