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February 27, 2022 6:24 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Received 2:50 PM, Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Holy Spirit spoke to me –

Tell them again, child tell them again.

War is coming to you, as I have spoken many times through you and other messengers! It is upon their doorsteps and some, only a few see what is truly about to unfold.

I foretold it back to the days of my Son’s presence and few have paid attention since, thinking, ‘oh that is a far off event’. ‘I will not see it in my times’, but I say, today is the day of salvation! 2 Cor. 6:2 I say get ready for what is about to unfold before your very eyes! You are so wrapped up in such minor problems, like your child talking back to you or your not being able to afford eating out everyday of the week, while the lives of millions are about to be gone!

Oh, Ukraine, you have suffered so. I know your pain and I know that you sit on precious resources that your enemy craves. I know that you have struggled for a millenium and more, over your homeland from invasion after invasion to keep what I have given to you. Fight. Stand. Show the world that you are not about to rollover and play dead. Most importantly, turn to me, for you will be taken over. Your lives are precious to me and I wish that none would perish. Titus 1:2, John 14:6 The season is upon you, that I foretold through my prophet, John. Rev. 6:4 He saw the mighty armies coming from the East and North and soon it will not be only you that is ensnared. Jeremiah 8:16, Jer. 50:3, Daniel 7 I have foretold these events to many of my prophets but few hearing this have come before me to ask how they can be most ready.

Life is a vapor. James 4:13-17 All will die and come before me for their next step, when they are no longer residing in their fleshly body. Rev. 20:11-13, Daniel 7:10 You must be prepared for the next life, you must also prepare your children. Many of all ages will soon fall to the sword or in this case the nuclear warheads and bullets and other, many other acts of sabotage to make your resistance futile.

I do not say this have you give up! I do not say this to frighten you or even cause you to despair. That is not my way, I AM a loving God. FEAR NOT! I AM with you! Isaiah 41:10 I tell people in advance what awaits them and they (each one in his heart) must decide what comes next for them! I tell you, so you may have eternal life with me and peace while you remain on the earth, again, I do not want any to despair. Just as you would not tell the details of how dying happens from a nuclear attack with the specific details on the steps a nuclear facility meltsdown occurs to the minutest detail to a four year old. You just tell them, that when certain chemicals are released around people, they can cause people to get sick and sometimes they don’t get better. They don’t need each detail, nor do you.

I AM a God of refuge. Psalm 46:1-3 I AM the one that loves you, unconditionally. Jer. 31:3

I have allowed so many things to happen because the enemy is control of this planet. Eph. 2:2, 1 John 5:19, Rev. 12:9 , 2 Cor. 4:4 The Tribulation has been unwinding, while some of you are still arguing about whether you will see it in your life time! Ignorance, is not an excuse before the Almighty God. Acts 17:30, Romans 10:14 When more unfolds, you will realize how asleep you have been, some of you, by your own choice will not see it when it arrives at your door!

This is you, people of the nations! This is you Europe! You will see your devastation very soon!

This is you African continent! Did you think when you allowed the communists to come and build their infrastructure in your nations, that they wouldn’t expect to benefit? Did you know what your leaders, who only sought pleasure for their flesh sold you for 30 pieces of silver? Matthew 26:15, Exodus 21:32 Did you ever stop to think that there is no such thing as free?

You {Africa} have been so conditioned to expect other nations to come to your aid when something happens, that you failed to seek your own solutions in so many cases! When your leaders, those who warned you spoke, you ignored them. You wanted a shiny phone to make you feel important, to have luxuries to surround you, while you gave over your soveignty. Shame on you for allowing this to happen. Many have tried to warn you, while you laughed at their concerns. You have become lazy in wanting things, rather than desiring freedom. I know your poverty. I understand temptations, what I AM is trying to get you to understand that a beautiful prison has been built around you and your were too busy staring at your phones to notice the walls being built!

United Kingdom, things will only become worse among you. You have also failed to realize that for quite sometime, those among your own land are descendents of the people, you once oppressed. They have been quiet, though not all. You will see the Muslim way of handling problems that is quite different from your own way of conducting “justice”. It will be subtle but quickly become so insidious that many will find death to be a release from the fear, harassment and hate that many will experience. You will not recognize your country or your friends in the near future. Isaiah 3:5, Luke 12:52-55, Matt. 10:21

North America, you have not recognized that the people, you have socialized with are actually enemy agents among you. I have warned through this prophet, in dreams, in visions and through words that Russia first, then China will overtake you. I even said watch Europe upon its fall and then attacks happen in North America. You, who finally got the gumption to stand up to your leaders and authorities for their impositions in every detail of your life, waited way to long beyond the time when it would have made a difference. Again and again, this prophet warned you that the sovereignty of the nation had already been settled. That an agreement had been made about the underwater and above ground attacks on the Northeast coast, particularly New York City, would be blamed on Russia but it would be in full cooperation with your government just like Pearl Harbor and the Boston Tea Party!

Sabotage and subterfuge are how the enemy works. It is insidious and if you are not hearing from me about what awaits you how will you ever rightly divide the truth from fiction when you hear news reports that have little basis in truth? Isaiah 53

Had I not warned Indonesia that her time was coming multiple times through this prophet, only for further devastation to come thereafter I spoke? I tell you now, once again, the devastation that your region especially Indonesia but Malaysia and the other nations in that region will all experience great and traumatic quakes that will turn the lives of most into a life of great fear and despair. More is coming and it will make many areas uninhabitable. So many of your crops will no longer produce and business infrastructures will be severely damaged to the point that in many cases, everything will need to be rebuilt and what fool would rebuild in the same place where public utilities and people no longer surround the area? Some businesses will even relocate to other nations, who will ethusiastically welcome them, though most will be bankrupt never to open their doors again!

You, the ones who pray over this word, who harken to hear from me, will receive direction on steps you must take. If I tell you to leave your home, do so. If I don’t then don’t. I have different plans for each one. Do not worry about what your neighbor plans, rather be obedient to me! I said, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” 1 Sam. 15:22-23 Many fail to take this to heart, rather walking in their willful ways. Remember this, I AM the one who created you. Remember I told Job, that I choose. Isaiah 45:9-10, Romans 9:11, 18 Those, who choose their own way of doing things are committing idolatry, they worship the god that they create in their image. It is their vanity, pride, arrogance they are similar, in the end, it is really rebellion against me.# It is what caused Lucifer to fall and spend eternity in hell and it can do the exact same thing to you. Luke 10:18, Daniel 5:20-21




Ezekiel 32:30
Ezekiel 38:6,15
Matthew 10:16-42
Matthew 24
Matthew 25

Please realize that though not all continents were specifically addressed here, S. America, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland or Caribbean, etc. they will not go unscathed. Other words have been received by me and others directed specifically toward their lands, please seek them out.

Many times in my life for at least 30 years, the Holy Spirit told me that “the first two World Wars were just practice”, live drills as they say in the military. I have also had so many dreams, visions and words on the attacks and take over of North America. Some things have already come to pass.

I’ve received multiple words on Russia and China (dreams, visions as well) as they divide the world and detailed specifics about what will happen in the U.S. It is quite a bit of work to scan 200+ prophecys to add them as links here, please look on the homepage under classic search using my name, Handmaid of the Most High. Likewise, I’ve received multiple words on Indonesia since September 2021, they have been fulfilled already and will continue to only get worse, as many of other prophecies I’ve gotten have. As you look back on them, you will understand we are in the beginning still but very soon, these will move much more rapidly and ferocity.

Here is the most comprehensive of the end days – a ‘revelation to Handmaid of the Most High’ if you will, which was received in a May 2016 vision – posted as “The Coming Destruction of the United States of America” in 2/19

# As I prayed later, the Holy Spirit called this type of idolatry, spiritual masturbation!

Please pray over this word, ask for the Holy Spirit to reveal what is significant for you, your loved ones and your continent.

More importantly, repent daily, we are all sinners. Many today particularly even “spiritual” Christians seem to think they are above others, this is a HUGE deception and the enemy is taking those under this delusion far from the Lord. The word is clear, we are all sinners and fall short. All means everyone among those breathing. God loves you, He wants you under His covering, don’t boast in your works or deeds, only boast in the Savior, beloved.

~Handmaid of the Most High~

PS Please pray for the true prophets that share what the Holy Spirit reveals, attacks on us are intense and ugly. The enemy hates that his plans are revealed to the saints. I appreciate these prayers and know what people are lifting me before the Father.


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