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The U.S. Navy will be “dead” – Robert A Avila

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The U.S. Navy will be “dead”

December 7, 2022
Robert A Avila

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Prophetic Warning: When Russia and allies hit the U.S., large explosions rock parts of America. Airports are bombed. U.S. military aircraft are hacked. The new controllers fly them into command centers and other critical structures.

The U.S. Navy will be “dead.” Air Force takes heavy losses, represented by a woman officer carrying a standard briefcase in her left arm, and the right arm missing. The sleeve of her uniform rolled and pinned maybe eight inches below the shoulder. The USMC is not mentioned. The assumption is they were “dead”, same as Navy. (Marine Corps is a department of the Navy, officially. Really, Navy is taxi service for Marines.)

Two Army generals in Alpha uniforms struggle to find a source of power and to establish communications. This work exposed them to enemy fire. Army scrambles to recover, takes innovative measures. Some units disband as commanders tell men, “Return to your home towns. Recruit fighters and train them to defend your cities and towns.” Later, the Army defends the coasts, fights from the forests and hits the enemy.

A massive wave of conscription follows the attack. National Guard, veterans, ready reserve, even ROTC cadets are called up.

The government conscripts civilians, too. Black women stand in uniform, the camouflage utilities hug tight to their waists. “These will make poor soldiers,” a male voice says. The women receive new assignments and walk into a building (to serve as admin?).

A young white male walks in full field uniform, with full field pack. He leans forward for some reason—and pain shoots through the middle of his spine. The command removes him from combat ready rosters.

Money is collected. “You won’t need it,” a senior sergeant tells new conscripts. “Give it all to us. We can use it.”

The Army issues weapons but quantities fall short. Some receive BB guns.

The enemy has a weapon which detonates in the air. Massive quantities of shrapnel produce large numbers of casualties. Some young recruits fear this and dislike being quartered in a metal warehouse.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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