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Sanctuary of Dreams / The God of Wonders! – Avidan

Sanctuary of Dreams / The God of Wonders!

The Journey into Eternity

[Part 8]

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Sanctuary of Dreams

Life on Earth is made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, but in the Paradise in the Sky, eternity is frozen in time. Every moment in the Paradise in the Sky is an extraordinary moment. Here joy is constant. On Earth, joy comes in moments, in most cases extraordinary moments. But in this eternal place, every ordinary moment seems extraordinary. Peace of mind and beauty belong to the Sphere of the Simple. Everything here has a great simplicity and therefore a great beauty. Beautiful things here don’t ask for attention; there are just too many of them in the Paradise in the Sky. Here you do not have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness. They are right before you. The scenery takes your breath away and also breathes love, joy, peace, and tranquility into your being.

Your heart will glow, aflame with love, like an ocean wave that refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it is rebuffed.

In this place you feel a wonderful sensation, that you are afloat in space—a conveyance of a phantasy of imagination that captivates your very soul.

The Paradise in the Sky,

Is the territory of dreams
In other words, a place of
—the sanctuary of dreams.—

The God of Wonders!

In the Paradise in the Sky, the wonders are so astonishing that for every breath, the Divine One is praised – the Living God, the God of Wonders. It is here you notice the wonderfulness of every moment; every moment will enthrall and amaze you; you will look up at the sky and exalt our Lord with exaltation. For anyone who makes it into the Paradise of Eternity, praising the Living God will become their anthem. They will become an accompaniment to the residents here in giving glory to the God of Wonders, the Living God who created Wonders.

The Paradise of Eternity is a gift from God, a gift from the Highest Heaven, the gift that is fashioned in love. Everything here testifies about God, the wonderfulness of His love, the wonderful love He has for His own, His treasured possession, His children.


He created humans to find something to love.
He lavishes His creation, His children, with love and with the best of everything.


In the Paradise of Eternity, love is always in the air. That love, the love of God for His children, is in this place of captivating beauty, where the Divine One expresses His love. The love of God is like the wind that you cannot see, but you can feel it. They cannot see God, but they can feel the beauty of the Living God. It is beautiful to express love and even more beautiful to feel it. God is Love!

God chooses to love His children, His Heart also does.

God showed love when, in the beginning, He created humans and gave them the earth His prized possession – that is love.

God in love offered mercy and forgiveness to His creation when He gave His only begotten Son for atonement for sinfulness for the unfaithfulness of His children in their indifference toward Him – that is love.

The Living God – the God of Love – shows his lovingkindness with his abundance of love, in His gift of the Paradise of Eternity to His children, to spend Eternity with Him.

That is love!

These recapitulate how much God loves His children.
With everlasting love
In every tomorrow into infinity
In Eternity, for eternity
God is Love!!

In Matthew 19:17, the Son of God, Yeshua/Jesus, proclaims:

“There is none that is good but one, [that is God].

In Psalms 34:8 the psalmist, with passion, declares:

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

I John 4:16 states in an affirmation of faith,

“We have come to know
And have believed the love which God has for us.
God is love
And the one who dwelleth in love
Dwelleth in God
And God lives in Him.”


Readers, the question I will ask everyone who is living is

Where do you want to spend eternity?

In Eternal Paradise, in the warm embraces of our loveable Father – the Living God –

or apart from the Living God

in the inferno of hell below

where there is gnashing of teeth

and burning fire that never ends?

Repent You! Repent Me!! Repent All!!!


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