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President / Attack Dream – Marty Breeden

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President / Attack Dream

June 13, 2024 5:50 AM
Marty Breeden

In the early morning hours of Thursday, June 13, 2024 I had a most incredible dream.
I would have to say , that visually, it was the most fantastic dream to behold!!

My dream started off odd, as in much that I saw.
I was laying in the back of an old pickup truck bed traveling south on Interstate 81.

I was looking up into the clouds as I always did as a small child.
Suddenly, the clouds begin to take shape ( *I know this sounds strange!)….

But I saw the MOST AMAZING image begin to develop…
I saw the first President, George Washington!
He saw me watching and he smiled at me.
The cloud rendition of him was exquisite!

Then, I saw another cloud and it too begin to develop and it was Ben Franklin….
Then yet another, and it was Thomas Jefferson!

Then, in my dream, I found myself again in the pickup, but this time I was traveling north on interstate 81.

But this time, I was standing up in the back of the truck.
I instinctively knew something was about to happen and that I did not want to be laying down.

Then SUDDENLY, I looked and observed hundreds and hundreds , maybe thousands of fighter aircraft flying north!
I could see their missiles and armaments and it was clear that they were headed for CONFLICT!

I could hardly believe what I was seeing !
It reminded me of a similar repetitive dream that I had as a small child seeing so many Military aircraft in the skies, that the sky literally disappeared!……

And now I’m seeing it AGAIN!!

Then, SUDDENLY I begin to see missiles of all types flying through the skies!
Cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, (*I could not tell if they were nuclear)…but the amount of missiles was STAGGERING!

THEN, AGAIN SUDDENLY, there begin to be strange, never before seen aircrafts coming straight down from the sky!!

I can only describe them as having a “blueish hue and tentacles”.

It seemed these “UFO’s” were EVERYWHERE and coming straight down from the skies and covering the earth!

I could hardly believe that this chaos and attacks and war and now a seeming “alien invasion” were ALL HAPPENING SIMULTANEOUSLY!!

Yet, in my dream, NEVER ONCE DID I FEAR!!
I felt absolutely ZERO DREAD or even concern!!

Again , INSTINCTIVELY I knew that this was THE END, and that Jesus was about to come!

I had this DEEP SENSE that the Lord was very aware of all that was happening and that He was going to rescue His own from this chaos….

As I continued to watch and to be absolutely astonished at all my eyes were beholding……

I awoke!

*I’m convinced that this dream is a WARNING FROM THE LORD at that which is coming soon!

I believe, there will be simultaneous chaotic events that will rock the world, but the child of God will know these things were coming, and that the Watchman of the Lord had been warning!….. thus the reason I had NO FEAR in that which I was seeing !


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