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Biological & Chemical Attack From Within – Jonathan Theiben

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Biological & Chemical Attack From Within

March 16, 2024 3:09 PM
Jonathan Theiben

Today I was checking Facebook for anything new about the April 8th eclipse when I came across this video see link below


It talks about a Biological Attack “Drill” on April 8th 2024. The video goes on to explain how the powers that be want there to be a communication shutdown durning this time. Not to different from the recent cellphone tower outage a few weeks ago and the facebook outage that was most likely a test run for what they are planning.

A few hours latter in casual conversation with a guy I know who is ex-military. He said has heard about this (the bioattack). He has a friend who is in Army Intelligence who told him that part of the country will get a chemical attack and part of the country will get a biological attack and it will be from within no outside forces will be behind the attack. I replied they will probably blame it on Russia to this He agreed. He went on to say they are doing this to make it harder on Trump when He gets in and to make His term as short as possible. Then he went about his business and we parted ways.

After this conversation I started praying in the spirit. And some images of old articles on 444news popped into my head about the poisoning of the water supply.

Below are article I think are possibly related to the events mentioned above










Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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