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Moon Collision With Celestial Body

November 21, 2020 11:25 PM

Today is 22/11/2020

In this dream I was standing and looking up at a cloudy sky. And the moon was glowing intensely through the clouds moving to the right side on a collision course with another shinny celestial planetthat was very big. All of a sudden the moon turned into a black and white patched soccer ball when it hit the shinny surface of the celestial body, and the collision had the same effect like the way a soccer ball rolls into the net before it bounces back off. So as the soccer ball fell from the sky I then realized I was standing in the middle of an English soccer stadium with fans cheering. And the ball landed in a few seconds from high up on top of a soccer player’s head and he fell down in the middle of the pitch flat on his back and he said joyously even with a bit of laughter in his voice “I’m going to be famous”. After this I saw the soccer fans carry the player off like a hero and they all sang a song that sounded like a familiar soccer anthem I’ve heard before. End.

It’s a strange coincidence to have such a dream since I’m not a fan of soccer. But the event that took place in the sky is always worth noting which is why I’m writing this down. And even in the dream the event that I had just seen amazed me so much that I narrated it to the people on the scene. I can’t draw up any conclusions on the subject of this dream but rather keep watching in faith until the Lord reveals the meaning in due time.

God bless.

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