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Episode #3 of ’Steel Sharpens Steel’ – Robert A. Avila

Robert A. A

Episode #3 of ’Steel Sharpens Steel’

November 25, 2022
Robert A. Avila

When I was nine, Holy Spirit showed me a series of dreams. The clouds rolled up. The sky rolled up. Two planets in space collided. They broke up a ring of broken matter circled the earth. Then meteors began to fall.
Meteors smashed through streets, roofs, and backyard pools.

Years later, I recognized the events of these 7 nights of dreams—when I read Revelation chapter 6–the sixth seal judgment.
Other things were shown, things not in Revelation chapter 6: ground boiled and flash-frozen.

And they showed something else, something already fulfilled.

Robert A. Avila

Robert A. Avila

Robert A. Avila

Robert A. Avila

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