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Smile Magnets: The Journey into Eternity [Part 2] – Avidan


Smile Magnets

The Journey into Eternity [Part 2]

January 4, 2021 10:49 AM

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Then I saw the most astonishing, astounding, stunning, vivid, photogenic artwork my eyes have ever seen. It was so beautiful that looking at it, you would hold your breath to let all your faculties converge to capture this fleeting reality. It was a painting of something exquisite—a valley—miles and miles of it. I thought, “Whoever painted this picture must have taken ‘earth-years’ to do it.” I was fascinated by its poetic beauty. It had the power to turn the ordinary into something magical and other-worldly.

The artist had constructed the painting to reveal a hidden puzzle, like a secret about a secret. The more you look, the more amazed you are. There were no rules for its beauty; it was just beautiful. It seemed that this painting was about a secret place, a secret that had been hidden and never told. Sweet and staggering, the artwork made me forget where I was, as I stared in amazement. It left me with impressions that will last as long as I live.

Hmmm. . . . Then I wondered what this long, long painting was hanging onto. It seemed that there was one painting that was miles and miles wide, miles deep, with clouds above it.

Suddenly, I was lifted up. I could view the whole landscape.

What looked like artwork was not art but a picturesque, scenic, breathtaking valley. A paragon of perfection. The valley looked dazzlingly, superbly and stunningly beautiful. Nothing will ever compare—a laid-out poetry of astonishment, as if eternity was gazing at itself in the mirror.

I was amazed at the stunning and overpowering wonder of what I was looking at when, suddenly, something moved. I looked. There were people here! The people looked happy; they were like smile magnets. They all seemed young, ranging in age (I guess) from 30 to 33 years old, around the age our Lord Yeshua/Jesus began His ministry.

Luke 3:23 states:

“Now Yeshua/Jesus Himself was about thirty years old when He began His ministry.”

The people here were not only happy; they were thankful. It seemed the best prayer they could offer was giving thanks to the Living God. In gratitude they looked at their past while on earth, glorifying the Living God for His love, the abundance of His mercy. They glorified their King Yeshua/Jesus, the Radiant One, for His lovingkindness, with joy for His atonement.

They spoke glowingly of their King Yeshua/Jesus, who the Living God gave to them. On Earth, they believed in Him and trusted Him; He in turn made an exchange: their sin for His righteousness. They said their sins were poured into the Messiah/Christ at His crucifixion. His righteousness was poured into them at their conversion. The Lord offered to trade His righteousness for their sin—something of immeasurable worth for their sin, something completely worthless. How grateful they were for His kindness to them.

Some of them spoke of Godly sorrow, which brings repentance that leads to salvation. They were referring to their sorrow for their sins on Earth that resulted in changes in their behavior.

Some gave thanks to God Almighty, who offers salvation to all people. Many of them spoke of putting off a decision for Messiah/Christ, thinking that there would be a better time. They said they almost missed the opportunity altogether, but they made a clean break with their past and gave themselves to the Lord alone, in perfect holiness, in repentance and purifying themselves by turning away from sin.

Each one of them seemed to have stories to tell of all the troubles they went through while on Earth: illness, chronic diseases that plagued their bodies, sickness, persecution, lack of things while on Earth. Also, the age-long suffering that seemed never to end. Some of their difficulties they attributed to the work of the adversary (Satan).

It was comforting to listen to them; their troubles on Earth, they said, did not diminish their faith or disillusion them. They said they realized there was a purpose in their suffering, which had several benefits.

*It reminded them of the Lord’s suffering for them.

*It caused them to look beyond the brief life on earth and not become too comfortable on Earth.

* They knew that the terrible illness, pain, or persecution they were dealing with helped them realize that life on earth is not all there is—there is life after death. Knowing they would live forever with the Lord in a place without pain and suffering helped them live above the pain they faced on Earth.

Their faith in Lord Messiah saw them through their most difficult times; each difficulty they went through refined them.

The people here were beautiful; it was as if they had gone through a transformation. While on Earth, some of them were elderly, according to them. Some of them once had physical disabilities, some with cancer-ravaged bodies, but here in the Paradise of Eternity, they looked young, bubbly, vibrant, high-spirited, and zestful. They shone brightly, spoke kindly, loved truly, created joyful moments, and lived thankfully. Gratitude to them was like a divine emotion; it filled their hearts, their very souls, and warmed them. They expressed gratitude like unwrapping a present.

Here in the Paradise of Eternity, the people were brand new on the inside and outside. The Holy Spirit had given them new life. They were not the same anymore. They were not reformed, rehabilitated, or re-educated; instead they looked and felt like they had been re-created (New Creations), living in vital union with the Lord Yeshua/Jesus, whom they loved. Death was no longer a source of dread to them.

I Corinthians 15:53-54 states,

“For the perishable must clothe itself
with the imperishable, and the
mortal with immortality.
then the saying that is written
will come true:

‘Death has been swallowed up in Victory’”

They rejoiced in the present because life here in the Paradise of Eternity was easy—a place of astonishment that was wondrous, extraordinary, breathtaking, and stunning. They looked up to the sky spreading their Holy Hands, sometimes some on their knees, giving Glory to the Living God. To the bountiful Father above, they offered their tribute of praises. For the magnificent gift of His love and for gifts of blessing that hallowed their existence in eternity. And to their King Yeshua/Jesus, the fullest of all their joy, they glorified the Heavenly Father with Him, like a charming gardener who made their souls blossom. They felt like a bird that is safe in a nest.

The Eternal Paradise is a place where the praises of the Living God are the heavenly anthems. They came naturally from their hearts, from their souls, and from their very beings.

To Be Continued


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