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Woe Woe Woe

September 10, 2020

The Watchman on the wall is given the privilege both of seeing the returning Bridegroom party AND of seeing the enemy and what he is up to. It is far more of a pleasure to share the former as good news is always embraced with joy, whereas the sharing of the latter often brings criticism and rebuff. It matter’s not. What is crucial is that those at their posts are faithful to the charge given them. They work for the Lord and not for man.

With that in mind, I need to share a warning dream I was given on the 2nd September 2020. Because of certain elements in the dream, it is more than likely that it took place on American soil. In the first scene, I was in an aeroplane with two young men of middle-eastern descent, getting ready to jump out of the plane. They were very excited and jovial about the great honor and opportunity they had been awarded of doing this jump. Next minute, we were all in the air, although I do not remember jumping. I could see them just below me, still talking excitedly. Below us were rural farmlands and in the distance, a city, which seemed small because of the distance. And then in their left hands I saw each held a device with a button and their thumbs were hovering, about to press them. Suddenly I realized these were suicide bombers and they were excited about giving their lives for their cause. They both triggered their devices simultaneously, but instead of an explosion, I saw large silver objects like giant balloons inflate and I could no longer see the young men. The objects were the onion shape of the roof on a mosque. The one moved directly above the other, looking like a double portion of the same thing.

In the next scene, I was standing in front of a large sandstone colored building with columns outside the door, and I heard the words ‘city hall’. To the right of the door was a large grey gas canister. Suddenly it floated into the air and as it ascended, holes appeared on the sides. For a small moment, I saw white flakes swirl into the atmosphere and then they vanished and I knew poisonous gas had been released into the air and I must not breathe it in. I put my hand over my nose and mouth and began to run towards home. As I did so, I passed a long queue of people, waiting to go into the city hall. So I shouted to them repeatedly to cover their mouths and noses as there was poison in the air. Each time I said this, I knew I was putting myself at risk by speaking, but I had to warn them.

In the third scene, I was inside a building and considered washing my skin to rinse the poison residue away, but then I realized that the water supply had also been poisoned. I looked into the fridge for milk and then first worked out how long it had been in there, before drinking some. I also began to warn the other people in the house against using the water in the taps. They told me I was going overboard. Suddenly I noticed that their faces were all covered in a fine red rash like hives. As I pointed this out they told me that my face looked the same. I couldn’t feel any pain but when I checked in the mirror, I saw it was true. So I searched through my medicine cabinet to find some sort of soothing antihistamine cream to put on.

On waking, the thought came to me to wash my face in milk and then apply honey. I got up and began to do a search on the effects of gas attacks and discovered that gases used as weapons of mass destruction manifest first with a skin rash. Immediately on waking, I received some understanding of the elements of the dream:

There is going to be a twin suicide bomb attack, but not the ‘bomb in the marketplace’ kind of scenario. Rather, there is going to be poisoning of the air and the water supplies in two different cities. It will be blamed on one of the middle-eastern terrorist countries, but I am not sure if this will be the truth, as there are many enemies of this great nation within its borders. The timing of the attack is connected to the elections and the people in the queue are waiting to vote. Because I saw no masks on the faces of those in the queue, it may be that the attack will be unleashed in cities where there are a majority of Trump supporters (his campaign has been often accused of paying no attention to the wearing of masks), but this is my personal deduction and not the word of the Lord on this point. Then the Lord began to speak:

Woe to the city that has dwelt carelessly, that has spent her daytime hours in revelry and sport. Woe to those who think to hide their evil deeds from the Lord of Hosts. For I have released an enemy among you and you shall not know it until it has done its work. Your enemies laugh as they execute this latest scheme for they know your national guard has no power against this foe. Creeping into houses and running down streets and barrelling into the secret place of your lungs. There is no escaping and suddenly it comes, in broad daylight when men say peace and safety, then it is triggered and the slain shall be many. Even your water supplies will be tainted with this toxin and your cattle shall lie dead at the well. Heed My counsel and come into your chambers until this peril is past. Gather for yourselves now water supplies and balm for your skin. The pure milk of the Word and the milk of your cattle, 3 days old, shall be safe but do not turn on the taps, once news of this attack breaks out. Your geysers have fresh water but any infilling will mix toxic with fresh and all shall be contaminated. Woe, woe, woe. The enemy is at the gate. What has been rumoured and whispered about in the circle of the seeking ones is now at hand.”

Just to make sure I had understood correctly, I asked, “Lord are they going to release poisonous gas and also poison a city’s water supplies?”

“Yes, daughter, two cities… And yes, it shall be around election time when people come out to vote.”

Then once again, I am in the air above the two young men who are gladly giving their lives as suicide bombers and I wonder what happened to their bodies once the silver balloon objects inflated. My eyes search the ground to see if I can spot them and I see hundreds of dead birds instead. The Lord says, “This shall be a sign that it is here. When birds fall out of the sky, you know that the air contains poison. Run home and close all your windows and doors.”

So, just to recap on preparation for this attack:

  • Gather sealed water supplies
  • Get some sort of soothing ointment for any skin exposed to this gas.
  • Only consume food and liquids that have been in your refrigerator for at least 3 days before the release of this attack. Milk, because it is alkaline will neutralize any acidity on the skin and help soothe the rash. Also wash your eyes out with milk if exposed.
  • Honey will aid in healing the skin rash, once it has been rinsed off with milk.
  • Stay inside and keep your doors and windows shut if you live within the vicinity of the cities where these attacks take place, until the Lord releases you to go outside.
  • Do not use tap water once the news of this attack is released.

I do not know which cities are earmarked for this attack but it seems from what the Lord referred to that at least one of the cities is known for its sporting events.

May the Lord have mercy and protect the remnant and the innocent.


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