Tainted Water Supply – Marty Breeden

Tainted Water Supply

Sep 29, 2019
Marty Breeden

Odd night of having several “flash dreams”.

  1. I saw a small plane crash that seemed to set off a series of chaotic events.
    I saw myself trying to teach my oldest how to use a new self defense weapon because we had heard something was coming and we were preparing to defend ourselves.
  2.  Something had “tainted” or affected our water supply greatly.
    Some were prepared and were able to access fresh water, others were totally caught off guard and were unable to get water at all.

This too caused great chaos and upheaval.
People begin to panic…..extra work crews were being brought in from everywhere….
Not all these “workers” appeared to be American….
Some came under the auspices of “helping”, yet they were actually here to make things worse.
I caught one of them exacerbating the problem and just as I was about to sound the alarm….

I awoke…..

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