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2nd Lockdown, December, Part of the Moon Crashing to Earth – GELZEL L


2nd Lockdown, December, Part of the Moon Crashing to Earth

Sep 29, 2020


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Auto Generated Transcript

hi guys
i wanted to talk to you guys about a
dream i had
on this actually i had this dream
on sunday
september 28 2020
just had it
okay um in this stream this is what i
saw i’m just going to tell you to dream
exactly how i
saw it okay
in this stream i saw myself
at a home you know it didn’t look like
my original home the house i live in
or anything like that but i remember
talking to someone i’m not sure who
i was talking to in the house and i
hearing an ice cream truck passing by
i was like oh my goodness i gotta get me
some ice cream i love ice cream
so i ran after the ice cream truck
as soon as i heard the ice cream truck
i quickly ran outside first i was
looking for my money
and then i went outside when i went
outside this is what i saw
i noticed outside was silence like
i don’t know it was like a ghost town
and you could see the ice cream truck
just slowly trying to
pass by like really really slow and i’m
like this is a
like i didn’t even recognize the
neighborhood but it
looked like a suburban area where there
would be a lot of kids
running after the ice cream truck no
i looked around and i saw the streets
were empty
there was not one soul walking not one
outside walking or anything like that
and then i saw a couple of people
looking out the windows like
kids and families just looking out the
as if they didn’t want to come out like
as if we went back to a really bad
where everybody is just locked up in
their homes are
terrified to come out i’m dead serious
this is how bad it was
it was completely isolation from
it was just like a ghost town you know
and then
i looked at the i stopped the guy i
finally got to stop them because i was
i’ve been trying to catch up with you
you know why are you running away from
and then i looked at them and i was like
it was three of them in the
in the ice cream truck it was like three
of them
and they were like wearing like black
clothes and they look like they were
like thieves like they they robbed the
truck or something i’m not sure
what that was all about but i did ask
a couple of questions like um
why are you why you dressed like that
where are you guys coming from why is
like three of you guys and you guys are
dressed like
y’all thieves and stuff like that
i don’t know they got irritated with my
question and everything and they took
they they took off really really really
and after that that is weird as soon as
they took off right
it was like early it was not even late
it was like noon
day like around 12 o’clock one o’clock
maybe it was around that time and i knew
it too
and the sun was up so was the moon
so i’m back to the moon again you guys
i’ve been having a lot of dreams about
moons lately
and in this one i saw the moon exactly
like i saw my last dream where um
where all these colors were just coming
out of the moon
the moon was full of these radiant
colors it was crazy these beautiful
rainbow colors was covering the moon
and then this is what i saw
i saw this invisible hand i don’t know
it was just something was decorating the
and you you would not believe what what
they were decorating the moon as it was
like a christmas decoration
in the moon you saw the lights you saw
all the stuff you put in the christmas
and it was crazy it was like a total
um christmas decoration and i was just
oh ah
wow oh it’s so pretty i was just amazed
by what i was seeing
and like like i said there was there was
a single decoration on earth
so i didn’t know if it was christmas or
not in my dream i felt like it was
like that’s what i was assuming like
this is october
i didn’t even think that it was you know
i didn’t think it was christmas day like
i didn’t think it was december i didn’t
think it was
anywhere near christmas but the moon was
decked out like bunch of christmas
in the moon and i watched the whole
thing like this
invisible hand just decorated everything
in the moon
and at the end of the decoration you see
him put a bow on there like
those christmas bowl you would put on
your door and all these little crit um
like the tree branch
it was just beautiful and i was just
i was like oh wow it’s so beautiful you
know because it was
you so and then you saw the light the
light when when he
oh when the lights the light balls went
it was so crazy because it felt like a
firework it looked like
fireworks and it was just lighting up
like fireworks it was just so
unique it put it this way it was one of
the most
decked out the most beautifulest
christmas decoration
i’ve ever seen ever and i’ve seen a lot
but yeah it was crazy it was unique
completely unique
and after that okay
this is what happened after i was done
seeing them
decked out the the moon like a christmas
after that was done after they stamped
the the
ribbon on the right like like the bowl
on the right
boom a chunk of the
the moon was exploded i don’t know what
happened i don’t know if an asteroid hit
the moon
but a big chunk fell off in this into
this earth
into the earth and i don’t know if
because in the dream it was a big
big huge mountain was coming down
on the earth a huge mountain was coming
down on the earth it looked like a
mountain and i even said i was like oh
my goodness
this looks like a mountain and that’s
what i said
and for it coming down it’s like a big
giant piece was coming down
behind it was a bunch of little ones
falling down
and every little ones that fell down it
was like a a
explosion of lava like i don’t know it
was crazy
like you know those melted lava just
falling on the ground
it was a lot of it was like a bunch of
it falling from the sky
and you can still see that giant thing
come it was like an explosion everywhere
it landed all these little tiny little
rocks that was behind the big rock
every tiny little rock that hit felt
like a
bomb going off in every angle every
it was everywhere people were screaming
it was a lot of screaming yelling
crying i i i was just watching all of
this happen
and then i i quickly woke up i can’t
remember more from this dream but that’s
all i remember from the dream that this
giant rock was coming and it was
coming with wrath of fire it was crazy
but yeah i wanted to share this stream
with you guys um
you guys can pray about it and i know i
i don’t have any positive dreams to give
most of my dreams are doom and gloom but
you guys
this channel is called end time dreams
and vision
and if i get rapture dreams that’s
wonderful i love to share those with you
guys but i also get these dreams where
i see the the worlds coming to an end so
i don’t mean to be the um the
down person or the the doomsday
or whatever whatever you want to think
i just pray that you guys will receive
it and just pray on this you guys just
pray on this take it to god and ask god
what is really coming
let the lord reveal to you what’s really
don’t be naive and listening to people
saying that everything is going to be
perfect everything is going to go back
to normal
things will go back to normal i don’t
know i don’t see
that happening i pray every day
and ask god show me you know is things
gonna get better
are we gonna you know are we gonna get
and the only the only thing i can get
from this is
unless people change their ways and
their habits
things will never get better and
judgment will totally
fall hard on this planet on this earth
and like i saw with these fires these
the rocks was falling everywhere
it was everywhere there was nowhere safe
nowhere when the judgment of god come
upon this earth
nowhere is going to be safe no one can
hide from god
so we have to keep praying and just
and just come to repentance day in and
day out
nonstop because these days you don’t
how long we have left because any day
any time god can come and rapture his
and then the great and powerful
tribulation will begin
receive god as your lord and savior
receive jesus christ
as your lord and savior except um
allow the holy spirit to come into you
and guide you and direct your path
i love you guys god bless you guys um
i will continue to post as long the lord
continue to pour out his spirit upon my
god bless you hang in there shalom


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