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May 13, 2021 2:28 AM
Handmaid of the Most High


This message is a warning for the city of Minneapolis as it was the focus of the dream, I know it is also for St. Paul MN as well.

As I slept on the evening of May 12, 2021 I received this dream.

I was in the city of Minneapolis and trying to find my way. In this dream I was homeless and seeking refuge and hopefully employment. I reached out to people and no one could be bothered with even listening to my questions about finding shelter or work. It was very frustrating. As I wandered I repeatedly referred to a paper map (my car didn’t have GPS). Each time I opened it, I saw a golden pyramid overlaying the map, at the top of the map was the symbol the famous music artist Prince used!
In the dream I referred to the map three times. The third time it was deep purple, I understood this to imply that satan was mimicking the royalty of Christ.

In the dream I saw the 13 horizontal levels dividing the pyramid each denoting the levels of evil that did the work for satan within the community. City Council (which located in the fourth highest level), businesses within the community, various churches within the city and even names of specific individuals and groups though some of this information I no longer recall. At the top, was the symbol adopted by musician Prince. I understand that he brought about a higher level of evil to this community based on the witchcraft that he practiced!

I went to a church and as I entered into this very large building (I saw that many in leadership served satan completely). In fact, I saw these leaders dressed as the pharisees and sadducees from the time of Jesus. Immediately, the Holy Spirit told me to “GET OUT”, which I did immediately.

I am certain that this church building exists and is operating under the power of satan. It has great influence over the community. Pray that this church falls on its own sword.

It was here that this dream ended.

I have never been to Minneapolis, MN. I know that this message is a warning to this city and that St. Paul should also heed it.

If you live in this community, ask the Father for guidance! Please note, I did not know the type of government Minneapolis had prior to this dream. When I wrote this out, I verified that it does have a city council. Please ask the Lord how to pray regarding this information. The overall theme if it isn’t apparent to you is that the city is very much in control by the enemy. The people are so entirely wrapped up in taking care of themselves that they don’t even pretend to be interested in others. As a result evil runs rampant and no one is holding those who are agents of evil accountable.

I asked the Lord if there was anything else. This is what He said:

Children let this be a lesson for you. The issues mentioned here are not in anyway exclusive to Minneapolis. It is a city with great money and self-importance. It luxuriates in its power and influence over those who work and live in the area. It esteems itself as a cultural center of the midwest and even resents the popularity of Chicago.

I tell you that I will bring great destruction on this city that no one has ever considered possible. When I am done delivering my wrath it will be unrecognizable. Take heed those who are arrogant and full of pride because you think your community is superior and full of false pride over your riches. You are servants to the king of evil and he has only temporarily allowed you these tokens for your servitude but soon, you who sow the wind, will reap the whirlwind. Your sorcery is an alchemy of sorts, creating money out of nothing, showing it on paper as though it was of true value, you own nothing for it is not from me. I alone will bring the judgment and wrath upon your fair city and it will be rubble. Judgment is set. Those who seek me must repent now for your part in these antics.

END of the Lord’s message

PS. I have had a number of visions that this city will receive a nuclear attack. Likewise, I have named many others in the past when specifically asked but the webmaster removed them when he shut down all comments more than a year ago.

The ones the Lord is prompting me to share:
Los Angeles
Portland OR
Washington DC area
Virginia Beach
New Orleans (it will be completely annihilated)
New York City
Las Vegas
Miami North
Kansas City
Lincoln Nebraska
Salt Lake City

There are a number of cities that are still hanging in the balance which is about to expire

A number of military bases (though most I am not allowed to disclose)
Ft. McHenry (is the only one I may disclose)

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30


Hosea 8:7

Note – As I mentioned in my last message, cyber attacks are rendering this newest computer to be sabotaged as well. I know longer have the capability to copy scripture references nor activate other primary operations on these messages. Please pray that the Father will intervene as He sees fit in my life as I am getting very large and frequent attacks in my personal life as well. I am grateful to you. God Bless You my siblings in Jesus.


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