In the mouth of two or more witnesses shall it be established

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In the mouth of two or more witnesses shall it be established

November 30, 2022
The following are Facebook comments to the article The Moon Fell From The Sky - Matthew Reynolds
Comment By Khadi Jen
Dream 9.30.2022

Mind blown right now . I legit had a dream/ vision last night. Something so similar. I don’t know where I was exactly but at a beach ( maybe vacation ) with some family members. Some ppl were outside swimming in the ocean and hanging out … the usual. Nice bright beautiful sunny day. As I was watching ppl outside doing activities I saw in the sky this ball of fire come shooting down fast ☄️ ( just like this moji) it crashed somewhere far but after few mins of it falling I heard rumbling ground shaking and the waves of the ocean were coming in fast and hard … it was getting chaotic real fast. Screaming etc

My family looked scared, panicking and as things were shaking I looked back at them and explained to them what’s about to happen and as long as you know Jesus we will be ok …

Gosh this is rather nerve racking but judgements need to happen in this wicked wicked world

Comment by Debby Rau
Dream 9.23.2022 8:01 AM

I believe this dream is confirmation in conjunction with a vision I received 7 days ago!
The large flash you saw could signify explosions which caused the moon to move to the right, and then ultimately fall to the earth.
And the BLAZING colors you saw engulfing the moon of purple, red, and orange, are all colors which are witnessed during volcanic eruptions!

A little while later as l closed my eyes to try to sleep, saw another vision saw a scene of multi hues of gray colored jagged and rocky landscape was looking down at it as if l were above it. l asked The Lord What am l seeing here Lord? heard these words Moon Volcanoes

Comment by Nikki McCarty

I had a dream about the moon as well a few months ago. I dreamed that I was with a group of Christians, casually chatting outside at a park close to sunset, when we looked up at the sky and saw a rod (that’s the only way I know to describe it) strike the moon, causing it to disentegrate from the sky. Immediately after, the whole sky began to shake back and forth. I knew Jesus would be coming back any moment, so I began frantically calling unsaved family members on the phone begging them to trust in Jesus and believe the Gospel.

Comment by Nate S.
11 year old

I can’t remember exact date about a month ago or less. I had had a dream of the moon, it started cracking and falling to earth.

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