Three Days of Darkness, Vision

Thoughts of a Person in the 3 Days of Darkness (Those Without the Light of God) – LynL

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Thoughts of a Person in the 3 Days of Darkness (Those Without the Light of God)

June 13, 2024 10:37 AM


“The denseness and thickness of the air permeated each one of my membranes. Who is it, I said, that is covering the Earth in feelings, I have never felt before. What is it that is thickening the atmosphere, the air I breath, the thoughts I feel? Who can make senses, that were never felt before, become one with me? I am lost in this new realm and need guidance to operate my vessel within this darkness.

The air penetrates each cell membrane to awaken thoughts, feelings, dread, and fear that, I knew not existed. Who is the purveyor of this thickness? What is its purpose? What have I done or not done, to create this unknown reality that soaks to the core of my soul? Darkness, pitch black, yet alive and well without light, nothing to set it to flight. The stillness permeates my cells and awakens new feelings that are captured in this darkness. Is this darkness alive, or am I dead? Where do I go from here?

Lord, help me find the light, before it is too late. Give my soul the right to breath in the light. Cancel all darkness to make me shine in your heavenly light. Make me a beacon upon a hill and infuse me with all that is right. For light cannot mix with the darkness and my soul wants to become one with you. Lead me, guide me, show me the way for I am lost without you and your penetrating light”.



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