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The Trees / The Mountains / The Waterfalls: Journey into Eternity [Part 7] – Avidan


The Trees / The Mountains / The Waterfalls

Journey into Eternity [Part 7]


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The Trees

The trees are splendorous, a colorful rustle of beauty that seems to whisper your name as they sway gently in the realm of the freedom of the winds. Some look exotic, ornamental; some are lush evergreens, while some are broad-leafed, russet-colored. Some are tall and verdant, with branches embracing the sky, extensive, delightful in this peaceful place, which looks almost uninhabited.

The trees here are unrivaled, radiantly fresh and lush—it is a calming place of astonishing beauty.

The Mountains

There is something noble about the mountains here; maybe it is their grandeur or their spectacular look at the summits as they rise up majestically, in their loftiness, with breathtaking views. Rising from the ground, they look gigantic as they stand on their tippy toes, kissing the sky.

The summits of these mountains look so inviting, as if they are calling to you and me to come, come up here; there is a better view at the top.

The Waterfalls

In the Eternal Paradise, the waterfalls—there are many of them—you will watch in amazement as the water cascades down the cliff. The crystal pearls of bubbles look like teardrops as the water hurtles down the slopes in a joyful rush to embrace the ground.

The waterfalls are cool and crystal clear. The gentle breeze blows cool mist into your face, caresses your face with slow wet kisses that you can feel for days, kisses that, without uttering a single word, speak to your soul like a welcoming gladness that you are here.

Each is different; none are the same. You will look with wide eyes as you view each one; each one is like a poem from the Living God. They will ravish your heart as you gaze at the picturesque elegance of these beauties. They will turn you into a story-teller.

Psalm 104:24 (a and b):

The psalmist exalts the Lord with exaltation, proclaiming thus:

“O’ Lord
How many are Your works!
In wisdom You have
Made them all.”

On Earth we have some of the most gorgeous scenery, but the scenes in the Eternal Paradise will captivate you in awe and are stunning. In the Paradise in the Sky, the scenes create color, the colors blend together to create a colorful, perfect picture. The colorful, perfect picture creates astonishment.

Everything in the Paradise in the Sky has simplicity to it from which loveliness arises. Everything will bring smiles to your face and will warm your heart, the most appealing and alluring things anyone could have. There is something about this place that words cannot explain or define. Things here are permanently perfect, a place of sublime beauty. There is nothing monotonous about this place; if you visit an area and you see wonders, the next season the whole place will have changed (like having a face lift) all by itself. In the next season, the area you visited last time will have taken on a new meaning, a new look. The residents here are never bored, looking at the same scenes for eternity.

In the Paradise in the Sky, every day is a day of discovery, and conversations among the residents are “Did you see what I saw at such and such location?” and the other resident replies, “Have you been back to such and such location? Have you seen this or that?”

Every evening the people in the Eternal Paradise step out of their homes to watch beautiful exhibitions of art in the sky, like watching a movie. King Yeshua/Jesus is the Master Artist, and His canvas is the sky. His works are masterpieces, classic and timeless. At the end of each exhibition, the people rise to give a standing ovation for the aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, and phenomenal display.

In Psalm 105:1-5 the psalmist lauds and magnifies the Lord, proclaiming,

“Oh give thanks to the Lord,
Call upon His Name,
Make known His deeds
Among the peoples.

Sing to Him,
Sing praises to Him
Speak of all His wonders.

Glory in His Holy Name
Let the hearts of those
Who seek the Lord be glad.

Seek the Lord and His strength
Seek His face continually.

Remember the wonders
Which He has done.
His marvels and judgments
Uttered by His mouth.”


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