Vision: Moon Exploded – Jenny

September 23 2016

Hi guys, I had a quick vision within a dream. I saw people standing in frozen water looking at the moon and it exploded. I was thinking about why they were in frozen water because I live in FL and I feel The Lord led me to believe the people were frozen with fear.

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  1. Kenneth Heck

    I have my doubts you actually saw the Moon explode, since it is still here at the time of the fourth trumpet (Rev 8:12). However, it is quite possible you saw an asteroid or comet exploding when it comes so close to the earth that it looks as big as the Moon. The explosion may be due to a hit by a rocket, or simply from entering the atmosphere at a high velocity. The frozen water may indicate an impact in water (rather than on land) in a cold area such the polar regions.

  2. TX1

    Weird. I just had a dream the moon exploded, and a bunch of tornados formed afterwards. Very interesting I woke up and searched the internet to see if anyone else has posted something similar.
    I have to agree with previous comment that Bible takes precedence.

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