Dream, Three Days of Darkness

The Northern Lights Dream – K L Williams

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The Northern Lights Dream

June 12, 2024 2:44 PM

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April 15, 2024 4:22am

I don’t remember how the dream started but I remember that I was with my family. We were repeatedly visiting my grandmother’s house (on my father’s side) dropping off groceries or repairing things around her house. We had visited her house several times as family, but she either wasn’t there or I did not go inside to visit her. On the final visit to my grandmother’s house, I went by myself as my father had asked me to drop something off. I remember walking in to the home, dropping whatever it was (a tool like a wrench or something I think) on the kitchen counter and when I turned around she was coming out of the hallway from her bedroom. We had not seen each other in a long while and were both very happy to see each other. It was a bit strange because she had an excess of dog food she had ordered which apparently wasn’t even the right kind of dog food she had wanted. They were out of the kind she typically buys so she had changed her order. But when it came in, she was very upset because it was not the typical kind she gets even though she was the one who had changed the order. Either way, she was very mad about it. But she also did not have a dog so I was very confused. I couldn’t stay long with my grandmother because I was on my way to work so we exchanged happy good byes and I left. I was working at an Aldi’s and while I think I was supposed to be stocking shelves (I do not remember having a specific task to work on) I was honestly just walking around casually, window shopping the products.

I bobbed and weaved past a couple of customers but it never occurred to me to ask them if they needed help. I remember walking past a couple of people with small children (toddlers or babies). One gentleman was a dad with two small daughters with very pale blonde hair, they were either twins or very close in age but neither one was older than a toddler. This man and I passed each other a few times in the aisles and I cooed at his daughters before a candle display caught my attention. While I was looking at the candles I suddenly remembered that I needed to know what time it was. I must have checked the time or something because a large digital clock face (like the kind you see on the bottom right hand corner of a computer) appeared in my vision. The time read 7:34. I knew that the store closed at 7:00 and I couldn’t believe that I had been so entranced with the candles I had let time slip away from me. Also none of my coworkers had mentioned anything about the time (which was unusual) and we had three separate customers who I knew had walked in after 7 (which meant that my coworkers had not stopped them from coming in even though we were closed and had not closed and locked the doors either which was even more unusual).

In a rush, I tried to get the customers to understand that we were closed. I first approached an older African American woman, probably in her 70s, in black pants and a black hoodie because she was the most recent to walk in. I called to her several times and she ignored me. I even tried to step in front of her to get her attention so I could speak to her and she tried to walk around me several times. I told her the store was closed and she needed to leave because even if she bought anything the registers automatically close out of their programming a few minutes after 7 and it was already past 7:30 so we couldn’t ring her out even if we wanted to. It was also imperative that I get the customers out of the store because when the programming shut off, the cash drawer automatically popped open so we can count it (this is not how my register works in reality), but we have a store policy that the drawers cannot be counted until all of the customers are have left the building (this is a real policy at the store I work at). She kind of glanced at me, giving me look like I was just bothering her and continued walking around the store. She didn’t even seem to be shopping. I tried to approach another customer, an older, shorter man with a bald head probably in his 40s and told him the same thing. He also completely ignored me and continued his shopping. I started to panic at the thought of not being able to get the customers out of the store or worse arguing with them at the register about buying their items when we can’t work the system. But I knew I needed to keep calm, I had asked GOD in my thoughts to help me handle the situation and he put in my mind that the doors needed to be locked up first before any more customers tried to come in.

I walked quickly to the clear glass automatic doors, switched them to close, and turned the power off. The door opened up on me twice before I could actually lock it even though the power was off and I had a feeling it was a small occurrence of demonic activity trying to get me even more flustered, but once I got it locked and before I could say a thank you prayer, I looked up and outside the glass doors. The doors and parking lot were on the right hand side of the building so as I looked out, I saw the neighboring business instead of facing the street. There was very tall black netting across the way that I knew was from a Top Golf business which forced my vision high up towards the sky. From the edge of the sky came the aurora lights. They danced and flickered superfast almost like a video on x3 speed. They approached quickly, stretched across the sky (waving and flickering) and continued moving on above the store and beyond and I just knew that they were on their way to the edges of the earth. It wasn’t even two minutes until they were completely out of sight. Now I don’t know what direction I was actually facing but I felt it was towards the horizon (which I know is contradictory to information we have on the subject but that’s just the direction I thought I was facing).

I jumped up excitedly, and started bouncing around in joy because I knew that it meant we would be with The Savior soon. I started shouting ‘The northern lights! The northern lights are here!’ and my other three coworkers in the store gave me funny looks. I thought for a moment about my brother who lives several hours away from home and how he would get back in time before the three days of darkness, but I immediately let the thought go because I knew God would take care of it. At the moment I needed to get home. I excitedly approached one of a coworkers, a girl about my age, who I had not talked to explicitly about the three days of darkness but whom I had given information and asked her if she knew what this meant. She said she kind of had an understanding but honestly didn’t know. I looked at another coworker, an older gentleman who I had not given any information, and he gave me a very bored and tired look. Before anything else could happen, I woke up with a gasp, but I was still dreaming (to clarify, I woke up from one dream into a second dream). I was in my bedroom of my childhood home.

I ran into my mother’s room and found her sitting on her couch watching the television (I think it was the news or weather or something) and I told that the northern lights were here and asked if she had seen. She sat up immediately and said ‘No.’ I glanced at her window which was either already taped up in preparation for the darkness or the blinds were closed but I couldn’t see outside. Then I understood that it was a dream (even though it was still inside of a second dream that I didn’t realize) and I told her I had a dream about the northern lights. She gave me her cell phone so I could call my father. I took the phone in my room and dialed. My father picked up very quickly meanwhile my mother had gathered my two sisters into my room to hear about the dream. I recounted the dream (almost exactly the same way that I’ve typed it out here. Either he or my mother (I can’t remember which) paused me in the middle to ask which Aldi’s I was at. I
explained that I was at the one across the street from my college.

I continued the dream and right as I was finishing the story, I woke up again (This time for real) in my actual bedroom.


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