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The Coming Destruction of the United States of America – Handmaiden of the Most High 

The Coming Destruction of the United States of America

Feb 20, 2019, 11:41 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

May 2016

I saw a huge Tsunami hit nearly all of the East Coast. It was so huge! It along with earthquakes that followed caused the plates in the Northern Hemisphere caused much land loss along the coast with the flooding that had resulted. Major cities and farmlands (some parts gone altogether along the coast were impacted and the loss of life in the U.S. was over 30 million people. Roads like A1A and even part of I-95 were gone as most of the coast had become part of the sea. The Tsunami even took out most of the Caribbean and reached Mexico and Central America causing loss of life as well. The Gulf Coast region was also severely impacted and some cities were gone.

The earthquakes and Tsunami caused the Mississippi River to become a deep abyss and the bridges that joined the East side to the West Side were completely devastated and most or all were in the deep waters. Much of the land was gone along the River (the 30 million includes these deaths as well).

Much of the areas around the San Andreas fault also fell into the ocean. I saw multiple earthquakes and even a Tsunami hit the West coast too. It wasn’t quite as large as the East Coast one but it did impact Canada and down into Mexico at a minimum.

Nukes have been placed in many places. All key cities have multiple areas that already have bombs awaiting detonation. I have seen these areas and I have some seen some activated.

Once things begin it will be worse and worse. Asteroids will cause many deaths as well I have seen a different vision on their role. It was a separate vision.

The sewers, water supply, electric supply roadways through out the countries will be severely impacted. Many areas will not be restored because soon the country will be attacked at both borders by Russia. We will not be launching much of response due to the devastation which has already taken place. U.S.will fall by 2 months after they attack us. Russia will be accused of the Tsunami that hits NYC because during the “Event”, nukes will be shot underwater in key places that will activate the earthquakes and the East Coast Tsunami. However, they are actually U.S. subs. This plan was created in the late ’70’s. (See bottom note for more details) and it known by top people in both governments!

Once Russia controls the country, Russia will cede the land west of the Mississippi River to China. China will be given the region in lieu of the Billions the U.S. presently owes her, since we will have fallen and our currency is worthless. Russia will have declared Martial Law and the people who are “enemies” will be rounded up and taken to FEMA camps for processing. Many will be forced to take the mark or lose their life -DO NOT TAKE THE Biochip, this is the electronic insert that has been featured on the news for more than a decade. Once you take this chip your eternal life is sealed. You will be forever cut off from God and heaven. Jesus said those who save their lives will loose it and those who give their lives will save it. Mark 8:35 Luke 17:33

Life will be a matter of survival. The incredible access we have enjoyed to foods of various regions not only here but abroad will no longer exist. Our port cities will be destroyed or completely gone and so ships won’t be able to deliver. Likewise, much of the fertile farmland and the people, who raised the meats, fruits, vegetable and other food stores will be gone or access to shipping will be gone (as many roadways will not be functional). Transportation will be spotty and even non-existent where it once was thriving. There will be shortages of things we take for granted as well. Hunger and starvation will be common. All those places we have been critical of for not feeding their peoples will mock us as they watch our struggle to even find shelter and survive from one day to the next. No clean towels, clothes, or other luxuries, it will cause insanity in some and create monsters in other minds.

In a short period of time after these things murder will be common and then soon after cannibalism will be common among many. Neighbors even friends will see others as a source of life. First it will be babies and little children and the elderly and disabled (anyone who doesn’t “contribute” to their own survival). As things worsen, the family will turn on each other and devise plots to kill one another to eat their flesh. Pets will have been eaten initially and their loss will make way for mice and rats to become rampant, they will cause a greater rise in disease and pestilence to be extreme. Disease will be horrible and no medical attention available in most places, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, even the Bubonic plague will take the lives of many.

It will be a horrible time throughout the world and wars will rage all over the world as the Antichrist promises peace to all.

Amos 4:7-13
Matthew 24
Revelation 14
Revelation 3
Revelation 3:18

1) There are many sleeper spies from Russia and China awaiting activation. Many of the Eastern European and those from Russia and China are immigrating to the U.S. Many don’t know that huge cities already exist in the midwest and western regions that are remote and hidden (including many national parks) that are completely Chinese, those living there don’t speak English but they have U.S. citizenship as negotiated by China back in the early 2000’s. They remain isolated from U.S. citizens but if they do go to “town to shop”, they go as a group. They are automatically citizens when they move here. They shop among these U.S. located communities at seminars offered by realty companies in large Chinese cities. 60 minutes did a story in 2006 which has now been removed from access to view (I watched in on the internet before it was removed permanently.) I am NOT saying every Russian, Chinese or other persons are bad or here to harm. In fact, I do Not in the slightest believe this. Likewise, none of us is without sin.

2) It is my understanding that the Rapture of the Saints will occur after the destruction of the U.S., this is strictly my opinion and based on words given to me that have led me to that conclusion. The Lord has not spoken to me definitively on this matter.

3) It is my impression that the saints experience effects of the Tsunami since I saw myself drown (I live in an area impacted). November 2018, 18 1/2 months later, I had a dream from the Lord and I heard sirens, I was in a school of middle school children on a bright, sunny day.
I ran down the halls shouting “Repent Jesus is coming!” again and again. I was telling first floors to go higher. I saw the wave and was taken off my feet and I saw myself carried away (in real life I was a great swimmer until severe injuries handicapped me and prevent me from swimming in the ocean). I ended up slamming into a school room wall and I thought “I will die” and I suddenly awoke.

The Lord was affirming that He had told me to preach his salvation 18+ months ago and I should not worry about dying in the East Coast Tsunami, that for me it would be a blessing. I had initially asked if I should move as I lived in an affected area and He clearly said “No”. It will be better for you to die.” I am NOT telling anyone what their course of action should be other than to repent and seek the Lord daily!! Seek forgiveness from those you have harmed and forgive anyone, who has harmed you – everyone, if you don’t forgive, Christ will not advocate for you!

Also, there will be Tsunami’s in places in other parts of the world that have rarely consider this a possibility that will cause tremendous devastation because of their force as well as the lack of any preparation. Tsunami’s will not be just an occurrence in North America. Similarly, earthquakes will occur in regions never or rarely effected by them. Matthew 24

Matthew 6:14-15
Luke 7:47
Luke 11:4
Romans 4:7
Ephesians 1:7
Colossians 1:14

Pray for the lost that they would be saved before this terrible hour. Repent for all your sins. Forgive any you have not forgive. God will not forgive you otherwise. Pray for strength and faith for those who will go through destruction world wide. Pray for this land to repent against me and the innocent lives that are shed. Time is short. Pray near to Me says the Lord God Almighty and your Creator. Seek Me says the Lord! Don’t wait until the hour of destruction. You are accountable to me alone.

Kathryn Handmaid of the Most High

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  1. Tammie Salwoitis

    Are you sure about the children left in the tribulation

    • Kathryn Handmaiden of the Most High

      Tammie -Thank you for mentioning this. I believe some of this will occur before the rapture. I know this is happening presently (hunger is a problem in the U.S.).
      No, the babies will be gone. It is my understanding that there will be more than one event in the “taking of way”, the Innocent children will be raptured first.
      Thank you for asking for clarification!
      PLEASE PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING from any person sharing.

      • 1986TruthSeeker

        I thought the dead in Christ will rise first, or do you mean the innocent rises right after the dead?

      • Elizabeth Diehl

        Thank you for sharing!! I believe you But if the babies are raptured (taken away) then how can they also be eaten for food?

  2. Fab

    Kathryn, can you elaborate on the paragraph about nukes have been planted in many places? You say you have seen these?

    • Haidmaiden of the Most High

      Yes, of course, I have been seeing many visions of bombs in the past 20 years.

      I have had both visions and words of knowledge on nuclear meltdowns and nuclear bombs being detonated.
      I know that when the huge earthquakes rock the U.S. and Alaska and even Hawaii, at this same time (either hours before or shortly after, I saw the East Coast from around Boston down to NYC, Washington, D.C. and Charleston being hit with nukes from subs off the coastline. Detonations are timed either before during or after (it will be close) and its purpose is to increase the destructive impact of the Tsunami waves and earthquakes before and after as the New Madrid and other fault lines react. I am very certain about NYC and the Islands, Washington, D.C. and Charleston. I think other cities continue to be considered further down the East Coast by our enemy. Ultimately, most of FL will be gone as I have seen tremendous flooding. The coasts will be underwater permanently while the interior will dry out and return to habitable after the passage of time. Nearly all of the state will sustain severe devastation as will the Gulf Coast cities.

      Additionally, I have seen Seattle and Portland, OR having bombs go off and I know Seattle will also be nuked (I don’t know how those will be delivered (some will be on ground but may be isolated) but I have seen them)). I have had multiple visions of Chicago also being having bombs detonated. I have heard in the cities of Las Vegas, Bismarck, N. Dakota, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix metro area, Huntsville, AL, and Miami. Kansas City and/or (Fort Riley) Kansas, I am do not have sufficient clarity or it may be both.

      Due to the power grid issues and service outages (including transportation interruptions), many will not have information about these events. Likewise, some of the relevant information will be intentionally misrepresented or not even shared by the government or media (the Lord was clear that this will happen).

      Please pray about the areas I mentioned. Some I have heard multiple times, however, I have left out a few as I do not have total certainty(several are port cities) and do not wish to alarm anyone unnecessarily.

      Other points of clarification:

      Insurance companies will deny claims for the property damages and lives lost. They will use the following policy exclusion clauses of “act of God” and “act of war”. No significant effort will be used to identify victims as the body count will be to high unless a person is considered “noteworthy” or “famous”, again, the government will be too busy with other problems. Those impacted but alive will demand focus on their needs as most critical.

      I had intended to attach a map that I found after the vision which showed a U.S. Navy map released in 1993 of the U.S. after a disaster caused by the New Madrid fault movement. It showed the East Coast and Mississippi River region with much area underwater, this was amazingly similar to the map the Lord showed me! It shows the West Coast and interior region around Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico areas along with which was similar but not like the East Coast. Likewise, I saw the West Coast fairly similar but much of CA was different than the Navy map.

      Please feel to share anything that the Lord has revealed to you! I don’t presume to have the entire picture.

      Look up, our redemption draweth nigh! I pray that all who read these words will draw closer to our King. That there will be no fear but rather prayers for the lost, a return to their first love for all that have left the narrow path and peace for the Bride.

      • Fab

        Thank you for the explanation. I live West of Houston. I may go either by tidal wave or nuke…or any way God decides .I’m trying to hear from our Father but I don’t hear much. Just today I was praying and letting Jesus know I was afraid….immediately i remembered 2 Timothy 1:7….For God has not given us a spirit of fear….I felt comforted by that. I will continue to pray for all. Thank you for your message, as disheartening as it is. I believe it to be true . Thank you.

        • Haidmaiden of the Most High

          I live in FL and I will die in the Tsunami, ask the Lord if he wants you to leave and if so how to prepare, however most of this will be so awful, that those remaining will cry out as to why they didn’t die (the rapture will take place at some point but who wants to be running?). Do not fear. This is a comment I posted elsewhere.

          2 Corinthians 5:8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

          If you go in the Tsunami, then it will be quick. That is what the Lord said to me. His exact words were “It will be a mercy”. Other times, he said things about how long many people suffer as they die. I got the impression it will be an hour or two. That is very quick. I also saw it in a dream as well last November.

          I just ask the Lord to use me each day. I was leaving a doctors office yesterday and he sent me to an abortion clinic and I shared my testimony. It was exhausting but I know without question, I did what he wanted.

          In 1995, I died and I was sent back back by Jesus. Any pain will be on this side. I was so angry about being sent back, I attempted suicide about 6 months later! Yeah, that didn’t work and it took some time with a Christian counselor to forgive the Lord for sending me back- yes, it is okay to be angry but we do need to forgive Him. After all, we have a relationship with him. I am glad in some ways but that yearning to return has NEVER left. I have shown twice how I will die (in the Tsunami) and I am looking for to it (for me not for all the others).

          We will be united with our King! We will never sorrow again! It will be glorious! I am at times so torn but other times I am so excited! Hold on, it is very near. Just today, Kushner announced the divide of Israel! The Rabbi’s in Israel say that the Messiah is here and they will reveal him some time in early April! It is HAPPENING! We are seeing what John did at Patmos. The seals are being removed. I look forward to meeting you soon.

          • Elizabeth Diehl

            Thank you again for sharing and for not carrying a spirit of fear. Do you by chance have a link you can share regarding the Kushner comment and about what the Rabbi’s are saying regarding the Messiah already being here and making an announcement April of this year (2019)?

          • Kmpwhite

            Thank you for sharing. I too live in Florida & have had multiple dreams of a tsunami hitting the east coast from New York to Florida & a tsunami hitting the West Coast. I’ve had the same dream for about three years now but never saw what caused the tsunami.


    The babies and children will be taken first! Even before the Bride, this is a scene from the tribulation, the bride will be gone! So no babies or children left.

    • Haidmaiden of the Most High

      Andrea – please read the comments, I did address this.

  4. Gutscheinraupe

    This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want?HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

  5. Teresa

    I have heard so many pastors talk about the coming revival and this new apostolic movement. It just doesn’t sound right to me but when I read your prophecy as difficult as it to comprehend, it rings as a true warning to His people.

    • Haidmaid of the Most High

      The church is now under judgment, if there is a revival I doubt it is the U.S.
      Few people , who are lukewarm show up for those messages and who among them will contribute? It is all about “the happy”
      Pastor Benjamin Faircloth in his message “Church of the Living Dead” says, that he knows it is a false word, too. Here and on you tube.
      My vision “The Next War” will have a limited area revival, I believe it is in Venezuela and surrounding areas, maybe military…

  6. paul

    this reminded me of a warning I read a number of years ago
    in Sept 1984 after the Lord got Dumitru Duduman out of jail in Communist Romania (where he’d been brutally tortured for 5 months) and brought him to America he was told it was to warn of the impending judgments to come
    this was just the first one I linked to, there are more after that – his grandson Michael Boldea inherited the mantle of Dumitru and he too has warned

  7. Daniel Noah

    The 3 days of darkness will commence on a Passover, whether it occurs this year(2020)or not, is up to God The Father. Can you(backsliders)risk an April-2020 unfolding? The darkness will fall as it did with Jesus on the cross at noon(Israel time)..;. the darkness will not disperse until the 3rd day… now, as the darkness descends, the dead in Christ rise first, then, the babies and children before the age of accountability(8,9,or10, depends upon the individual) will go up next, and yes, the household pets will go as well, the only proviso for the pets to go up, is for one member of the household to be rapture ready. Some of the rapture ready will not remain for the ingathering harvest, but will proceed straight up to heaven for the wedding, awaiting the translated fellow rapture ready Christians who will follow later……..A remnant, which I appoint, for the 40 day harvest(which will commence at First-fruits)will be set aside in an the air canopy above Jerusalem to receive instruction during those 3DD. That self-same remnant, then return to specific areas on earth in their eternal-glorified bodies, for the 40 day harvest of souls. Doing the greater works I spoke about in My gospel-John 14:11-14. Furthermore, a group of backslidden Christians will experience the 3 days of darkness and repent, but they miss the rapture, nor will they be appointed to bring in MY harvest. Instead, they will die during the judgment which is unleashed during the 3 days of darkness as well as the destruction of the USA which follows…3DD. Those in the USA will not be afforded the mercy the rest of the world will be granted, as the USA has had the most gospel instruction of any nation in history. The sons of Korah/USA will be judged most harshly by The Father. Assume the timeline could not possibly be this spring, at your own peril. Behold I come!!!

  8. Michele Michael

    Thank you! (Charity and Love here)

  9. Michele Michael

    I believe it was yesterday morning I woke up ready to say out loud, “I didn’t think it would be Washington!” I know I meant Washington State. And the only think I could remember from the vision or dream I had just seen was a map of the U.S. and I was looking at it thinking it would be a state in the center of the country, not on “the edge” like Washington. I do not know but believe it was regarding that state being the first to be invaded or “hit” by the enemy or enemies of the U.S. (I thought to share this because of the statement above that the Handmaiden had seen nukes in Washington State.)

    For what it’s worth: I only had one other dream or vision in my life where I woke up similarly not remembering anything — the time before I remembered nothing at all — and that was over 30 years ago, and I woke up saying aloud, “(Man’s name who was my boss at the time) and (woman’s name of my boss’s wife) are getting a divorce.” It made no sense at all. I saw them together many times and they seemed like a very happy couple. It was only 3 days later that I was informed that his wife had left him. Why I was informed of this I have no idea whatsoever. Except that now having that strong thought a couple mornings ago reminded me very much of this time that it proved to be absolutely true — and where I had zero reason to know about it or believe it.

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