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December 13, 2021 9:26 AM

dream on December 30, 2019

I was outside looking at the moon. It was a full moon and it was still daylight. It was during that time of day when the sun is getting ready to set and you sometimes see the moon up in the horizon. It was so full and white and if you gazed at it a while you could even see some of the craters. As I am staring at it for a minute the most unexpected thing happens and the moon explodes. The bottom right half blows up! It looked like a nuclear explosion, but in space. It happened quickly and then everything moved slowly sort of like the way a volcano erupts.

The world was looking at the sky in awe and people were in fear and gasping at what had happened. I can’t remember how much time had passed, but all of a sudden rocks were falling to the earth like meteorites. Pieces of moon were being hurled towards earth in fire and I saw buildings and homes demolished.

Then there was a quiet and as I am still looking at the sky I see all these spaceships (space craft) flying out of the moon. They appeared to be thousands of them and the way they moved resembled a swarm of wasps. They all flew out from the center of the moon and hovered over homes on the earth in a matter of seconds, moving strategically with a hive mentality. I saw these ships taking people. A beam of light would hit and transport them into the air. Men and women were screaming and trying to fight it.

The ships looked a lot like the stealth bombers I remember seeing in the 1980s, with angles and acute points, but they had this crystal almost transparent appearance. And there was no sound when they moved as they hovered completely in silence over homes. As all this happened I ran and hid underneath a house as fast as I could. I was under a crawl space but it was not sealed and I instinctively knew one of the ships saw me. It hovered right above the house. I tried to not make a sound or move.

Then some sort of alien arm grabbed me that reached down from the ship. It was trying to take me. The arm was long and skinny and had long skinny fingers like a frog and it’s skin was clear but white. I could not see it’s body or face but it moved with speed. I grabbed back at it which I don’t think it expected and then I began to shout and pray in the spirit. I felt the spirit of God come over me and I started to rebuke it in the name of Jesus… but then the scariest thing happened. For some reason it did nothing. This alien demon did not back down. I couldn’t understand why something so evil would not submit to the authority of God and to the authority he has given us (believers).

At that moment I woke.

After much prayer and fasting I believe this is part of an event that will take place during the time of the antichrist and the coming days of iniquity. The Lord has been putting on my heart to warn the saints that what worked in our times may not work in those times. God is going to have to enable us to fight with new weapons and teach us a warfare that has not yet been seen by the enemy.


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