Three Days of Darkness

God Is Preparing A Mirror For Each Of His Children On Earth – Only A Grain of Sand

God Is Preparing A Mirror For Each Of His Children On Earth
April 13, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

The 3 Days Of Darkness will start at the same moment for all humanity. On a very cold night, intense thunder and lightening, will be heard all over the earth. The next morning the first sign is the radiant colors in the sky, all over the earth, do not fear, this is a signal to:
Go Home Now!
Cover your windows, get your candle, food, water, prayer materials together.
Start to pray, on your knees, on the floor prostrate, or with your arms outstretched.
In the sky the two heavenly bodies will collide creating My Red Cross, which all humanity will see.
They will all know whom they pierced.
Time will then stop, for all humanity, at the same moment, all over the world.
Only a wind up clock will work, nothing electric will work for three days as per My Holy Will, all machines will stop.
I AM will prepare a mirror for each man, woman and child over the age of responsibility.
You will see all your sins of commission and omission as a scroll unraveling from your birth, like a movie of your life, unfolding in real-time, before your eyes.
You will be alone with me and you sins, no one will see or hear your interior life.
Do not fear! PRAY!
Plead My Mercy! PRAY!
Give your yes to God! PRAY!
Be Humble! PRAY!
If you curse Me, your life could be extinguished then and there. Hell awaits!
Do not fight my last offer of salvation, to humanity so deeply enmeshed in sin both personal and collective.
I Love you all, I want you to come to Me all My children.
Do not look outside, do not be curious. Do not open the door to anyone at all.
The gaseous bodies will emit poisonous death to all who breathe these fumes.
The evil ones will ride this fiery furnace to earth in search of their prey.
Be not fooled by the naysayers, they are deceived, or are wolves in search of victims for the evil one. It will come in My time, God Will Not Be Mocked!
Six weeks, or 40 days will follow for repentance and then the anti-Christ will be revealed and his beast system will prevail, as the scriptures will all be fulfilled.
When it is over the air will be fresh, and the sun will shine, as on a Spring day.
The Eternal One The Lord God Almighty


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