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America, Attack, Earthquake, Nuclear, Vision, Volcano

Vision: What’s Coming to America – Randy Hecker

America, Attack, Destruction, Earthquake, Foreign Troops, Invasion, Judgment, Nuclear, Persecution, Prophecy, Troops, Tsunami

Will You Still Disbelieve Me on That Day? – Stephen Hanson

Attack, Prophecy

Attacks Intensifying – Glynda Lomax

America, Asteroid, Attack, China, Earthquake, Famine, FEMA, Foreign Troops, Invasion, Nuclear, Prophecy, REPENT, Russia, Three Days of Darkness, Tsunami, War

IT IS COMING – Byron Searle

America, Attack, Dream, Nuclear

Dream: “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!” – Marty Breeden

America, Attack, Nuclear, Obama, Prophecy, Return, Video, Vision

“My Wrath is Coming” – Wendi Lee

Attack, Dream, Russia

Dream: Blood Moon, Russia Attacking Us, REPENT – India Jones

Attack, Nuclear, Vision

A.C. VALDEZ’S 1929 Vision of Nuclear strike in San Francisco

Attack, Dream

Dream: Darkness, Judgement & Evil; Aliens/Demons trying to enter into my house – Olympia Morin Hernandez

Attack, Dream

Dream: Missiles coming out of the ground; drones shooting at people, surprise attack from within as well as the Oceans totally UNEXPECTED. One day normal the next day total chaos. It was the Russians in my dream. It was so horrible. They were all over the US, like they came out of hiding.

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