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Transportation / The Rivers / The Flowers: Journey into Eternity [Part 6] – Avidan


Transportation / The Rivers / The Flowers

Journey into Eternity [Part 6]


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In the Paradise of Eternity, the means of transportation is to just rise effortlessly into the air and soar. The people zoom into the air and off they go to their destination. Just like King Yeshua/Jesus did when He was taken up to Heaven in Acts 1:9-10:

“After He said this
He was taken up before their eyes,
And a cloud hid Him from their sight.

They were gazing intently into the sky
while He was going.”

In the Paradise of Eternity, they all go somewhere to do something; what they do, I do not know, but they do it with joy and enthusiasm. It seems that each one of them is endowed with skills and they use them in creative ways. It is incredible when skills and passion come together.

The Rivers

The pentatonic melodies of the symphony of peace are the murmuring sounds you will hear as the rivers glide over their pearly pebbled beds, like glossy ribbons. The valley streams are so cool and clear. Copious and beautiful.

The turquoise river beds, the rocks at the bottom of the rivers, look like clumps of turquoise flowers growing on the seabed, as if the rivers possess jewels of great value.

The Flowers

There is a myriad, thousands, of beautiful flowers, in what looks like a floral amphitheater. The flowers are blooming and bursting out in exuberance like a touch of late spring; the cool breeze carries the fragrances near and far. Each region is different, with a different look.

The flowers bloom and bloom over again, like remontant roses, with scented blooms throughout the seasons of life, that caress the soul in a loveliness that seems to never end.

The flowers here are in an amazing variety of colors: tubular scarlet, quaint purple, blond velvet, pinkish white. Some are ferocious orange; some are pink-mauve, while some are gloriously exotic and many, many more, all blending together to form irresistible colors of magnetic beauty.

The flowers are picturesque; they could be likened to many beautiful princesses, displaying elegantly the best of their wardrobes, looking recherche, exquisite, resplendently splendid, while flushing and blushing, blossoming, whispering to you in almost audible voices:

“I brought the best out for you.”

To Be Continued


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