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The Journey into Eternity [Part 1] – Avidan


The Journey into Eternity

An Extract from

Travail In the Territory of Iniquitie


Jubilation in the Tent of Salvation

Compiled by


This vision

is an end-time gift of

the Living God

To the people of God:

For encouragement,
For up-building,
For consolation and consolidation

To prepare us as we see

the day of the Lord drawing near

Published for and owned by His Crown Reigns
from Sea to Sea
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The Journey Upwards into the Heavenly Realms

The Vision

“I can hear the Spirit say,
Come up higher,
Come up higher, where the rivers flow free
If you want to gain knowledge, in this last hour,
Come up higher, My child, and trust in Me.”

On this extraordinary day, a journey upward into the Heavens was a journey to be forever remembered. It was a moving and memorable moment. Throughout the journey, I was in Spirit, but I could feel, I could see, I could comprehend and also I was well aware of my surroundings as I travelled Heavenward. I went up, through the clouds, which gave way, like travelling through a thick fog. The rate of speed at which I was ascending, I do not know, but I felt comfortable; it was not dizzying.

In Psalm 61, the psalmist proclaims:

“Lead me, lead me to the Rock,
that is higher than I,
For You are a Tower of Strength.

In Your Tabernacle I will abide forever,
Mercy and truth will cover me.
In Your tabernacle I will abide forever,
Trusting in the shelter of Your Wings.”

As I continued rising, ascending upward, I felt changes in each layer of the earth’s atmosphere, till I got to the boundary, the human limitation, of the earth’s atmosphere. There was a pause, but I continued ascending. I kept my eyes looking upward. I got to a place I will call outer space, a place of wide open, infinite space. It looked like the realm of the Infinite. It was fascinating. At this point, I was sightseeing like a tourist. Up, far, far away were clusters of stars and galaxies. They looked so far away, it would take “ages of time” to get to them. I started singing, singing in jubilation with this song of Praise:

“I praise you, O’ Lord, I praise you,
I am flying, soaring free,
I am flying on the wings of the Winds of Love,
like an egret on the wind.
I am soaring, O’ I am winging my way Heavenward
I am winging free.
I praise you O’ Lord, I praise you!”

As my ascending continued, suddenly, some stars appeared before me, not the usual stars, that I could see high above, light-years away. The stars in front of me were white objects, glowing. I stirred at these glowing objects; as my eyes adjusted to the glow, I was pleasantly surprised that these glowing stars were angels. The book of Job 38:7 and Revelation 12:4 allude to stars as angels. Not all stars are angels but some angels are as bright in the night sky as the stars. They are stationed up in the Heavenly realm; these angels are sentries or watchers.

The angels before me had a stern look. Without uttering a single word, I instinctively realized they were checking whether I was pure enough to continue my ascension. At this point, my speed had slowed considerably. A feeling of guilt overwhelmed me; my past transgressions were like an engraved “reminder” and I felt that I needed to repent.

On Earth, I have developed the habit of repenting at least once a week,

but going to the Heavens demands purity.
It is the passport to the Heavens.
Nothing impure can ascend to the Heavens.

I spent some time purifying myself. Some of my forgotten, hidden transgressions came up in my mind. I repented of them in the Name of Our Glorious King Yeshua/Jesus. After my repentance, the countenances of the angels of light glowed and their attitude became amicable. The lights surrounding them beamed and glowed, as if rejoicing in approval of my repentance, and I felt inner peace within my being.

I John 1:5-7 declares thus:

“Yeshua/Jesus is the Light
that drives out the darkness.
The darkness must flee
from the presence of the Living God.
His Light now shines,
the darkness must flee
from the Presence of the Living God
and the blood of Yeshua/Jesus
cleanses us from all sins.”

For my atonement and His Mercy, I magnified the Lord who created all that has breath, thanking Him for His salvation. Then I began ascending upward again.


There was a change within me. My eyes, my inner eyes, or my Spiritual eyes, brightened! They seemed to refocus. I could see things which I could not see prior to the brightening of my eyes. It seemed as if the invisible had suddenly become visible. Instead of gazing into infinite space, now I could see, close by, stars and planets shaped like spheres, incomparable, mysterious, and seriously different. I instinctively realized that these are the Heavens.

The Heavens?

The Heavens!
Before my very eyes, my soul cries
The Heavens!!

Readers! The Heavens are much closer to the earth than we humans have visualized and imagined, but in our gross sinfulness, they are veiled from us, and our eyes are veiled from seeing them. The most powerful manmade telescope, no matter how powerful, cannot see them either. They are invisible to any devices. All we see are wide open spaces, with far-away, dense, luminous, remote, hazy stars clustered together around a pinwheel-shaped object, the milky way, also the earth’s solar system, which has eight planets that orbit the sun.

The eight planets that are roughly on a spoke outward from the sun in our solar system are different from the Heavenly Planetary System. The eight planets in the system that orbits the sun are named Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The earth’s planetary system, the Solar System, is eight planets altogether, with some little planets close by.

In the Heavenly System, there are seven planets arranged like the earth’s planetary system. The topmost of these planets, which I will call the “King of the planets,” is colored blue. It emits a blue-ray-like glow. It is this blue-ray-like glow, which gives our seas, rivers, and the clouds their blue coloring. Although we cannot see this blue top-most planet with our eyes, we can see the effects of its blue coloring and the Glory of the Living God here on earth.

There is something fascinating and different, about the topmost Heavenly planet, perhaps it is the dwelling place of the Greatest on High—the Living God. (I say “perhaps.”)

The Scripture alludes to this topmost planet. The book of Exodus, 24:10, proclaims thus:

“And they saw the God of Israel:
And under His feet as it were
a paved work of sapphire [blue] stone slabs
and as it were the appearance of the
firmament of Heaven* in its Purity.”

*Readers, please note: Here they used the word “Heaven,” in singular form, not “Heavens.” Also, the sapphire stone slabs are always blue and emitting blue light from the Throne of the Living God.

The book of Deuteronomy, 10:14, also proclaims thus:

“Behold! To the Lord your God belongs the Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens. . . .”

Deuteronomy 10:14 is alluding to this topmost Heavenly planet.

Also, I Kings 8:27, proclaims:

“But will God really dwell on earth?
The Heavens*, even the Highest Heaven*
Cannot contain You.”

* Again in this verse, the Dwelling of our Living God is differentiated from other Heavenly bodies. A singular “Heaven” is used, not the plural “Heavens,” and it is called the Highest Heaven.

In amazement, I looked at the galaxies of the Heavens that had sprung up before me. I turned and looked upwards at the clusters of stars and the many other galaxies which seemed “ages away.” Then I looked at the planets in the Earth’s planetary system. They are all in totally different regions.

The galaxies that contain the Heavenly systems are distinct, very distinct. Like the Earth’s system, they are arranged in varied spaces. There are seven planets, or seven orbiting spheres (somewhere close by is a planet, a loose, wandering planet). Also like the Earth’s system, the distance between each one varies, but they are all in one region. And they are closer to the Earth than we thought.

Like the Earth’s planetary system, the Angels that live in the first, second, and third Heavens cannot travel to the other Heavenly planets. In the Earth’s planetary system, humans cannot travel to Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune. So it is in the Heavenly planetary system.

A Revelation, like knowledge and a thought, came to my mind as I continued to look in astonishment.

“If the Heavens are billions of light years away, as your seers/scientists on Earth say, then Enoch (in Genesis 5:21-24) and Elijah (in II Kings 2), the two righteous men who ascended into Heaven from the Earth years ago, would still be on the way upwards, going to the Heavens today. This shows the foolishness of human knowledge of creation and the universe.”


“O’ God, the Living God
The Greatest On High, the Wonder Maker
He who is Everlasting
Has opened my eyes.

My eyes have beheld Your amazing deeds,
The ages-old marvelous mysteries,
As my eyes gaze, open-mouthed
On that which is Eternal.”

The Lord has revealed things that have been hidden from the sons of men.

Who am I to deserve this?
I, your servant, will utter songs of Thanksgiving.

Also in Isaiah 43:19, the Lord of Wonder proclaims:

I am about to carry out something new
And now it’s sprung up
Don’t you recognize it?. . . .”

An interesting verse in II Corinthians 12:1-4 says of Paul and the vision he saw,

“I know a man in the Messiah/Christ Who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third Heaven Whether he was in the body or apart from the body, I don’t know, God knows — was caught up in Paradise. He heard inexpressible, astounding things man is not permitted to tell.”

At this point in my ascending upward, I lost the bearing of the paths I took because at one point, I zigged to the left for a while, then to the right, then upward, but I knew I had reached my destination.

I was now in one of the three last planets; which one, I do not know



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