Dream, Three Days of Darkness

Earthquake and Three Days of Darkness – Shepard

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Earthquake and Three Days of Darkness

June 20, 2024 3:21 PM

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Here is my message from God. I feel as if I should share it.

Pray the Holy Spirit on this message. Pray for discernment too.

So, here we go :

I was in a building in a very African place ( I think “something” in my soul was telling me it was Haiti. No one told me but that was what it felt like).It was night. I was living there with other people in an apartment when suddenly, something strange happened. When people were walking on the floor in some places of the apartment/room we were in, the floor was creaking a little bit, as if it was going to collapse, and take the whole building alongside with it.
Somehow, I also felt like it was the beginning of an earthquake. Somehow, I knew it was from God

Felling scared, one person,i think it was a woman, and myself, decided to walk away from the apartment. We were on the first floor, we went on the ground floor.

I was right in front of the exit door when suddenly, I stopped right at the exit door. I didn’t want to open it and walk outside.

Something was telling me NOT to go through that door. I hesitated to go through it.My hand was hovering over the handle.

I’m going to try to explain why. I knew there was going to be an earthquake and that it was from God. So, I told myself “Maybe you should remain in the apartment. It’s from God.What can you do about it ?”

I had anxieties going through that door. I didn’t know whether I should or not.

Ultimately, I went through it and was outside. And I started to run.

I arrived in front of a port in front of me, with water, the ocean, and everything. And the Earthquake started. I heard screams in the distance. In front of me were 2 buildings, behind me, the port. Knowing that there was nothing I could do to change anything, I went on my knees and prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (in French).

The shaking became bigger, and I dropped on my belly.I continue praying the chaplet ( I also remembered inside the dream that I was not baptized yet) , when suddenly, I see a man walking in my field of vision from my left in front me wearing sandals. I only see the man’s feet, but he seems to be wearing a white robe of some kind. I thought he was a priest of some kind.

I think that was Jesus Christ.

He touched my back, and I felt something happening. Maybe it was peace, maybe it was something else. I can’t really describe it. As if you’re closing your eyes, trying to sleep, this kind of comfiness.

I open my eyes and suddenly, it is day. I see two buildings in front of me. I see on the ground that the Earthquake had some kind of effect on the ground.I look behind and I see some kind of Hole in the sky, with ray of light from it.

I’ve tried to recreate it ( my drawing sucks, but that was the best I could do sorry)

It was as if it was a black hole, but with cyan on the center, with like the air trying to cover it up..

Something like this.

A hole in the sky. The air was being sucked out of it, the center was cyan blue,and they were ray of light around being send from the hole.

It was beautiful.

I think a few people were watching too, and a few crying over the earthquake. Yet, I felt uneasy watching it.Something was wrong about it.

I turned again, I’m in front of the two buildings. Suddenly, out of nowhere, in less than a second. Smoke was everywhere. Just smoke everywhere. Not darkness, but just smoke.

The smoke was so much I could no longer see the 2 buildings in front of me. I hear screaming and crying. I understood, inside the dream,why then I was uneasy watching the spectacle.

There is a prophecy called the 3 days of darkness, which claim that for 3 days the world will be covered in darkness. But right before it starts, there would be unreal otherworldly beautiful sighting in the sky, like the one I saw.

And it would have been colored cyan blue. Like this woman, Vicki Goforth Parnell, another one of God’s prophet, was saying :


I then understand something.

I am outside during the 3 days of darkness

I began running. Trying to get to a building, but the smoke is so dense, I can’t see anything but smoke. I then see figuresand movements in the smoke. It felt unnatural, and I was scared that they were demons, so I try to avoid them.

I keep on running and running, telling Jesus Christ for help and forgiveness, and everything else you can say in that moment.

And then I woke up.

I felt as if I needed to talk to it with someone, and I decide to send it to all of you.

Pray The Lord Jesus Christ for discernment. Pray to Him for this dream please.

That is all.

With Love


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