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The Sword is Coming Part 2

August 28, 2021 1:59 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Early morning Saturday, August 28, 2021

All day Friday the Lord was telling me how fear still rules many in the body of Christ. I remember having intimate conversations with Jesus as a very young girl and spoke about it to family and it was told to my handlers. As a result, I suffered great torture many times that was such intense pain it made me unconscious. On a number of occasions, my tormenters demanded me to say “God is dead” but I always refused to comply because it was a lie.

As an adult, I began attending a true church, the Pastor knew the Lord so intimately and with such tremendous abundance of love that I would sit in the back of the church and weep. My friends mostly thought I was odd and didn’t know how to respond and mostly pulled away (eventually all did). There was a critical moment in my life where I knelt in my bedroom in March 1989 and said, “Lord, if you are who the Pastor says you are, show me!” I said it not as a demand but a plea.

I was still trying to break away from those who were controlling my life and my life was in grave danger (already a number of attempts had been made where the Lord miraculously intervened). The following week, things changed very quickly and dramatically. I was offered a new job and the opportunity to escape working for a satanist. Other situations began to change but not in the way I had foreseen.

My reason for sharing this is because I was controlled by fear. I had terrible PTSD and all sorts of serious medical conditions connected to my anxiety. The Lord had me read the book of James over and over for more than 6 months. I became weary and frustrated and one day as I was told to read it yet again, I asked “How long Lord must I read this?” His response, “Until you can put it into practice”.

My deliverance from fear took years because satan did not want to release me and he had plenty of help! It came to a point, where I did not care anymore what happened to me because I had wholly given myself to the Lord. I even told them on multiple occasions to kill me. Initially because I could see no escape and I would rather die than continue their plans for me. However, since they had been so unsuccessful it was clear to me as the Holy Spirit spoke and through amazing actions, that He was intervening. He told me my work was not yet completed and I had to live! I also had to “walk out my freedom” I had to know without doubt that despite their cleverness and their efforts, God was ultimately in control of my life!

Yes, I have had many injuries, accidents and assaults since but I still praise my Lord for changing me. Even a year after I prayed that prayer, my countenance had changed so much that people, who had known me for years didn’t recognize me. They would stare and confusion filled their eyes. It happened so many times, I would go up to them and say, you know you know me but you don’t know who I am, right? They would reply, ‘yes‘. I would laugh at their shock when I told them. Friends, that is GOD! The righteous and mighty Creator of All. He can change you and your life!

I strongly encourage folks who struggle to check out Dr. Helen Roseveare’s testimony, a medical missionary who suffered kidnapping and sexual assault. I recently discovered a testimony channel on youtube, “100 Huntley Street“.

One of the surprising things the Lord again shared with me was that being ungrateful is also connected with fear. It was something I never considered. He said because people fail to recognize and acknowledge Him as their source, fear creeps in making the individual believe their success is based on their performance. Look at how many words I’ve been about the Israelites, they feared Pharoah before he finally told them to leave even though God was sending all sorts of plagues to Egypt. Scripture teaches that God is the source of everything!

Here is what He says this morning at 3:54 AM.

Children, the Sword is coming and it is about to bring such terrible repercussions on your soil. You are not prepared even though I have been warning not only the last decade but before my Son even came! How often He spoke about preparing your heart for wicked attacks from ones with evil intentions. Yet, so many toss this aside as a worry or concern about tomorrow.

So many in the body know that there have been great shifts in the spiritual realm but they are unclear what may come or what they should do.

1) Get in your prayer closet with me! This is not about a location, it is about setting aside time to meet with me. Fine tune your spiritual hearing, open your eyes, the clues are all around you but you are to focused on the distractions to sense what is important and what is not.

2) Read My Word because it is life to your body and light to your spirit. You can not coast on 20 minute sermons once a week with a few scripture references! You are like are a child who doesn’t do his homework and then studies the outline 10 minutes before the test! Not only will he do poorly on the test but he wouldn’t remember what he read because he never devoted the time to study.

Consider this, what will you do if there is an EMP attack and you can’t get home because transit is out or all the roads have no traffic controls so that you have no way to get home. You have no phone signal or computer access either. Don’t you realize your horrible snowstorms last winter was an opportunity to learn? What about when the fires have hit California and other regions and people loose touch, what if that is forever? What if a major event like bombs hit cities where you live and you can’t leave the area and you can’t communicate with your loved ones in another state that you are alive? What if you have family in a city that has been bombed or struck by another tragedy and there is no means to reach out?

This has already been the experience of many but it is about to be the experience of nearly all. I have shared these warnings through this prophet and others! You won’t remain sane and able to listen for guidance if you are not grounded in me and already know my words of truth!

I will never leave you nor forsake you but you must believe this in your spirit!

You must know that you know that you know when I speak and how I speak. Otherwise, when the enemy misdirects you how will discern it? How will you be able to know who is who? He has been practicing deception for thousands of years! He is very convincing. You may one day talk to Eve about how she was convinced to listen. He is a persuader.

I AM A DELIVERER! I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE! NO ONE, who follows fear instead of faith will enter my kingdom. I have said that you must have faith in me alone and no other gods before me. Walk in my Holy Spirit and you will be walking in freedom. Do not fear what man can do, fear me alone. I will lead you home to the everlasting kingdom!


~ Handmaid of the Most High ~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30


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When I began hearing this message, I knew it had to do with multiple events that are coming to the United States.

The Lord alerted me as I was posting the scriptures to encourage all readers of these warnings recently given in recent months (find more in the past 2 1/2 years) particularly “Judgments Upon Minneapolis … Nuclear Attack” -(5/13/21 As well as “Warning to Louisiana and Surrounding Areas”…. 6/20/21 and “The Coming Destruction of the United States of America” (2/21/19), “Bigger than 9-11! Be Ready… (4/21/19)

Please share this word, the attack to defeat and erase this message has revealed its significance and timeliness. Many hours of prayer and typing (and retyping when the enemy has erased portions) have gone into making sure this is exactly what the Father desires!

God Bless You, Brothers and Sisters, we will soon meet. I love you.

~ Handmaid of the Most High ~


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