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The Mirror Of Eternity – Only a Grain of Sand

The Mirror Of Eternity

June 1, 2020 6:17 AM
Only A Grain Of Sand

It is coming to each of you My Children
The Mirror Of Eternity
All time will stop at the same moment. I AM will suspend time for the duration of The Warning, The Illumination of Conscience, a New Pentecost. You will see all your lives from the beginning, rolled-out as a movie, in front of your eyes. There will be no distraction, for all will be silence. You and your God alone in The Mirror Of Eternity. You will contemplate your God, your mind in The Mirror Of Eternity; placing your soul in the splendor of glory, transforming your entire being forever. Either into the image of the Divine One Himself or the evil one.

All sins of commission or omission, will play out. All of your actions, looks, gestures, thoughts, words, feelings will be revealed and their results on those around you, and your own lives, families, neighbors, enemies, will be revealed.

Yes or No to your God!
Do Not Fear! Plead My Mercy!
Many will sneer and openly reject their God. The earth will open to receive them, into the pit. Yes, many evil children will drop dead then and there. I AM Just! All will know their God, face to face. All the false religions, will be exposed as the work of the evil one.

Their will be no excuse any more, as to what the true origin of humanity is, or the true Creator God of you all. Or your final destination, if you were to pass then and there. Do not try to run and hide. It will not be possible. Drop your defenses and plead My Mercy! For some I will give, a further 40 Days, or 6 Weeks, to make a final decision. Yes or No to their God?

After that the son of perdition, will mount his throne and impose his monstrosities. During the 40 Days or 6 Weeks satan will not have any power over your human wills, this is My Grace. My Gift to you, to give you an opportunity, to decide without the relentless distractions and attacks, of the damned serpent, and his minions.

Some will repent, but during the 6 Weeks, go back to their sinful lives. Such is the weakness of the human race. Beware My Justice will have no limits, on those that take The Mark Of The Beast, or reject their God, to hold onto a dying world, or to continue to live in sin. Can you not see this world is exhausted, and can not continue with the amount of filth you participate in individually and collectively? The earth is soaked in blood; abortion, war and murder and can not absorb any more. You have collectively drawn the death star, into the earths orbit.

Listen Now!
Two heavenly bodies will collide, in the atmosphere of your planet, causing a huge Cross, to form and be seen, by all the inhabitants of the earth. You eyes will behold this clearly. This is the sign The Warning Is Now! (444News Note: see links at bottom)

Time will stop!
You will enter into yourselves and the images of your life journey will roll-out in front of you. No one will see or hear your Warning, as they will be immersed in their own experience of The Mirror Of Eternity. You are the last generation My Children! You were chosen from all eternity, by Me, to live in this generation! Help Me to save the lost Children of the world.

I AM now returning to collect the Harvest. I AM will protect My own, but those that knowingly reject their God will suffer for all time, in a void of darkness, horror, sorrow, screams, with the snake king and his minions, in the lake of fire.

The Mirror Of Eternity will be revealed to all at the same moment. Do not look for dates or times or listen to any voice, with Feast Days or calendar months or years. I AM will give you advance notice, for all to see. White clouds that are not normal to the eye, will appear world-wide 7 Days before The Mirror Of Eternity arrives. It is the hair of the celestial bodies, the dust of their tails that will be visible to all.

Those that must travel should consider returning to your homes, your families, your loved ones, as chaos and rebellion, in your nations will already be far advanced. You America are seeing the first signs of anarchy now. The birth pains have started,. They will proceed. The second wave of the pestilence will roll-out this Fall. Have 3 Months of food, water and fuel prepared for that time, I AM shortening the times as all is in My Hands. Not in the putrid plans of the elite slaves of the snake king, as they think. The Mirror Of Eternity is coming down from The Throne Of The Eternal One, and will shine in front of each of My Children!

God The Father The Almighty One


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  1. Sarah

    It will happen after Pop Benedikt will leave Rom, there will be Revolution, after his left Rom will be Warning.

  2. Joe D

    This is breaking news. This prophecy was given long back only to be forgotten. Now Our Heavenly Father (HF) again brings this final act of mercy on sinful man and in greater detail.

    In this scenario HF will freeze time, stop it and every one of us irrespective of ones religion will see ourself as if we’re dead then. Here all our sins will pass before us and in that mini judgment unrepentant sinners find themselves in Hell actually suffering its torments. Those holy and pure would see themselves in everlasting glory. Sinners are then expected to repent in response to God’s final act of mercy after this mini judgment ends….. ……sigh.

    Now HF again repeats His 10 March message that a greater pandemic is around the corner from October hence stock on essentials viz food, water, fuel. Now one has to discern whether this one is a bigger pandemic or the all important one where Jesus has said hundreds of millions perish, Jeff Byerly puts the figure at 1.75 billion.!

    If its the mega one then I think the warning would be before, if not maybe before, maybe after. Let’s get down on our knees and pray. Amen.

  3. Joe D

    Only a grain of sand…….. The all important message given to you Congratulations !

    I was waiting for long fot this over due message and thought it would be given to Conchita the little girl who received this forgotten message in 1965 and is now married and resides in New York. In a TV interview shown long back on YT she says six days before she will be told of the warning. Also two planetary systems would collide I read this elsewhere that’s its jupiter and saturn, not sure though.

    I study orthodox catholic protestant prophecy and collate the same to get a clearer picture. Anyhow again Congratulations and lets be in Prayer. Be Blessed.

  4. Pleshonna Bowe

    In the twinkling of an eye.

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