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⅓ Of The Moon Fell To Earth – Constantine1959

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⅓ Of The Moon Fell To Earth

April 2011
Original Title: Dream About A Planet


Auto Generated Transcript

hello this is constantly 1959 I’d like
to tell you about a dream that I had a
while back I’ve had this dream three
times now and father wants me to put it
out I have the impression that this is
the catalyst for some of my other dreams
to happen I saw a planet or it seemed to
be a planet a little bigger than Pluto I
saw this planet strike the Sun and I saw
the Sun darken like it wasn’t eclipse
then I saw the planet travel and strike
the moon I saw a third of the moon
shatter the peace is headed towards
Earth the planet still came at the earth
and its effect did the rotation of the
earth the dream did show me if it hit
the earth anywhere so I assume that it
didn’t the rocks of the moon I saw
strike the earth I saw volcanoes an
exploding and erupting and earthquake
shaking the earth the earth was still
for a while I don’t know how long but no
wind was blowing because of the rotation
of the earth being changed and then I
woke up and my wife had a vision I saw
an angel standing on a cloud gazing down
upon the earth I noticed that he looked
angry I saw him open his mouth and out
of it poured a but
steam stream of water I turned towards
the Earth and as I turned I noticed the
Sun go dark as in an eclipse I looked
down and I saw volcanoes erupting all
over then I went somewhere else what was
bright and I saw a palm extending
towards me and in his palm I saw a
beautiful golden key that looked like
one of the old fashioned skeleton keys I
took the key from him that was the end
of her vision this is constantly 1959
thank you for listening

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 

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