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“Mom Come & Look!” – LM

Photos courtesy Pixabay

“Mom Come & Look!”

June 19, 2024 12:02 PM

On March 18, 2022 I was in prayer before bedtime. I was in my usual spot kneeled side of bed and without notice I “fell asleep”
Vision – my 2nd oldest son ( 19yr) came knocking at my bedroom door frantically “Mom come & look!” I get up follow him to his bedroom he than says ” look!” and points to his tv. I look and on the tv screen I see a flat map of the US and 2 bombs coming from across the Atlantic ocean. One bomb lands in mid Texas & the other is heading towards the East Coast (NY) but I wake up before it lands on the east.
When I “woke up” I than realized I had been in a vision because the vision took place in my home and I was in the same posture kneeled side of bed, not slouched or anything.

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God bless!

Photos courtesy Pixabay


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