Tainted Water Supply – Marty Breeden

Tainted Water Supply

Sep 29, 2019
Marty Breeden

Odd night of having several “flash dreams”.

  1. I saw a small plane crash that seemed to set off a series of chaotic events.
    I saw myself trying to teach my oldest how to use a new self defense weapon because we had heard something was coming and we were preparing to defend ourselves.
  2.  Something had “tainted” or affected our water supply greatly.
    Some were prepared and were able to access fresh water, others were totally caught off guard and were unable to get water at all.

This too caused great chaos and upheaval.
People begin to panic…..extra work crews were being brought in from everywhere….
Not all these “workers” appeared to be American….
Some came under the auspices of “helping”, yet they were actually here to make things worse.
I caught one of them exacerbating the problem and just as I was about to sound the alarm….

I awoke…..

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  1. madelyn Camp

    Stopthecrime.net confirms documented plans to taint water supplies. FIND.WATER.NOW. Wells and springs are a blessing. I think of scripture where the Lord instructs Moses to strike the rock and water flows from it. Better have that Holy source of Living Water inside….a wellspring that NEVER goes dry!!! Be prepared to reach inside and get a cup for yourself or others in a dry and thirsty land. I think of the book Heaven Awaits the Bride. She laid down to rest by a lovely grassy brook. Her arm fell over dipping into the brook. She couldn’t tell if it was water or light…..Selah.

  2. sj

    Was this where you live? Where is that?? thx.

  3. Sally Merrell

    Could this be Wormwood, when all the waters turn bitter? Just a thought.

  4. madelyn Camp

    Sally? I think Wormwood may have happened long ago with Cherynoble. According to End Time Bible Prophecy Pastor Irwin Baxter.

  5. Nan A

    Madelyn Camp, your comment caused me pause to look at some notes I had in my bible.(I used to write in my bible study notes, now I just use the computer!)
    Any way what I found was notes I took from a End Time bible prophecy study from Irwin Baxter on the “Trumpets” in Revelation chapter 8:V 6-7 First Trumpet (Was WW1) Second Trumpet V:8-9 (Was WWII) ………Third Trumpet Chapter 8: V:10-11 (Was Cherynoble-Russia 1986) and Fourth Trumpet V12-13 (Was the fall of the Berlin Wall and Fifth Trumpet Chapter 9 took place in 1990-1991 was the burning of oil wells in Kuait. On a personal note, I find it awe inspiring in a spiritual sense that some of the events that Revelation tells us about, Trumpet Bowls and Seals, as with these Trumpets “may have” already happened and recorded for us for those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear. I have to say I dont know if Irwin Baxter was correct in naming these trumpets as he did, but it does cause me to keep watch and I also appreciate the End Times study from people who seem to know their bible. God Bless, just wanted to chime in with this comment. God Bless us all in these times we live in. I think we have yet to see the sixth trumpet (river Euphrates)

  6. madelyn Camp

    Nan, I, too, was a student under Irvin Baxter for several years. Holy Spirit in me came into agreement with much of what God showed Pastor Baxter. We can all have our takes on End Time scriptures. If there was ever a time to get God’s understanding of End Time Word, it’s NOW! Sons and Daughters of Issachar know and understand the times in which they live warning, preparing and equipping others for what is coming and already here. Those prepared spiritually and physically will be able to stand on the other side of catastrophic events and be His Light to others. I also like what Baxter said about the horses. White Horse=Catholicism. Red Horse=Communism. Black Horse=Economic Collapse. Pale (or Green Horse)=Islam. ALL ARE RIDING NOW!!!

  7. Nan A

    Madelyn, yes and amen sister dear in Christ. I love bible study with people who can go deep. As I cannot take it all in. God pulled me aside years ago to try and at least grasp some of the revelation studies. I am always thankful that the Lord did that for me, I know He knew I would not be able to understand the deep end but He also knew I wanted to try. So here I am years later, putting some pieces together and that helps as we wait!!
    The horses yes, I caught those references he gave too! You all have a wonderful week, many blessing as we all wait for the Glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you 444 for this site that keeps us all connected, and God Bless you Marty for being a vessel that the Lord can speak thru, I pray that you are well these days.

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