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Attacked Without Warning – Debra

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Attacked Without Warning

September 17, 2023 7:49 AM

9/17/23 –

My dear children, as you have heard Me say many times now, brace yourself. Why? For the fall of your once great nation is imminent. She is about to be attacked without warning to My children by your governments. You heard Me rightly. The Intel is there, but it is being suppressed. Why? For evil has it’s operatives in high places. Now do not be discouraged, but listen intently to My Words. Leave the blue states and rush to the red states for at a time determined by the Most High, will evil stretch forth his hand of destruction and destroy much. I seek to protect My own. Therefore, the red states will fare much better than the blue for they seek out Me and My way though they have lost their way to My door long ago. No matter, I have allowed it to be opened by My daughter Debra and through her and through her only do I allow others to follow her in. What do I mean? Just this: I come through her and through her only shall I come. I have been speaking to her and through her for many years now, but because of the many evils of man, have I kept her hidden until a time as I determine and not man and not her. Therefore, at the time appointed, will I allow her to be revealed to the masses, but I begin here with you. Now go My children and be at peace and do not wonder what you are witnessing. You are witnessing Me. That is all and I have spoken. I AM your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. No other can say that he is Me and live. Shalom.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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